Knowing that the two knew each other meant that the young city lord of this Sword Forging City was Li Xiangxian, a monk.

Many people were confused, did they make a mistake, when did Sword Forging City let a monk inherit the family business!

Li Xiangxian glanced at everyone and slowly spoke: "Everyone, our city lord has something to do, come later, I told you before this, the Ling Shuang sword is a thing that forges sword city."

"It's okay for you to come and see, if anyone plans to come and grab the Ling Shuang Sword, this kind of idea can't be beaten."

"Don't throw your life here at that time, it's not worth it, don't say I didn't remind you, I hope you can do it yourself!"

Li Xiangxian will refresh ah give them preventive vaccinations, if you really dare to rob, then there is only one way to die, and the words have come to this.

If you have such thoughts at that time, then blame us for the death hand under the Sword Forging City, don't say that we didn't remind you.

He immediately said: "Little junior brother, you have said so, and this thing is indeed a thing from Sword Forging City, whoever grabs it will not be able to get by with me."

He knew that with Li Xiangxian's strength, these people could not deal with Li Xiangxian at all.

After all, Li Xiangxian is not a land immortal, his strength is already on par with Zhang Sanfeng, and the entire heavenly master, naturally no one is his opponent.

Helianba and the others were not happy, he naturally knew the relationship between Li Xiangxian and Juechan Temple, and your Juechan Temple and Sword Casting City were the same as the same mountain.

The eyes also looked at Zuo Lengchan, they were allies, naturally they would join forces at this time, and then talk about the distribution of Ling Shuang's sword.

When Dingyi heard this, he immediately said, "We just came to observe, and we will never rob it."

Most of the people did not express their position, they had not seen the Ling Shuang sword, you must know that this Ling Shuang sword was not born, the sword qi was already strong enough, if it was born, it would be repaid.

In this way, everyone waited for three hours, and the Sword Venerable appeared, and his strength rose to another level after cultivating innate qi.

"You've been waiting for a long time!"

"The city lord is polite!"

Jian Zun glanced at everyone and reminded, "Presumably my son-in-law has already told you that this Lingshuang sword is something that I forged in Sword City."

"We welcome you to come to watch the ceremony, if anyone wants to fight Ling Shuangjian's idea, they will bear the consequences."

They will beat this beckon here first, if anyone of you dares to make a move, then die in Sword Forging City, anyway, there are many places to bury the body.


Each of them naturally had their own calculations in their hearts, and they went to the sword furnace one by one, and saw the boiling magma in the furnace, which was worthy of the sword casting city, and it was indeed magnificent.

One by one, they stared at the swords that exuded sword qi in the sword furnace, and they couldn't see it at all, and the sword qi was getting stronger and stronger.

From white rainbow to blue, Ling Shuangjian also flew the sword furnace, and as soon as they saw this, everyone made a move.

If you don't make a move now, let alone when, but unfortunately, the moment this sword appeared, Li Xiangxian grabbed Ling Shuang's sword in an endless realm.

As soon as Li Xiangxian got the Ling Shuang sword, he flew out directly, and everyone chased it out.

This sword does have an inexplicable attraction, it is really a relatively special sword, and the general law cannot control it.

"Guys, this Ling Shuang Sword is related to the stability of the heavens, the last time the Demon Sect was destroyed, there is no alliance master, this time whoever gets the Ling Shuang sword, then who is the alliance master."

Helian Ba directly forgot about what happened just now, completely forgetting the warning of Sword Forging City.

Jian Zun naturally knew that this would be the result, and couldn't help but laugh: "What, do you really want to rob Ling Shuang Sword?"

"Sword Venerable is not me waiting to rob the Ling Shuang Sword, but this sword has affected the balance of the more heavenly forces, we want to seal this sword!"

"Good excuses!"

Jian Zun knew that this battle was inevitable, and glanced at Li Xiangxian and said, "You will clean up these people, or I will clean up."

Li Xiangxian immediately handed the Ling Shuang sword to Jian Zun, and said with a smile: "Uncle, you just let you try the new practice of martial arts."

"Good! If my Sword Venerable doesn't make a move, you think I'm joking Sword City. "

As soon as he saw that Jian Zun alone wanted to challenge everyone, Zuo Lengchan said disdainfully: "Everyone go together, whoever gets the Ling Shuang sword is the master of the martial arts alliance."


A group of people immediately shot at Jian Zun, they didn't believe how powerful Sword Venerable was, at most it was similar to Helian Ba.

With so many sects of them, can't they still deal with a single Sword Venerable?

That Kong and the others naturally stood on Li Xiangxian's side, these people are too hypocritical, and what they say for peace is not all for ambition.

With the Ling Shuang Sword, the heads of the ten gate factions made a move, and they didn't get the slightest bargain.

And Ling Shuang's sword was actually broken during the battle, which shocked everyone present, there was no mistake!

That fierce sword Ling Shuang sword was actually broken like this, which is really a little undeserved.

"How could Ling Shuang's sword be broken?"

"This is not a fake Ling Shuang Sword."

"The sword must be real, but I don't know the specific reason."

Everyone was stunned, it was originally for Ling Shuang's sword, but this sword was broken, it shouldn't be!

Jian Zun also retreated, he was a little puzzled.

"Xiangxian, is this Ling Shuang Sword real?"

"The Ling Shuang Sword is real, it can only be said that this Ling Shuang Sword needs blood to open."

Li Xiangxian took the hilt of the Ling Shuang sword in the hand of Jian Zun, and the originally broken Ling Shuang sword suddenly converged at this moment.

At the same time, the surrounding swords had trembled, as if in response to Ling Shuang's sword.

Jian Zun was very puzzled when he saw that Ling Shuang's sword was in Li Xiangxian's hands, and it was completely different from being in his own hands.

After thinking about it, I figured out a little, this Ling Shuang sword seems to recognize the Lord, in the hands of ordinary people, Ling Shuang Sword is a more powerful sword.

And when it comes to the master, the power can be increased several times, and Li Xiangxian is the owner of Ling Shuang's sword.

All the surrounding ordinary weapons were sucked away by Ling Shuang's sword, turning into nothingness, and the sword body condensed again, and the true face of Ling Shuang's sword at this time was revealed.

As soon as the Ling Shuang Sword came out, other ordinary swords would be automatically destroyed, and only sharp swords would be spared.

Ling Shuang's sword in Li Xiangxian's shuriken qi stretched for 30,000 li, Li Xiangxian glanced at the head who had just grabbed the sword and said:

"The Ling Shuang sword is in my hands, don't you want it? Then come and grab it! "

Without waiting for them to answer, Li Xiangxian had already made a move, and directly killed with a sword, and the head of the Ten Gates Faction had no weapons in his hands.

It is completely that the tiger has no claws, three times five divided by two, and was killed by Li Xiangxian, it can be said that there is no mercy.

Jian Zun was very happy to see Li Xiangxian show his hand so decisively, and the man should be like this.

"Our Sword Forging City has already greeted you in advance, and you still want to grab it, then it's no wonder I forged Sword City!"

"By the way, I forgot to tell you that the strongest person in my Sword Forging City is not my Sword Venerable, but my son-in-law Li Xiangxian!"

What the?

As soon as he heard this, the major leaders were stunned, and there was no mistake, Li Xiangxian was even more powerful than Jianzun.

One by one, the heart was extremely shocked, in this moment, Li Xiangxian had already killed five masters!

They lost their weapons, and Li Xiang's appearance method was extremely strange, they were not opponents at all.

They want to run separately, but unfortunately they underestimate Lee Sang-hyun's strength, as long as Lee Sang-hyun wants to kill, no one can escape.

In the blink of an eye, only Yue Buqun, Zuo Lengchan, and Helian Ba remained.

Helianba made a move to doppelganger demon shadow, Li Xiangxian swung a sword, all shadows and bodies were hit, Helianba split in two.

Zuo Lengchan wanted to fight with Cold Ice True Qi, and was directly pierced by the Ling Shuang sword thrown by Li Xiangxian.

Li Xiangxian, who was originally cleaning up Zuo Lengchan, appeared in front of Yue Buqun in the next second, and was directly kicked down by Li Xiangxian.

Dingyi Shitai and Tianxian Dao Master were all dumbfounded, fortunately, they didn't have the idea of snatching Ling Shuang's sword, otherwise it would be the same fate as these people.

Unexpectedly, the most powerful person in Sword Forging City turned out to be this young man, and this person was inevitably too devilish!

You must know that this is a master of the Ten Gates Sect, and it is also a supreme master Zuo Lengchan, Helian Ba, and Yue Buqun.

You must know that when these three people wiped out the Demon Sect, they could be said to shine, and they were definitely the top five masters in the sky, and they were not the opponents of this son.

Li Xiangxian looked at Yue Buqun, who fell to the ground, and mocked: "Get out!" Kill you an incomplete person, it's a bit humiliating to say it. "

Yue Buqun also thought that Li Xiangxian was going to kill himself, but he didn't expect that he let himself go, and quickly knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

In my heart, I am full of resentment, wait, one day my Yue Buqun will let you die without a place to be buried.

Li Xiangxian immediately used the Ling Shuang Sword to absorb the essence blood of these people, and when he saw that this Ling Shuang Sword was so evil, everyone was a little afraid.

"The sword does not distinguish between good and evil, only then can there be a distinction between good and evil."

"Guys, your accessories are damaged, you are also very friendly, my Sword Forging City will naturally pay you for your sword, so that you can choose a sword at will in the sword room."

When the others heard Jian Zun's words, they were very surprised, they couldn't imagine that Jian Zun would be so generous, and any sword in the sword room should be stronger than his family's sword!


"Don't worry! My Sword Forging City is still very friendly, people do not offend me, I do not offend. "

"Thank you City Lord!"

"Thank you City Lord!"

All of them were very happy, they couldn't imagine that they didn't shoot, but also gained benefits, it seems that their choice is right.

As soon as Mr. Bei of the Changle Gang saw this situation, he quickly said: "Bei doesn't use a sword, so he will return to the Changle Gang first and leave!"

"Slow down!"

Looking at Bei Haishi gone, Jian Zun said to Li Xiangxian: "This person is very deep."

Li Xiangxian naturally knew, and also nodded and responded: "I waited for him to make a move just now, but he didn't."

At this time, Zhang Sanli Si's voice came from the sky: "Little brother, we met again!"

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