[You learned the dry ice palm, you drew inferences, you had an epiphany, you created the Xuanbing Divine Dragon Palm. 】

With such a news in his mind, Li Xiangxian's heart blossomed, and it really caught people off guard.

It's a pity that he can't cultivate these kung fu in front of Emperor Shitian, or he can't cultivate in the Heavenly Gate, otherwise if Emperor Shitian knows, there will definitely be no good fruit to eat.

And Emperor Shitian also came over, saw Li Xiangxian studying and practicing hard, walked over, touched his beard and said:

"Xiaoyao, you really have the best talent among all the disciples."

Seeing this, Li Xiangxian hurriedly saluted this Emperor Shi Tianxing: "Thank you Master for your praise, the disciples will work hard, and they will never live up to the trust of the master."

Emperor Shitian was naturally jealous of Li Xiangxian's talent, you must know that when he Emperor Shitian learned this, it took almost a month, and Li Xiangxian's talent was too good.

"Very good, today for the master to pass on another sword technique, called the Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect, and to practice this technique, you need to abolish the cultivation."

"Abolish the cultivation?"

As soon as he heard this, Li Xiangxian knew that something bad happened, it was definitely intentional, you want to spread it earlier.

When I'm halfway through the practice, you tell me that you have ten thousand swords to return to the sect, what are you not a pit person for?

"That's right, the old man also practiced it again for this sword technique after he abolished martial arts, depending on whether you want to learn it or not, you must know how difficult it is to self-abolish martial arts."

Among the disciples that Emperor Shitian once taught, they all wanted to learn at first, but as soon as they heard that they wanted to abolish their martial arts, they directly refused!

Let Emperor Shitian be very unhappy, so he directly absorbed their pure yang internal power, and he was afraid when he encountered things, and he didn't believe him Emperor Shitian, why stay, waiting for the New Year?

Over the years, Emperor Shitian has not accepted apprentices, but he has all been gazed, only now Luo Xian is still alive.

"The disciple is willing to learn, ask the master for guidance." Li Xiangxian naturally knew that this ten thousand swords needed to abolish his martial arts skills to return to the sect, and he was really killed by Emperor Shi Tiankeng.

At the beginning of your TM, I was taught that ten thousand swords returned to the sect, and when Lao Tzu practiced until the day after tomorrow, you told me that you had ten thousand swords returning to the sect, and his heart was reprehensible.

"If you want to learn ten thousand swords and return to the sect, you have to bear the pain that ordinary people can't bear, are you still willing to learn?"

Emperor Shitian looked at Li Xiangxian with a solemn expression, Li Xiangxian was very talented, he was the most talented among the disciples he accepted, and he was really a little reluctant to waste it.

Emperor Shitian admitted that he was a little jealous of Li Xiangxian's talent, if he continued to cultivate like this, he would become a great master in less than three years, or even stronger.

By what?

"The disciple is willing, and I also ask the master to help me abolish cultivation."

Li Xiangxian is also able to flex and stretch, directly plopping down on the ground, this thing must be learned, even if it is worth the effort.

"Think it through!"



Di Shitian liked this link the most, it was really wonderful, in the past, others resisted, but this time Li Xiangxian took the initiative to ask.

It shows that he is fiercely loyal to himself, and he must know that cultivating ten thousand swords to return to the sect is also a test of trust between master and apprentice in the final analysis.

When you practice many martial arts, and your master tells you that there is a master sword technique that requires self-abolition of martial arts, you will definitely doubt and then refuse.

Emperor Shitian immediately urged the Nahai Sacred Heart Spell, and immediately sucked away all the internal power on Li Xiangxian's body, and the intoxicated look could see that this thing was really good.


And Li Xiangxian is wearing a mask of pain, this dog day Emperor Shitian specially pits people, wait, your calculations will always fail.

Soon Emperor Shitian also reacted, just now a little gaffe, so he quickly abolished Li Xiangxian's exercises, and then let people carry Li Xiangxian down.

Li Xiangxian was a stunned, and cursed in his heart: I am a grass mud horse, saying that I will teach me ten thousand swords to return to the sect, but you let me rest well and force one.

Li Xiangxian thought of what kind of person Emperor Shitian was, claiming to be a god and playing with the world, this guy was a pervert, he should have thought of it a long time ago.

Presumably, Emperor Shitian's behavior like this must be a test of himself, and he must be calm and able to withstand the test.

In this way, Li Xiangxian calmed down his mind and recuperated well, and this recuperation was one month, he seemed calm as water on the surface, and his heart was nineteen generations of Emperor Shitian's ancestors.

So in the blink of an eye, another month passed, and Emperor Shitian could see that Li Xiangxian was definitely a person who did great things, so that he could tell him his true purpose.

In the third month, Emperor Shi Tian found Li Xiangxian, looked at Li Xiangxian and said with great appreciation: "Xiaoyao, you have the best mentality among all the disciples, it seems that you are convinced of my words Master and I."

Li Xiangxian immediately knelt on the ground and said with a solemn oath: "The life of a disciple was saved by Master Venerable, and Master Venerable naturally will not harm the disciple."

"Very good, Wei Shi really didn't look at the wrong person."

Seeing that Li Xiangxian is so young, he can be a person like this, and he is really a child who knows how to be grateful.

"So be it! First teach you the mantra of returning to the sect with ten thousand swords, but you absolutely can't cultivate, understand? "

"Disciples obey the teachings of the master!"

Although he didn't know what idea this guy had, Li Xiangxian naturally nodded in response, and now he could only believe Emperor Shitian's words.

After all, people in the Heavenly Gate, it is almost impossible to escape, according to the realm division, Emperor Shitian is also the top existence in this world.

"Qi is out of the pulse, but it is too rushing, and the qiankun is reversed, turning softness into rigidity!"

"Ten thousand qi is born on its own, and the sword rushes into the cave; Gui Yuan Wuxue, Zong Yuan Gong Chang..."

Looking at Li Xiangxian listening carefully, Emperor Shitian asked, "How much have you remembered?"

Li Xiangxian told the truth: "The disciples have all remembered!"

Emperor Shitian asked again, "Now what?"

Li Xiangxian didn't know why, so he replied, "I forgot half of it!"

Emperor Shitian praised and continued to ask, "Very good!" What now? "

Li Xiangxian said bluntly: "I forgot everything!"

Di Shitian's face showed an intriguing look on his face, whether it was a treacherous smile or relief, in short, an intriguing expression, "Great!"

Knowing that Li Xiangxian forgot what he taught just now, Emperor Shitian couldn't help but show a "charitable" smile, and he didn't really let you learn.

Moreover, Emperor Shitian said the opposite, if you Li Xiangxian can learn it, then hell.

[You remembered the mantra of returning ten thousand swords to the sect, but the wit is like you, you know that this is the mantra of practicing backwards, you realized, and deduced the twelve swords of Xuanyin. ] 】

Cao Nima!

Emperor Shitian, you wait for me, clearly on purpose.

The first day passed.

The next day, Emperor Shitian found Li Xiangxian again, directly grabbed his hand, and found that Li Xiangxian had not resumed his martial arts.

Then Emperor Shitian thought thoughtfully and said bluntly: "Xiaoyao! This seat will pass on some more exercises to you, you must remember. "

In a quick spoken language, within a minute, Emperor Shitian said the mantra of ascending the immortal step, the Nahai Sacred Heart Mantra, the Ten Thousand Cheng piercing the clouds, and the seven endless realms.

It doesn't matter if Li Xiangxian can understand it or not, or if he can't understand that sentence, it's best if he doesn't really want to teach you, and he can't understand the best.

In this way, another month passed, and Emperor Shitian took Li Xiangxian to Gengtian, which is a world with Xia Ke Island, as well as the Demon Sect Ren I Xing and the official Yutian.

Emperor Shitian told him that he was going to Xia Ke Island, so Li Xiangxian must be good enough, and only one of the forces in this heaven can enter this heaven.

As a result, passing by a place called Juechan Temple, Emperor Shitian didn't say a word, and abolished Li Xiangxian again.

Dragging his heavy body, Li Xiangxian fled into the Juezen Temple.


Hearing the movement, the evil Zen master rushed and blocked the footsteps of the masked man Emperor Shitian.

A move of the wind god anger, directly frightened Emperor Shitian to escape, Li Xiang appeared to be saved.

In my heart, I went to scold the ancestor of Emperor Shitian, you TM is really ruthless, there is no martial arts in the first place, you are still wasted, what about your ancestor?

You treat me Li Xiangxian really well, if I don't repay you Emperor Shitian for a few palms in the future, I am sorry for your Emperor Shitian's teachings to me!"

"Kid, you're all right!"

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