Li Xiangxian directly struck first, that is, a finger Zen, and his hands emitted countless qi energy, like a bullet towards Hatomochi and going.

Hatomochi didn't think so at first, thinking that Lee Sang-hyun was a child, and he didn't pay attention to it at all.

But seeing that Li Xiangxian's finger Zen was used perfectly, Xiu Wei was also a grandmaster master, which completely stunned him.

"You turned out to be a grandmaster?"

Hatomochi couldn't believe it, he must have dreamed by himself, how could there be a six-year-old grandmaster?

Without waiting for Hatomo Zhi to think more, those energies have already gone in succession, Hatomo Chi wants to hide, but Li Xiangxian is not an ordinary person.

It can be said that in this case, it is only possible to avoid it by using the Seven Endless Realm, and although Hatomochi has secretly learned to step the clouds, he can't avoid it.

This made everyone happy, and they couldn't imagine that the little junior brother's one-finger Zen could be used to become divine, even if Hatomo Chi used the cloud stepping and trick demon kunbu, he could still be hit.

"With this level of attack, you can't dodge Master Hatomochi, what kind of shit are you stealing!"

Lee Sang-hyun taunted while continuing to fight with one finger Zen, and the energy could not cause fatal damage to Hatomochi, but it could also make those acupuncture points of Hatomochi painful.

Hatomo Zhi was ridiculed by Li Xiangxian like this, and naturally he was confused, so he used a six-pulse divine sword that was not like it.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiangxian continued to mock, "Did Master Hatomochi use sword qi just now?"

"It's so powerful, I want to worship you as a teacher!"

The backhand is that countless sword qi rushed out from the body, directly towards Hatomo Chi, seeing the sword qi in the sky, Hatomo Chiren was dumbfounded!

He didn't expect this to be the case, this six-year-old kid not only had amazing cultivation, but also had an outrageously strong ability to perform.

Damn, a six-year-old doll is a grandmaster and he endured it, and as a result, you guy can have sword qi, what is the reason for this?

Go to the evil Zen master to see Li Xiangxian's combat power, very satisfied, the strength of the little apprentice is definitely the strongest person besides the three of them.

For the battle between Lee Sang-hyun and Hatomochi, he was not worried about going to the evil Zen master, he knew that Lee Sang-hyun was confident, that is, it represented confidence in his own strength.

Besides, with him there, there is nothing to worry about at all.

Where to go Zen master's brain is buzzing, is this little apprentice of senior brother too against the sky, one finger Zen is more powerful than him.

He just went to the Shaolin Temple, how to feel that the Zen Temple has changed, everyone's strength has improved, even the strength of this six-year-old doll is slightly worse than him.

Where to go Zen masters are completely numb, cultivation is not as high as themselves, but one finger Zen himself is not as good as a six-year-old child, what kind of demon is this?

Do you really want to call him grandpa?

You said that you are a child, cultivating to become a grandmaster, you let me this elder have no face!"

Empty and the others were silent, they finally knew the gap, and the little junior brother was able to make a master of the free realm unable to pay back.

This is the horror of the little junior brother, with the grandmaster fighting the Tianyuan realm, they still question the little junior brother.

Look at the proficiency of the little junior disciple's one-finger Zen, looking at this sword qi in the sky, I wonder how many people can do it.

Hatomo Zhi couldn't dodge the sword qi at all, and his whole body was cut by the sword qi in many places.

The pain in his body let Hatomochi know how powerful Li Xiangxian was, and when he wanted to make a move, Li Xiangxian sneered:

"Master Hatomochi, I still have a step in the air, do you want to learn it!"

"If you want to learn, I will teach you, don't miss it!"

Hatomochi endured the severe pain all over his body, looking at the child who had hurt himself, full of fear, and now he knew that he should not look down on the little doll.

"What about people?" Hatomo Zhi saw that Lee Sang-hyun in front of him was missing, and wanted to look around for Lee Sang-han's figure.

But in the next second, Li Xiangxian had already arrived behind Hatomozhi, directly the eight successive forces, and a palm directly hit Hatomozhi's back.

When Hatomo Zhi noticed that something was wrong and wanted to defend, it was too late, and he was directly shot away by Lee Sang-hyun's palm.

In fact, Li Xiangxian also used the Seven Endless Realm, which naturally made Hatomo Zhi unexpected, let alone guess, and the eight success power was enough for Hatomo Zhi to eat a pot.


Hatomo Chi came to a vicious dog to prey, the whole person was extremely embarrassed, the corners of his mouth were bloody, he didn't see clearly just now.


The other senior brothers were also stunned when they saw Li Xiangxian's strength, and they couldn't imagine that the strength of the little junior disciple was the most powerful among all the disciples.

Cultivation for Li Xiangxian can be regarded as medium, but the combat power Li Xiangxian can abuse a master of the Tianyuan Realm, directly leaving them speechless!

Where to go Zen master is stupid, a six-year-old child, defeated the invincible Hatomochi, you must know that this person defeated the Shaolin abbot, and as a result, he broke the halberd in their Juezen Temple.

I'm afraid that if I say this, no one can believe it, the problem is that the person who competes with Hatomo Chi is a six-year-old child!

What a demon!

Seeing Hatomo Zhi like this, Li Xiangxian also immediately used the Rulai Divine Palm and prepared to continue the battle with Yingzheng.

Hatomo Zhi wiped the blood stains at the corners of his mouth, and said unwillingly: "I admit defeat!"

Hatomochi knows one thing, that is, there is still a chance to live by admitting defeat, and if you don't admit defeat, wait for death!

"Come, pen and ink wait!"

Lee Sang-hyun also asked the others to hurry up to prepare paper money, and if Hatomochi lost, he would leave the exercises, which had been said before.

"I brought it!"

"I'll record it!"

"Come on! Empty, your word is the same as chicken's. "

Li Xiangxian looked at Hatomozhi and said with a faint smile: "Hatomozhi, don't say fake things come out, I don't want to hear it, otherwise I won't talk properly."

"There's something called the Great Soul Sober, and besides that, don't take me for an idiot."

"Don't dare!"

Hatomo Zhi looked embarrassed, and wanted to fool through with this, who knew that he was directly warned by Li Xiangxian.

In this way, Hatomo Zhi wrote the Yi Jian Sutra, Xiao Wuxianggong, Flame Knife, Flower Finger, Doro Leaf Finger, Wuxiang Robbery Finger, and Go to Trouble.

Great Wisdom Indefinite Finger, Dragon Claw Gong, Dragon Gripper, Dervishe, Shadow Leg, Sleeve Qiankun, Silent Claw, Indra Claw, Wood Burning Knife Method, Maha Finger, Prajna Palm, Donkey Kong Fist, etc.

Everyone looked at so many exercises, one by one, they were ecstatic, they knew that this time they had made a big profit.

With so many more things at once, they Juezen Temple will definitely be able to become the top force of the Nine Heavens in the future, and they may be able to compete with Xia Kejiao.

When Li Xiangxian saw this situation, his face was expressionless, and if he did something wrong, it should be like this, and it was completely Hatomo Zhi's fault.

Hatomo Chi really didn't play tricks, and people also wrote so many martial arts.

"Master Hatomochi is so cooperative, then I will have eight words for you, let go of everything, and be at ease!"

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