Even if it is their Cihang Jingzhai people, even if they cultivate the Sword Codex, let alone six years old, that is, they can't do it at the age of twelve.

As a result, Kong also said that Li Xiangxian can turn internal force into sword qi at the age of six, you must know how difficult this is, presumably there is no need to say more.

It is equivalent to the materialization of internal force, how does a six-year-old child do it?

Even if Fan Qinghui can't do it now, she Fan Qinghui lost to a six-year-old child, which is incredible to think about.

When they first saw Lee Sang-hsien, they didn't think how powerful Lee Sang-hyun was, and even thought that he was an ordinary child.

But when they learned that Li Xiangxian was the second master of the Juechan Temple, they questioned it again, and at this time everyone told her that Li Xiangxian could become a land immortal at the age of twelve.

Just when she thought that this was enough against the sky, she said that Li Xiangxian created the exercises at the age of six, and I don't know if this is true or not.

Yes, since Li Xiangxian is so powerful, it is better to show Li Xiangxian's secret code of Cihang Jingzhai, anyway, he is also a master and nephew.

If he can create powerful martial arts, it is naturally gratifying, but it doesn't matter, now he can help such a genius grow up.

At that time, it will also be a great achievement, and it is about the same age as Concubine Xuan, so it is not a good thing to let the two of them tie the knot.

Both of them are very talented, and the descendants will naturally not be bad in the future.

Fan Qinghui has already figured out along the way, what is the first path of the right way, Cihang Jingzhai, is just a joke.

The Sui Dynasty was destroyed by the Lianyang Dynasty, and there were countless masters from the Yang Dynasty, and their Cihang Jingzhai strength was low, and even self-preservation was a problem, and they also said some high-sounding words to uphold justice.

Since losing to Zhu Yuyan, Fan Qinghui has not been humiliated, and after she realized it, she understood that she was nothing.

Thinking about the right way all day, but in the end it is nothing, a person who wants to change the world, now it sounds like he was really ridiculous!

She used to be desperate, feeling that men in the world are like a bear, but now she knows that they are too one-sided!

No longer so paranoid, after experiencing life and death, only to wake up to the fact that the affairs of two people can never be the fault of one person alone.

He is young and insensible, and he complains about others when he makes mistakes, which is a manifestation of his own psychological malice and immaturity.

"Little master and nephew, since you have achieved internal strength to transform sword qi at the age of six, we Cihang Jingzhai just happen to have a sword code."

Fan Qinghui quickly took out a thick sword book from inside the package and handed it to Li Xiangxian.

"Little master and nephew, you watch slowly."

Li Xiangxian saw that his uncle was so righteous, and he also took the sword code unceremoniously, and quickly looked at it, which made Li Xiangxian ecstatic.

He also understood that this sword heart was actually the same thing as the return of ten thousand swords to the sect, and in the final analysis, it was the imperial sword.

Li Xiangxian looked at ten lines at a glance, stood in place and looked up, and saw Li Xiangxian's reading speed, and the four of them looked confused.

This Cihang Sword Dictionary is for you to take down and study slowly, not to read it now, with your opinion, it is strange that you can understand it.

Is this genius?

They expressed doubts, such a way of reading, if they could remember it, it would be hell.

You must know that they have seen this thing for so many years, and they still can't remember it, it seems that Li Xiangxian's genius name is completely boasted.

The more you look at it, the faster it gets, and a glance passes, is this reading?

Each page takes no more than two seconds, and then the page is turned, this guy is not reading a book, but looking for the golden house in the book, right?

No, it should be an illustration!

The content of the kendo is the perception of the sword, not a specific kendo exercise.

Things that need to be felt with your heart, you are not swallowing dates, you want to eat into a big fat person!

I have never seen such a person who is so powerful, and the understanding of kendo is by no means overnight, and the understanding is different every day.

They will only think that Li Xiangxian's cultivation is true now, and the talent may be exaggerated by them, far less exaggerated than they say.

Jianghu sometimes is not necessarily all about fighting and killing, and some people will also spend a lot of money to buy it for the sake of fame.

As for this kind of thing that shapes fake geniuses, it is more common and not unusual.

Seeing that Li Xiangxian's speed was getting faster and faster, and this second could not be used, they were even more suspicious of Li Xiangxian's genius name.

[You read the Cihang Sword Codex, you have an epiphany, you created the Imperial Sword Art! ] 】

Seeing that the sword canon was almost finished, knowing that the four of them probably felt that the little junior brother was playing, he was overjoyed

"It's done!"

"What's done?"

"My little junior brother has been a sight and ten lines since he was a child, and he will take a look."

As soon as the words fell, suddenly a sword qi suddenly rose, countless sword qi formed a sword dragon, and a new set of sword techniques also came out.

At this time, they can be regarded as knowing how powerful Li Xiangxian is, and they are completely obeyed.

They admitted that they had too short a knowledge, thinking that Li Xiangxian was blind, and did not look at the sword code seriously, and now they were finally convinced.

Just saw that Li Xiangxian was able to condense his own internal strength into a sword, not to mention, these swords can also play swordsmanship, and the ox is in the sky.

Those swords did not attack, but after playing a set, the surroundings also exploded, which shows the power of this set of swordsmanship.

They watched as Li Xiangxian finished playing this set of swordsmanship, and finally the swords disappeared again, as if nothing had happened.

Seeing this, he said in a loud voice: "The little junior brother's sword technique is so exquisite, it is really gratifying!"

"By the way, what's your name?"

"Imperial Sword Art!"

"Imperial Sword Art?"

"Yes, the imperial sword is just a beginner, the imperial sword art should be that everything can be guarded, in addition to hurting people with sword qi and swords, it can also attack people's souls, but unfortunately I am far behind."

The imperial sword is a piece of cake, the imperial everything?

Does he still want to create sword techniques that can attack people's souls?


This is definitely not a person!

Where can ordinary people do such a thing, their faces are a little red, they have questioned Li Xiangxian's talent, and now they know what is going on.

You must know that most kendo masters hurt people with swords, and sword qi hurts few people, and Li Xiangxian wants to hurt people's souls with swords.

Li Xiangxian has also learned it now, so he returned the sword code to Fan Qinghui: "Thank you Uncle Junior for the sword code."

Fan Qinghui said slowly: "You call me Senior Uncle, and what do you say thank you for, Senior Uncle asked you, what is a sword?"

Li Xiangxian hurriedly responded: "Everything is a sword, but there are two types of swords, one is the sword of killing and the other is the sword of protection."

"Sword of Killing? Guardian Sword? "

What a novel understanding, I can't imagine that this guy is young, but he knows so much about kendo, what sword is not important.

It's about how you use the sword, the sword itself has little meaning, what makes sense is what the owner of the sword does.

"I can't imagine that I have practiced the sword all my life, but I don't know the true meaning of the sword, and I have been taught!"

"Uncle Junior said and smiled!"

"Concubine Xuan, you have to learn from your little junior brother."

When Concubine Xuan heard this, she looked at Li Xiangxian and said, "Please also ask the little junior brother for advice!"

When there is a rare time to discuss, it is natural to learn from Li Xiangxian.

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