Yin and yang are Tai Chi, and above Tai Chi is Wu Ji, and now Li Xiangxian has been able to refine Qi and refine the essence, and then store it in the dantian.

You must know that Zhang San Li Si's wine is a treasure of immortal cultivators, as long as it is drunk, the effect is very amazing.

To some extent, it is a bit of a spiritual liquid that builds a foundation.

With Wuji Divine Skill, Li Xiangxian can refine more essence yuan, as long as the dantian is filled, then a golden pill will be formed, that is the real master.

With this yin and yang qi, Li Xiangxian can now use the True Yuan Drawing Talisman, and then he Li Xiangxian will have more guarantees.

This time to go to Xia Ke Island, in case it is not as you think, when the time comes to draw its 1,800 talisman seals, no one has this defense.

At that time, no matter what the situation is on the island of the heroes, he will not be afraid, and this is the most important point.

Zhang San and Li Si looked at Li Xiangxian and drank the wine full of gourds, but they were not poisoned, but their strength increased by a few points.

This boy won't be sent by everyone to deal with the two of them!

Even if they had never fought each other, they could see that Li Xiangxian's cultivation was powerful, and I am afraid that he would reward good and punish evil so many times and meet the strongest master.

You must know that this spirit and ice wine, Rao is the top land immortal like the two of them, and they dare not drink too much, otherwise they will also be poisoned.

As a result, Li Xiangxian not only drank, but also drank both together, that is, poison on poison, ordinary people drink the existence of instant death.


Li Xiangxian had a harvest, which was called a joy, and immediately played a Xuanbing Divine Dragon Palm against the lake, and the lake froze all of a sudden.

Even if Li Xiangxian is still only in the realm of freedom, his strength is already comparable to the top land immortals, and with today's Wuji Divine Skill, he can achieve the point of immortality by cultivating.

Of course, this also requires Jindan condensation, and once it is done, it can really do this.

"Little brother, you are the most talented person I have met since my brothers walked the rivers and lakes, I don't know how old the little brother is?"

Zhang San was also curious about this, as soon as he saw Li Xiangxian's age, he was very young, and his appearance was fifteen or sixteen, and he still looked relatively immature.

Li Xiangxian also hurriedly walked over, clasped his fists and saluted: "Under Li Xiangxian, thank you for the wine of the two eldest brothers, I am ten years old this year!"

"What... What the? "


The two were stunned, they both thought that they had misheard, the young man in front of them was only ten years old, and his cultivation had already reached this point?

If this is the case, it is really necessary for Lee Sang-hyun to go to Xia Ke Island, and once they join their Tai Xuan Sect, they will be able to rise.

Xia Ke Island is actually the Nether Force of the Tai Xuan Sect in one of the ten lands, specifically helping the Tai Xuan Sect select genius disciples.


Li Xiangxian's shock to the two is naturally commonplace, but he is used to it, after all, he has encountered too many such things.

Zhang San and Li Si also slowly recovered their mood swings and quickly reported to their homes.

"In the next Zhang San."

"Li Si."

Upon hearing this name, Li Xiangxian pretended to be surprised and said to the two: "This name is a little familiar?"

"Come to remember, you are from Rider Island?"

"Reward good and punish evil?"

As soon as Ning Zhong heard Li Xiangxian's words, he immediately said their identities, after all, there is really no one in the world who does not know their names.

When I thought that Li Xiangxian was mixed with these two, wouldn't Li Xiangxian be so young and talented, so he would go to the warrior to drink Laba porridge!

Seeing this, Zhang San nodded and said, "You two are really well-informed, and your identities were guessed at once."


"Great, two eldest brothers, I also want to go to Xia Ke Island, can you invite me to go?"

When the two heard that Li Xiangxian actually took the initiative to go, they were really a little surprised, and it was too late for ordinary people to dodge.


They also saw how powerful Li Xiangxian was, naturally there was no reason not to invite him to go, as long as it was a person with strength and talent, he could go.

"You can't go."

Ning Zhong hurriedly stopped it, she didn't understand why Li Xiangxian went to Xiake Island, obviously no one invited him to go.

As a result, he also took the initiative to ask to go with the two, before I couldn't think of it, now how Li Xiangxian thinks about death.

"Li Xiangxian, I don't look for death, why do you think about looking for death?"

Role reversal, she will definitely stop Lee Sang-hyun from going to Xia Ke Island, such a good person, such a good talent, if she dies like this, what a pity.

Li Xiangxian looked at Ning Zhongze, smiled and said: "Who said that I went to seek death, I see that the two eldest brothers are not bad people, I think you have a misunderstanding about them!"

Zhang San didn't think that someone else would say it for the two of them, and he was full of emotion, and said with a smile: "Little brother, it's right, it's that everyone misunderstands us."

"This woman, we are the two messengers of rewarding good and punishing evil, not murderous demons."

"You don't kill people, so why don't the people who go to Xia Ke Island come back?"

Ning Zhong naturally didn't believe it, if you weren't bad people, after so many years, how could the people who went to Xia Ke Island have no return.

The second envoy of Xiake Island naturally won't say the reason, because if he says that he can live forever, I don't know how many people will find ways to go to Xiake Island.

At that time, there will be so many people in the world, fish and dragons are mixed, who knows if they are qualified or not, and they are not everyone who can see them.

They must choose top people, otherwise they will go to the upper realm for nothing, and they still need to have good talent.

"We can't explain this clearly, but we really don't hurt people."

Zhang San can only say so much, everything has to go to Xia Ke Island to say, when the time comes, with the temptation of immortality, no one will refuse to join the Tai Xuan Sect.

You must know that the people who go, although they are all in charge, their reputation has reached the peak, and the upper realm is even more exciting.

Li Xiangxian turned to Zhang San and Li Si, and said with a smile: "Two eldest brothers, can you give me a little recipe for your wine, rest assured that I will never reveal it to anyone."

It was the first time he had drunk such a good wine, and naturally he wanted to have the recipe with him, and he would carry it with him in the future.

Zhang San responded: "The formula can't give you, but we can give you medicine."

As soon as the words fell, two pills appeared in Zhang San's hand, and he only needed to dissolve this pill in wine, even if it was a spirit.

Li Xiangxian could see at a glance that the ring the two of them were wearing on their hands knew that this was the legendary space ring.

Just now, he saw very clearly, this thing appeared suddenly, with Li Xiangxian's eyesight, the speed of the two was not so fast that he could not see the technique.

Li Si also took out two pills, they can be regarded as a kind of friendship, people are not here to deal with them.

Li Xiangxian also took the medicine given by the two, and quickly thanked him: "Thank you two big brothers for their success."

"It seems that Xia Ke Island is an excellent place as I guessed, the two eldest brothers, the younger brother has always been eager to find the Empty Stone, you are well-informed, can you tell me?"

"You... You...... Know...... Empty Stone? "

The two were stunned, Li Xiangxian actually recognized that the ring in their hands was a space ring, it seemed that they underestimated Li Xiangxian's strength.

You must know that this thing is only known by people in the upper realm, could it be that Li Xiangxian is from the upper realm, but the people in the upper realm look down on the lower realm at all.

It can be said that almost no one wants to come, which is why they are too mysterious.

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