Dingyi Shitai looked in the direction Yi Lin was pointing, and also saw that the golden light overflowed, straight into the sky.

To know the rise of Juezen Temple, we have to start four years ago, and it is unknown why it suddenly became stronger.

"Could it be that someone from Juejue Temple has become a land immortal?"

This is really surprising, not to say that the most powerful evil Zen master in Juechan Temple seems to be from the King Kong realm, which is a bit like a sign of becoming a land immortal!

Several people quickened their pace and came to the gate of the Juezen Temple, and the person who received them was empty.

"I've seen Mrs. Dingyi."

"I've seen Master Kong and nephew."

"Congratulations to Juechan Temple, someone has finally stepped into the realm of land immortals!"

The vision just now, Dingyi Shitai directly thought it was a harbinger of going to the evil Zen master and becoming a land immortal.

When he heard this, he said with a smile: "Master Dingyi is too misunderstood, my master has not come out of retreat so far."

"What? Not your Master? Who's that? "

Master Dingyi was too surprised, to know the entire Juezen Temple, go to the evil Zen master to cultivate to the heavens, is it possible to see or where to go to the two?

These two cultivators are also powerful, but none of the evil Zen masters have become land immortals, do others have this ability?

He smiled heartily and said, "That should be my junior brother Li Xiangxian, who has realized the supernatural power, which is why it caused this vision."

These people have long been numb, and it is not strange that they have seen each other, and this is not the first time they have seen them.

"He shouldn't be a land immortal yet!"

In any case, the little junior brother has not reached the realm of the land immortal now, it should be some kind of magical power.

"Your little junior brother?"

This made Dingyi Shitai look puzzled, and it was the first time she heard this, which really made her a little confused.

"Yes! Although my junior brother is only ten years old, Xiu Wei is the most powerful person in our Juezen Monastery besides Master. "

"What did you say?"

Master Dingyi thought that he had misheard, a ten-year-old child turned out to be the most powerful person in their Juezen Temple, this is probably not bragging!

"This may seem to the average person, but we are monks and never speak."

Knowing that ordinary people really wouldn't believe this, they could only say that they weren't in the Juzen Temple, so naturally they wouldn't believe in this kind of thing.

"My little junior brother has been gifted since he was a child, and he was already a grandmaster at the age of six."

"Six-year-old grandmaster?"

Dingyi Shi was too delicate, she almost fell directly, fortunately there was Yilin next to her, otherwise she would really kneel.

When they were six years old, they were still playing in the mud, and this little junior brother was already a grandmaster, how could she believe this?

Mrs. Dingyi only felt that her heart ached and was hit, she is only a grandmaster now, and she is not as good as a ten-year-old child after living dozens of years.

You don't think this is nothing, you know that if you tell you that the little junior brother has already created martial arts at the age of six, I am afraid that you will not believe it even more.

"Uncle Junior, please!"



"Senior Brother, is this golden light a sign that the evil Zen master wants to become a land immortal?"

"Should it be?"

Yue Buqun couldn't understand why Juechan Temple suddenly rose, and now Juechan Temple is the first sect of the righteous path of more heaven, so they came to Juechan Temple, naturally to talk about the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance.

The Demon Sect reappeared in the rivers and lakes, and wanted to join forces with the Supreme Alliance to seize the Thousand Spirits Chess Chart of the Divine Fire Sect.

Once these two forces join forces, then these small sects will naturally be eliminated, and now the only way to let the Juezen Temple come out and preside over justice.

At the beginning, it was also suggested that Songshan send Zuo Lengchan to be the master of this martial arts alliance, but Zuo Lengchan's strength is definitely not as good as going to the evil Zen master.

Yue Buqun saw that the other sects were powerful, and even Zuo Lengchan was more powerful than him, so he made up his mind and wanted to find more powerful martial arts secrets.

When he learned that the Lin family repelled evil sword spectrum, he naturally practiced the sword spectrum to ward off evil, and he Ning Zhong became sisters.

Yue Buqun was willing to lose everything for the sake of ambition, after all, a master lost to an apprentice, and when this kind of thing was said, his face would have been lost long ago.

The thought of going to Zen Master to become a land immortal made Yue Buqun's face change greatly, and he practiced the Evil Sword Spectrum, and his cultivation was only in the free realm.

If you want to become a more heavenly supreme and annihilate the dream of other sects to monopolize this day in one fell swoop, I am afraid that it will not be realized.

And he also cut the cow, suddenly, almost fainted, he thought that practicing the evil sword spectrum could run rampant, who knew that this guy who went to the evil Zen master was a land immortal.

How do you let me live, Ning Zhong saw that Senior Brother was about to faint, and quickly helped Yue Buqun.

"Senior Brother, how are you?"

Yue Buqun is annoyed when he sees a woman now, the main thing is that the thing is gone, they were originally husband and wife, since he Yue Buqun cut the cow, he can only change from husband and wife to sisters.

He Yue Buqun is no longer a man, there are some things you can not use, but you must have them.

Yue Buqun shook Ning Zhongze's hand fiercely, he felt that the woman was too disgusting, and he must not let Ning Zhonggun know that the two of them were sisters.

"I'm fine, it may be the reason why my cultivation has been too impatient recently."

"Senior brother must be on fire, after you go back, I will help senior brother you extinguish the fire."

"Don't talk nonsense, let's hurry up and go to Juzen Daoxi!"

The two of them hurried up the mountain, and Yue Buqun was depressed, but Yue Buqun, who had no bell, walked quite quickly.

Coming to Juechan Temple and seeing this small temple, Yue Buqun was even more unhappy, not as good as their Huashan faction, but the strength of the people was stronger than them.

As soon as he saw the sky, he quickly squeezed out a smile: "Congratulations to the evil Zen master for entering the land immortal, it is gratifying, it is really the light of my right path."

Yukong smiled and quickly explained: "The two misunderstood, my master is not a land immortal, as for the golden light you see, it is caused by my little junior brother's epiphany."

"Your little junior brother?"

"Magical powers?"

The two looked surprised, there was no mistake, the little junior brother had an epiphany, what was going on?

Yukong nodded and explained, "Don't look at my little junior brother is only ten years old, but his cultivation is stronger than my senior brother and senior uncle, and he is the second master of our Juechan Temple."

"Better than you?"

"Second master?"

Yue Buqun was so angry that he vomited blood, and he couldn't understand why, he made such a big determination to cultivate the Evil Sword Spectrum, you tell me that I am not as good as a ten-year-old child.

Cao Nima, is my Yue Buqun going to be cut in vain?

To know that the second master of Juezen Temple, that is, it is a little worse than going to the evil Zen master, which makes Yue Buqun unacceptable.

"Yes! He should be at ease. "

"A ten-year-old Freedom Realm master?"

"Don't talk about this, two please!"

He still invited them to sit inside, and Mrs. Dingyi was also there, and he knew the purpose of their coming.

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