Li Xiangxian had to say hello to Ning Zhong, and then followed Luo Xian away.

"Little Junior Brother, Master let you go to Xia Ke Island."

Luo Xian also knew that she shouldn't say this, after all, she knew what Emperor Shitian did to Li Xiangxian, except for passing on some of the Sacred Heart Recipes, there wasn't much over there.

As soon as Li Xiangxian heard this, he looked at Luo Xian, frowned and said: "He still treats me as his apprentice, he doesn't give me anything, and then let me be grateful to him and help him do things?"

For what Emperor Xu Shitian did, Luo Xian naturally knew very well in her heart, but she knew in her heart that without Emperor Shitian, she would not even live so much.

"Junior Brother, Master gave us a second life, so what he wants us to do, then what should we do."

She doesn't care if it's right or not, she just needs to do what Di Shitian wants, she can't care about the rest, that's not something she should consider.

When Li Xiangxian heard this, he shook his head and said, "If he wants you to die, are you still willing?"

It is absolutely impossible for Li Xiangxian to help Emperor Shitian do things, it is impossible in this life, since he knows that he is Emperor Shitian, and he is tempted by himself.

How could he save himself, Li Xiangxian even suspected that the people in the family were killed by Emperor Shitian, and when he Li Xiangxian's strength was enough to reach the top, the first one to destroy was Emperor Shitian.

Luo Xian didn't expect Li Xiangxian to say this name, she knew very well in her heart that they had no right to choose, and if they didn't do what Emperor Shitian ordered, they would die quickly.

They just didn't have room to resist at all, they had to know that Luo Xian had followed Emperor Shitian the longest, and he knew very well how powerful the cultivation of Emperor Shitian, the master of the Heavenly Gate, was.

It seems that he is not conspicuous, but his strength is definitely the top three masters in the entire Tianwu Continent.

"One day he said that, you have to do it, or you will die."

She knows that no one can disobey Emperor Shitian's orders, and if you don't dare to do it, Emperor Shitian will do it for you.

"Senior sister, you have followed him the longest, what martial arts has he taught you, part of the Sacred Heart Technique?"

"You don't need to know this, you just know that you need no choice, and we don't have a choice."

"I naturally want to go to Xia Ke Island, but the day I return, I will ask for his life."

"I advise you not to do stupid things, his strength is unfathomable, and his strength is definitely the top three in the Tianwu Continent."

"How does it compare with Li Chungang?"

"He is stronger, all I can say is this, as for how genius you are, my letter is full of genius characters you fabricated, I hope you can really come back from Xia Ke Island."

Luo Xian had witnessed Emperor Shitian bring a dead person back to life, and Emperor Shitian was also able to turn a disobedient living person into a pile of clothes.

Since then, Luo Xian has been very jealous of Emperor Shitian, and it is even more unlikely that he will have the idea of betraying Emperor Shitian, Emperor Shitian wants to kill them, what is the difference between that and pinching an ant.

And she has been ordered to supervise Lee Sang-hyun, and naturally knows that Lee Sang-hyun's strength is very powerful, but she blames everything on Lee Sang-hyun's cleverness.

With the letter that Li Xiangxian shaped him to be a genius, there are not so many intelligence people in the Heavenly Gate, and it is impossible for the entire continent to have his people in the nine days.

"Senior sister, it seems that you are not numb."

You must know that both of them are disciples of Emperor Shitian, and Luo Xian has always followed Emperor Shitian.

Seeing that life in Di Shitian's hands is as cheap as a dog's life, can she not be numb?

And she is not numb at all, which is really surprising.

"Numb people live longer, you have to understand that you will be replaced by someone, there are not ten people called Xiaoyao, there are five."

Emperor Shitian once personally named five disciples Xiaoyao, and was finally killed by Emperor Shitian because they were not numb enough.

Her mind was full of scenes of Emperor Shitian's murder, which was a nightmare she had when she was a child, and now that she is older, she has long been numb.

In a word: Shut up, you will be able to live in the Heavenly Gate for a long time, otherwise Emperor Shitian will not recommend naming the next apprentice Xiaoyao.

"I know what to do, his fault is that he is too arrogant and treats me like a child."

As soon as he talked about this, Li Xiangxian felt funny, and Emperor Shitian thought that he had said martial arts indiscriminately, and he couldn't remember it.

Di Shitian doesn't like people who are too smart, nor do he like stupid people, other people are too stupid to be killed, and Li Xiangxian is too smart, and Emperor Shitian is not used to it.

"He is ready to look for people and weapons that can slay dragons, if you can't come back within ten years, I'm afraid you won't be able to catch up at that time."

Luo Xian told Emperor Shitian's plan, Emperor Shitian is likely to need to prepare for a long time, and currently Emperor Shitian asked them to investigate.

"If I stay on Rider Island for ten years, that thing should be mine when I come back."

Li Xiangxian's cultivation of the Yanyang Dafa is for the end of that moment, devouring all the dragon yuan, and he Li Xiangxian can live indefinitely.

"Hope you come back."

After Luo Xian said this, she flew away, she knew that so many people went to Xia Ke Island, no one could return safely, and Li Xiangxian could not come back alive.

The relationship between the two can only be regarded as average, she also saw that Li Xiang was smart and powerful, so she said so much.

Li Xiangxian just went over to look at Ning Zhongze, who knew that Ning Zhongze was gone, Li Xiangxian glanced around, there was no her.

I could only pray to him in my heart that it was okay, and when she thought that she might not be able to figure out suicide or something, she immediately used the Six Links Technique to feel everything around her.

"Not good!"

Sensing that Ning Zhong committed suicide by throwing himself into the river, Li Xiangxian had to use divine skills to hurry to arrive, watching her let the water rush and eat a few mouthfuls of water.

Lee Sang-hyun went into the water again and rescued her ashore.

"Ahem... Ahem..."

As soon as Ning Zhong landed, he choked on a lot of water just now, and punched and kicked Li Xiangxian: "You let me die, why did you save me?"

Li Xiangxian nodded her acupuncture path, not bothering to pay attention to her, believing that after half an hour, she would not have this kind of thought.

Lee Sang-hyun took him to a place, and Lee Sang-hyun sat across from her, sat up, and an hour passed.

Ning Zhong felt too cold, and wanted to sneeze, and seeing this scene, Li Xiangxian helped her untie the acupuncture path.

"Ning woman, do you still want to commit suicide now?"

"Ah... Ball..."

Ning Zhong sneezed directly, she didn't expect that it was too difficult to die, and this guy was too lenient!

"Little monk, why did you save me?"

"Ning woman, then why are you looking for death and life, for love?"

"Ah... Ball..."

Seeing that Ning Zhong was drenched, Li Xiangxian quickly found some firewood and came over to build a fire, naturally letting Ning Zhong bake.

Ning Zhong knew that it was cold, so he only took off his clothes and baked them.

Li Xiangxian smiled and said: "Ning woman, you are not afraid of death, are you still afraid that I will look at your body?"

"When you die, it will be a corpse, and when the time comes, you will be stripped of your clothes and see enough."

Oh, yes!

Are you not afraid of death, and you are afraid that others will see you?

What shame do you have, ridiculous!

Is it necessary to live and die like this?

When Li Xiangxian said this, Ning Zhong didn't care, and became close to nature.

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