As soon as the words fell, Li Xiangxian's figure also fell.

Originally, Fan Qinghui thought that they were saved, and they were still happy in their hearts, but when they saw Li Xiangxian, they didn't say anything!

They knew one thing, that is, they were happy too early, and they did not think that Li Xiangxian was Tian Boguang's opponent.

You must know that Tian Boguang is also a Tianyuan, of course, Fan Qinghui is not afraid of this kind of cultivator, but she was originally seriously injured by Zhu Yuyan.

Along the way, he was a hard man, so he was not Tian Boguang's opponent, otherwise he would be bullied by a dog.

As soon as Tian Boguang saw Li Xiangxian dressed up, he couldn't help laughing: "It's a little interesting, damn it, are you a little monk who also learns to save beauty from heroes?"

"Yaxing who dares to disturb Lao Tzu, do you know how many heads you have?"

Li Xiangxian glanced at Tian Boguang, shook his head helplessly, and said indifferently: "I don't know how many heads I have, but I can tell you with certainty that you only have one head and one life."

"Damn, Lao Tzu hates you bald asses the most, boy, kneel down and call grandpa, I will spare your life!"

Tian Boguang naturally looked down on Li Xiangxian, just a teenager, just now the light skill is indeed good, but it is only good.

Li Xiangxian shook his head and said, "I should have said this."

"Flower thief, you kneel down and beg Xiaoye, I'm in a good mood to leave you a whole corpse."


As soon as Tian Boguang heard this, he couldn't help but laugh directly, he Tian Boguang had never heard such a joke.

In his opinion, Lee Sang-hsien's words are a big joke, and he can laugh for two and a half years.

Fan Qinghui glanced at this young monk, no, he did not have a ring scar on his head, which meant that this person was not a monk.

Fan Qinghui sighed and said, "This little master, you are not his opponent, hurry up, don't be his revenant under the sword."

You must know that the horsemen they hired have all been killed, this person is definitely a great evil, you are a teenager, martial arts can not be the opponent of this adulterous thief.

Li Xiangxian smiled lightly and said, "This is the chassis of my Juezen Temple, and if you dare to commit murder here, you will have to pay a price."

"Kyawzen Temple?"

"Are you from the Kyawzen Temple?"

As soon as he heard this name, Fan Qinghui was overjoyed, thinking that this young man was a person from Juechan Temple, happy that Li Xiangxian was a person from Juechan Temple, and despair was that Li Xiangxian was a teenager.

"I went to the evil Zen master to sit down the little disciple Li Xiangxian."

"Go to Senior Brother Evil's little apprentice?"


"You dare to hurry up the mountain and call your master to save us, you are not his opponent."

Fan Qinghui still planned to let Li Xiangxian call others to help, although she didn't know how to take a small apprentice, but she still felt that Li Xiangxian would not be Tian Boguang's opponent.

"Boy, wait for Lao Tzu to eat clean, let your kid eat again, no, it should be the little monk of Juechan Temple who is an adulterer and a thief at a young age."

Tian Boguang thought of such a move, isn't Juechan Temple famous?

I don't know if when everyone sees the little monk with a group of women who don't cover their bodies, is your reputation in this Juezen Temple still there!

Li Xiangxian frowned, "It's stubborn."

It was directly a finger of Zen, and the energy instantly shot towards Tian Boguang.

Tian Boguang didn't think so at first, and quickly used a knife to resist, who knew or repelled.

"Good boy, Lao Tzu looks down on you."

Tian Boguang knew that the cultivation of this person in front of him was not low, let alone a grandmaster, but even so, he still felt that it was nothing.

"But that's all!"


Li Xiangxian immediately took out a finger of Zen (gun), and Biubiu shot it, and the dense qi was as dense as a bullet.

Tian Boguang was directly forced back dozens of steps, and there was no room for resistance at all.

Fan Qinghui and the four were taken aback, they were not mistaken, this young man who was about the same age as Shifei Xuan, his kung fu was so good.

This finger meditation work simply hit their hearts, because they knew that they were saved.

Such a powerful finger Zen made their bodies and minds tremble, and they couldn't imagine that at a young age, this kung fu was practiced perfectly, and it was brilliant.

Tian Boguang, who was defeated and retreated, realized how powerful Li Xiangxian was, and was shocked and angry.

Damn, if this is all lost to a teenager, how can he raise his head.

He Tian Boguang is known to travel alone, that is, he is excellent in light skills, relying on absolute speed, so that he can pick flowers without being caught.

"Boy, you arouse Lao Tzu's desire to win or lose, there must be no man in this world who is faster than Lao Tzu."


Li Xiangxian only gave Tian Boguang two words, and such a person is also embarrassed to be a flower picker.

Tian Boguang used his weird body technique and light skills, easily arrived in front of Li Xiangxian, jumped up, and wanted to split Li Xiangxian in half with a knife.

"Be careful!"

Seeing this, Fan Qinghui over there hurriedly reminded, but unfortunately this knife had reached Li Xiangxian's head, only three inches.

They couldn't help but close their eyes, thinking that Lee Sang-hyun did not turn around, and Lee Sang-hyun became a mortal person.

Thinking that this person died because he saved them, he really couldn't bear to watch this cruel scene.

In fact, the scene just now has finally become the eternity of Tian Boguang, and Tian Boguang has been frozen.

Xuanbing Divine Dragon Palm can freeze a person into a popsicle, and the meridians and internal organs of the whole body are damaged, causing irreversible damage, which means that it cannot be cured, and the immortals are difficult to save.

"This bit of strength also comes to my Wushan foot to be presumptuous, ridiculous!"

Hearing Li Xiangxian's words, the four opened their eyes and looked at Li Xiangxian.

I saw that Tian Boguang had been frozen into a popsicle, while Li Xiangxian was intact.

How is this possible?

Lee Sang-hyun is actually okay?

Did this teenager defeat the Tian Yuan master?

Concubine Shi was stunned, she couldn't imagine that this person looked the same age as her, but his strength was so much stronger than her.

I thought that her master Concubine Xuan was a grandmaster, that is, a genius among the top geniuses, and it was only when she saw Li Xiangxian that she understood that she was sitting in a well and watching the sky.

Although he did not see clearly how Li Xiangxian defeated Tian Boguang, from Tian Boguang's current state, he should have been directly killed by Li Xiangxian.

Tian Bo's bare hand is still holding the knife, but it is a pity that this knife is impossible to cut down in this life, maybe it is possible in the next life!

After unlocking the acupuncture points of the four people, Fan Qinghuina hurriedly asked, "Is your master really going to the evil Zen master?"


"Young genius!"

"In Xia Li Xiangxian, a lay disciple of Juezen Temple."

"We are the people of Cihang Jingzhai of the Tiantiansui Dynasty, my name is Fan Qinghui, and the three of them are my apprentices, Shifei Xuan... By the way, what about your master? "

"My master retreats and attacks the realm of land immortals."

"Land Immortal?"

This surprised Fan Qinghui, you must know that the strength of the evil Zen master is indeed powerful, but it is also in the realm of freedom, when has he reached King Kong.

He wanted to break through the highest realm of this Tianwu Continent, or maybe he was preparing to open up another way to attack the land immortals.

"Hmm! Uncle don't worry, come to the sky and stay, just wait for my master to come out, let's go up the mountain first!" "

"You kid can talk."

The five soon arrived at the Juezen Temple, and when they saw four women, who were receiving the others, they were also puzzled when they saw this situation.

"Little Junior Brother, who are these four?"

Fan Qinghui saw the void, she had seen this guy when she was a child, dumbfounded.

"Empty, I, why don't you know each other yet?"

After looking at it for a long time, he still didn't recognize it and looked at Li Xiangxian.

Li Xiangxian shook his head and said, "Senior uncle of Cihang Jingzhai."

"Cihang Jingzhai?"

After thinking about it for a long time, I still can't remember it.

Fan Qinghui said: "Also, the last time we met, it was more than ten years ago, and you were not as old as your little junior brother at that time."

Little junior brother?

Ning Zhong and the others looked at Li Xiangxian, it turned out that this person was the young man before, and he didn't turn around just now.

Sora seems to have memories, when he was a child, a man saw him wearing open pants, and he liked to play his little kunkun.

"It turns out to be Junior Uncle, Junior Sister, please sit down quickly."

"Senior brother, the person is handed over to you, I will go first!"

Empty nodded, no matter what, let's arrange it first!

Fan Qinghui said bluntly: "If it weren't for your little junior brother just now, we would probably have died at the foot of the mountain!"

Confused, he said in surprise, "Junior Uncle said that my junior brother just went down the mountain to save you?"

"Yes! If it weren't for him, we would have died at the hands of that flower picker. "

As soon as the others heard this, they couldn't sit still in an instant, just now Li Xiangxian suddenly disappeared, it turned out to be going down the mountain to save people?

Wait, you must know that the temple is down the mountain, let alone a kilometer, Li Xiangxian can actually detect it?


This made everyone gasp, terrifying!

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