Today is to kill him to see the Zen master, he can't believe that this is true, it must be the senior brother laughing.

"When I knew this, I was even more surprised than you, and the blue is better than the blue."

Go to the evil Zen master is not so shocked that he almost pees, he does not believe that this is true, the problem is that the facts are in front of him, and there is no fake!

You must know that the power of this god palm is amazing, it can be said that if anyone learns it, he can run amok in this Tianwu Continent in the future.

Not to mention what kind of land immortal he has become, but at least the top part of the people, if they have already had this kind of martial arts, I am afraid that they have long been famous for their martial arts.

As for stealing, it is even more impossible, with Li Xiangxian's person, he categorically cannot do such a thing.

"Is it really created by Li Xiangxian, the little master and nephew?"

Go to see the Zen master still a little unconvinced, unable to understand, after a moment of contemplation.

"His magic is far more than that, and this matter is witnessed by empty eyes, and you can't fake it."

Seeing that the senior brother said this, I went to see it and slowly slowed down, but the lake that was shocked in my heart is still a huge wave!

In his opinion, a person who can easily come to such a supreme martial arts as the Divine Palm can only be done by the Land Immortals.

As a result, the senior brother told him that it was created by Lee Sang-hyun's six-year-old child.

Although Li Xiangxian is indeed different from ordinary people and is an absolute genius of the Tianwu Continent, but... This seems to be a bit of a demon, right?

"Senior brother, since Senior Nephew Li Xiangxian is so powerful and young, shouldn't he be allowed to keep a low profile?"

Go and see, as an elder who has been in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion for many years, I know that the reason why most geniuses did not rise is that they are too devilish.

The tree made such a big move that it was jealous and killed by other forces.

"You don't have to worry about this, with the Pure Yang Gong and Rulai Divine Palm, who dares to come to our temple to assassinate him?"

Go to the evil Zen master is not worried about this, now with these two exercises, especially Rulai God Palm, plus the four elephants of Providence, whoever comes will die.

Whatever I want, Xie Yanke, official Yutian, he is not afraid, after he comes, he will leave what they have learned, and when the time comes, he will become a part of the Juezen Temple.

"Moreover, my little apprentice will not make a second mistake, so if you want to kill him, ordinary people can't do it."

"Senior brother is reasonable, the question is whether the division he was in before will come, I'm afraid it's hard to say."

Go to see that the Zen master also knows Li Xiangxian's life, so I am afraid of this matter, and it is difficult to say if it is really coming.

Whoever makes this little guy too powerful, the people of his division will come to ask for someone if they don't get it right.

"I don't think there's to worry, his senior brother attempted to kill someone, so naturally he doesn't dare to talk nonsense."

Whoever has done something bad will say it, presumably no one will say it.

"Besides, these are not what you should worry about, you just practice well, since you are here, this is like the palm of the god and put it into the Tibetan scripture pavilion yourself, in the future, this is the treasure of our Juechan Temple."

You must know that they Juechan Temple does not have the treasure of the town temple, and they used to say that it was the Four Elephants of Heavenly Providence, but there are too few people who can cultivate the Four Elephants of Providence.


I was also very happy to see the Zen master, and the place where the treasure of the temple was placed in the temple was finally put up.

"But it's a bit ugly."

"Then you copy it again!"

"But this is the handwriting of the little master and nephew."

Anyway, Li Xiangxian created such a martial art, how the words are not good-looking, that is also Li Xiangxian's own handwriting.

"That's an empty word."

"Oh! It's an empty word, no wonder it's so ugly. "

I went to see what the Zen master said, and then took the manuscript and left.

And the evil Zen master also went to cultivate, he already knew it in his chest, naturally he didn't need to be looking.

The whole temple can be said that since Li Xiangxian came, it rolled up, one by one, they got up early and greedy, and studied hard and practiced.


Early in the morning, Li Xiangxian had not yet got up, and the senior brothers outside the house were all standing!

As soon as Li Xiangxian opened the door, he was about to laze down, but when he saw everyone, he was startled.

"No, Senior Brother, what are you doing?"

Yukong came over and said with a smile: "Little junior brother! We think like this, knowing that you are talented against the sky, so we all want to practice with you. "


Li Xiangxian naturally did not want others to disturb, and his face was tearless, and he lowered his head and said, "Senior brother, can you not disturb me."

With a wave of his hand, Endless and the others came over with the temple's footwork light skill books, and they knew that this was the basic footwork of the temple.

It's not that it's bad, it's too simple, and I want Lee Sang-hyun to learn these things and create new exercises.

In this way, their Juezen Temple has a supreme light skill, which is beneficial to the Juezen Temple.

"Little junior brother, our monastery lacks an absolute light skill, so I brought these people's books to you."

There are more than thirty books, and the average person should read it for three days and three nights!

Lee Sang-hyun was speechless, making me look like a tool man, but Lee Sang-hyun liked to read, and there was no way.

"You guys get to the house first, and wait until I get back from the hut."

"Little Junior Brother, you won't want to run!"

"There is this idea."

"Little junior brother, I'll help you settle it."

This makes Li Xiangxian even more speechless, if you have the ability, you can take your mouth to answer it, and help me with what kind of skill.

I could only bite the bullet and wash my face, and then, under the supervision of these people, start reading.

One eye reads one, so Lee Sang-hyun is a two-pronged approach.

Seeing Li Xiangxian opening the bow left and right, both hands were used, and all the senior brothers were stupid.

I thought that Li Xiangxian had a glance of ten lines of ox criticism, who knew that he was looking at one with one eye, which directly stunned their jaws.

"This little junior brother, do you remember?"

Some people immediately questioned, the little junior brother should not fool them!

Yu Wu picked up a book that Li Xiangxian had read just now and asked, "Little junior brother, what is the content of the fourth page?"

Li Xiangxian opened his mouth and came: "Light work is different from footwork, but..."

Everyone watched Li Xiangxian recite it word for word, and didn't say anything, they knew why the little junior brother was so against the sky, this is the gap!

"Little Junior Brother, let's help you turn the pages!"

Endless began to help turn the book on the side, Li Xiangxian opened the bow left and right alone, and he wanted to read and turn the book, which was really not conducive to memory.

"Okay, don't take more than four breaths per page."

"Don't worry!"

With the help of others, Li Xiangxian only took an hour to read all the books, a total of more than 6,000 pages.

After reading it, Li Xiangxian already had a preliminary idea and pushed the old into the new.

Everyone saw that Li Xiangxian closed his eyes, and they did not dare to breathe, for fear of disturbing Li Xiangxian.

[You read books about light gong, you have an epiphany, you have created the supreme light gong: stepping on the clouds. 】

To some extent, it is similar to the indulgence of ascending the immortal step, and the magic of this light skill is that it can be performed without internal strength.

[You read a lot of books about footwork, you have an epiphany, you created the trick demon kunbu! ] 】

As the name suggests, nature is infinite pulling, and when this move is performed, two figures will appear, making it impossible to distinguish the real from the fake.

Of course, the most powerful point is to return to the original point, you think I ran away, but in fact I didn't, the necessary exercises to rush and escape.

Under everyone's expectant gaze, Li Xiangxian opened!

"There you have it!"

"Got it?"

"Yay!" The crowd was ecstatic and had something new to learn.

Empty immediately took out a paper and pen, volunteered to record, so that the next to Wuhe and the others were speechless, master brother, can we understand the words you write?

Not as good as chicken (ha).

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