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Happy Forest.

"Beggar, get out!"

When a butcher sees that a beggar has no money and even wants to eat meat, it is naturally impossible to give.

You are all beggars when you step on horses, and you want to beg for meat, why don't you beg for bird's nest.

The beggar is dressed in rags, but it can be seen that this female beggar has a good face, the only drawback is that she is too thin!

The female beggar took advantage of the butcher's lack of attention, and then hurriedly took a piece of meat and prepared to run.

As soon as the butcher saw the meat that this beggar dared to steal, he quickly chased over, grabbed the female beggar, and directly slapped it.


After the butcher slapped the woman, he snatched the meat back and dragged the woman to the butcher shop.

"Damn, dare to steal Lao Tzu's meat, believe it or not, Lao Tzu chopped off your hands."

The butcher grabbed the female beggar's clothes, especially annoyed, and then fixed his eyes, it turned out that the beggar was a woman, and his face was not bad.

The butcher had an idea in his heart, looked at the female beggar and said with a narrowed face: "You want to make meat so much?"

The female beggar was frightened, and her body was constantly shaking, but when she thought that she was the eldest sister of the four, if there was no food, everyone would have to starve to death.

Although she was afraid, she still nodded subconsciously, as long as she could have food, she was willing to do anything.

Seeing the female beggar nodding, the butcher was very happy, and said with an evil smile: "If you want to eat meat, I can give it to you, and I will also give you noodles, you just need to sleep with Lao Tzu."

Upon hearing this, the female beggar froze, she was already fourteen years old, and naturally knew what this meant.

She knew that if she didn't, she would probably starve more people, and she promised him more things.


The female beggar agreed, in order to live, she was willing to give anything, these things did not matter.

The butcher looked at the female beggar who looked like a quail, was very happy, immediately closed the stall, and then walked out with something.

With the female beggar, he went to the grove, and the butcher naturally did not dare to be at home, so he had to find a remote place.

"Undress! What are you waiting for? "

The butcher saw that the female beggar was still pretending to be reserved, and was very unhappy, that is, he was kind, otherwise he would never have given her two or three pounds of meat.

The female beggar didn't know what to do, and when she saw the butcher's fierce and evil appearance, she couldn't help but be a little afraid.

The butcher didn't care about three seven twenty-one, and reached out to catch the female beggar, at this time the female beggar was a little scared and wanted to escape.

Seeing that the female beggar wanted to escape, the butcher sneered: "Damn, it's too late to run away now!"

Chased over, directly grabbed the hand of the female beggar, and immediately began to tear her clothes.


"Damn, you still shout that you still don't want to eat meat."

"If you want everyone to come and see?"

The female beggar held back her tears at the thought of how many people were waiting for him to eat, and gave up resistance.

The butcher was so happy that he pushed the female beggar to the ground.

Li Xiangxian came from the sky, just passing by this place, and saw what the butcher did.


I couldn't help but cough, and when I saw Li Xiangxian disturbing his good deeds, the butcher was furious.

"Little monk, hurry up, believe it or not, Lao Tzu hacked you to death."

The butcher picked up the knife on the ground and looked at Lee Sang-hyun viciously, thinking that if he intimidated Lee Sang-hyun, he would leave.

As soon as the female beggar saw Li Xiang's extraordinary temperament, she quickly called for help: "Save me!"

As soon as the butcher heard this, he raised his hand and slapped the female beggar in the face.

"Damn, slut, you want to eat meat, you are willing to exchange chastity, you are now making it like I forced you."

Lee Sang-hyun went all the way and found that this was in the midst of a famine from heaven, and there were people starving to death everywhere, and he did not have the ability to save anyone.

When you encounter nature, you can't dodge, you still have to manage it, Li Xiangxian frowned: "I don't care if you're right or not, I encountered it, then naturally you have to follow my rules, hurry up, spare your life!"

This is something you are willing to do, and the butcher's words are not wrong, but since Li Xiangxian has encountered it, it is naturally impossible to let this kind of thing happen.

And he Li Xiangxian appeared, naturally he had to act according to the rules of the strong, and he naturally didn't care about the rest.

The butcher was a little angry, and looked at the sword in Li Xiangxian's hand, and found that this sword was not simple, and suddenly became greedy.

"Little monk, this is your own death."

The butcher doesn't think that Li Xiangxian's martial arts skills are high, everyone is a three-legged cat's kung fu, if he can win the sword in the hands of the little monk, he will not worry about it in this life.

The butcher took a kitchen knife and slashed over, and Li Xiangxian knew that this guy had set his sights on his Ling Shuang sword and spared his life, and he even saw the wealth.

Li Xiangxian stood in place, waiting for the butcher to cut it, and the female beggar quickly reminded: "Be careful!" Then closed his eyes and did not dare to look.

She thought that Li Xiangxian was going to be slashed by a knife, and after waiting for a while without moving, she opened her eyes and saw that Li Xiangxian was emitting a light in Zhou Shen, and the knife could not hurt at all.

A breath directly shook the butcher out, spitting out a mouthful of blood, and the butcher was terrified.

"I see greed in your eyes, spare your life, but you see wealth, damn it!"

A sword qi flew out from Li Xiangxian's body, and the butcher was directly killed before he could stand up.

The female beggar was not afraid, and after seeing many dead people, they seemed to have become numb!

"Thank you so much for saving your life! My name is Gao Zhiping! "

"Gao Zhiping?"

A person with a miserable life, in order to live, sneaks and abducts, and even betrays his own people.

Gao Zhiping hurriedly went over to pick up the meat, she also knew that Li Xiangxian was a master, and the idea of wanting to deceive Li Xiangxian's sword in her mind also stopped!

"Engong, thank you for saving us, go and sit at my house!"


Li Xiangxian, led by Gao Zhiping, went to a bamboo forest with a dilapidated thatched hut inside, and when he saw Gao Zhiping returning.

Four children in their years came out and ordered, "Big sister!"

"This is meat."

As soon as the children saw the meat Gao Zhiping was carrying, they drooled, they couldn't afford to eat, and now they still have meat to eat, naturally they couldn't help drooling.

The five were all dressed in rags, she did that to feed the four, looking at this thatched hut, tattered, it is estimated that when it rains, it rains heavily outside, and light rain inside!

"Master, you come in and sit."

Li Xiangxian walked in, glanced at this place, and couldn't help but shake his head, this place is not inhabited by people at all.

"Big brother, you drink water."

A child took a broken bowl and brought a bowl of water to Lee Sang-hyun.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiangxian was a little sad, he had lived much happier than them since he was a child.

Lee Sang-hyun was only wet in his eyes, but he also knew that he couldn't save anyone, and even if he gave them silver, it would not solve their rations.

So he taught them a little martial arts, so that they might be able to hunt in the mountain stream fishing valley and help them repair the house.

Give them a little more silver, let them be self-reliant, do not steal, rob.

It took another two days to finally reach the apocalypse.

Came to Wangcheng Mountain, just this Wangcheng Mountain, so big, this is where to find ah!

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