The evil Zen master glanced at and saw that everyone was eating, and the stone in his heart finally fell, and he knew that this Li Xiangxian was simply the lucky star of their Juezen Temple.

I believe that in the future, this Zen Temple will definitely be able to shake for nine days, and my heart is a joy.

"Little Junior Brother, why is your appetite so good today?"

"Little Junior Brother didn't eat at noon."

"It's not okay, it's not tall without eating."

"Little junior brother, I'll bring you food in the future."

Everyone is very concerned about Li Xiangxian, the little junior disciple, who makes him the youngest and talented.

In the midst of laughter, tonight's meal ended, and everyone went back to their respective rooms, what to do.

And the evil Zen master also began to cultivate the pure yang exercises in his Lenga Sutra, and the more he practiced, the more he felt the strength of it.


The evil Zen master decided to teach Li Xiangxian the Four Images of Providence.

"Xiangxian, for the master today to pass on the four images of heavenly will that is exclusive to you and me, and this supreme school requires the cultivation of one-finger meditation to an extremely high level."

"But I know that you are very talented, this difficulty should not be difficult for you, remember the four elephants of Providence, it is wind, fire, thunder and lightning..."

Li Xiangxian listened carefully and got the trick, Li Xiangxian immediately made a move of wind and anger, and a huge statue appeared behind him.

The first elephant is the anger of the wind god, the second is the anger of the fire god, and the third is the anger of the thunder god, which is completely difficult for Li Xiangxian.

Watching Li Xiangxian cultivate this thing was like drinking water, and going to the evil Zen master was no longer shocked, as if everything was as he expected.

And the fourth elephant Li Xiangxian took a little more time, and then it will be, this is not a day to learn the four elephants of Providence, but in half an hour.

As far as Li Xiangxian's talent is concerned, don't say that his former senior brother will be jealous of him, even if he goes to the evil Zen master, he is a little jealous, demon.

In the end, the evil Zen master had to leave quietly, too TM hit people, and Li Xiangxian was in a monastery, that was a blessing, but also a misfortune!

[You have cultivated the Four Elephants of Providence, you have an epiphany, you have created the Divine Elephant Suppression Force! ] 】

This exercise should be said to be similar to the seven endless realms, which is similar to the proposition, advocating that the human body is composed of endless particles, if each particle cultivates the power of the divine image, tearing the sky and the earth, roaring down the stars.

The seven endless realms are turned into particles, and the god elephant is to make a unit of atoms, and then make an atomic bomb?

And the most peculiar thing about this is that it can change countless kinds of earth-shattering powers, each of which hides endless mysteries and makes people fascinated.

This is the atomic bomb, but this atom is a particle, and when every atom has a magical power, it is really an atomic bomb.

And this is also one of the best exercises to deal with Emperor Shitian.

The initial practice of this exercise follows the concept of "the human body is composed of 840 million particles", and opens up the power of the giant elephant of human particles.

Soon after, the cornea appeared in the cortex, and most of the power of qigong could be used for himself, which would make Li Xiangxian's cultivation faster.

Dacheng: When cultivating to the completion of human body particles, you can return to the original point and open dragon-elephant particles and meta-elephant particles on the giant elephant particles, until the human body is surrounded by god-elephant particles.

Carrying out the exercises, you can attract one head to the sky yuan from its own countless giant elephant particles, and the giant elephant spits out, turning over the river and the sea, turning clouds and rain.

With a roar, the stars fell.

Between absorption, everything is silent.

This is the enhanced version of the Four Images of Providence, after understanding, Li Xiangxian began to cultivate, the practice mantra:

"Draw God with qi, form an image with God, raise your hands, the power of a giant elephant, a human body, composed of 840 million particles."

If you awaken its potential, every tiny particle is the power of a giant elephant, all awakened, comparable to the gods and elephants, turning over the river and the sea, roaring down the stars, picking the moon and swallowing the sun, in one thought.

The types of elephants are varied, giant elephants are young, turned into dragon elephants, dragon elephants are blue, turned into yuan elephants, yuan elephants are strong, turned into god elephants, is for Dacheng.

Giant elephants→ dragon elephants→ meta-elephants→ gods!

After two hours of study, Li Xiangxian had the technique of divine elephant calming power, his seven endless realms have been practiced, and now he can disperse and reorganize in the form of atoms.

"Haha! That's great! "

I just happened to come to see Li Xiangxian, only heard a laugh, but did not see anyone, frightened, quickly glanced around, and couldn't even see a figure.

"Who? Come out? "

Sora felt that he had seen a ghost, only heard strange laughter, and did not see a single figure.

"Senior brother, what are you going to do."

As soon as he heard that it was Li Xiangxian's voice, he glanced at the treetops, but there was still no figure of him.

The next moment, Empty was stunned, paralyzed on the ground in fright, and Void saw that Li Xiangxian was slowly reorganized, making him very shocked, is this a person or a ghost?

"Little Junior Brother, are you a human or a ghost?"

He was so frightened that he almost peed his pants, and he couldn't believe that Li Xiangxian was like a ghost.

Li Xiangxian shook his head and said, "Of course it's a person, this is just a kind of exercise."

Yukong carefully reached out and touched Li Xiangxian's head, and found that it was true, only then was he relieved, and thought that he had bumped into a ghost.

Yukong was curious and said, "Little junior brother, what kind of divine skill are you?"

Li Xiangxian said: "It's not that I don't teach you, but it's too complicated, plus I created it myself, and it's not mature."


I touched my head, little junior brother, I know that you are very talented, but you said that you created the exercises yourself, what kind of joke are you putting on hold.

You must know that a person like Master Xiang, he can't create martial arts, you say you are a six-year-old child, if you can create martial arts, then I have your surname.

"Little junior brother, are you comparing yourself to senior brother?"

Seeing that Li Xiangxian was now naked, he couldn't help but smile.

Li Xiangxian looked down at this, only to find that he was not wearing anything, his clothes were still in the distance, and he turned into nothingness again, and when he saw it, Li Xiangxian had already dressed.

And this wearing of clothes is more peculiar, not ordinary wear, or the reorganization of the body, which simply makes the empty eyes widen.

They would not have this exercise, and the little junior brother actually said that he created it, or let him create it himself.

So decided, little junior brother, although your talent is bullish, but if you open your eyes and say nonsense, this is not okay.

You a six-year-old child can create exercises, I am empty, I am empty, you must know that the people who create exercises are all land immortals.

"Little Junior Brother, I have a scripture book here, can you help take a look, is there any mystery in this?"

Lee Sang-hyun took the cover and said: Qingbao Cape Sutra.

According to Li Xiangxian's previous thoughts, he read all the scriptures in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion like that, and found that there were no exercises at all.

"The land of sages, more soil and less stone, the land of immortal Buddhas, more stones and less soil. The land of sages, the land of Qingqi and grace, the land of fairy Buddha, Qingqi and strange. "

Li Xiangxian also meditated and read the scriptures, and saw that Li Xiangxian was reading the scriptures so seriously, and he couldn't bear to interrupt.

Could it be that the little junior disciple wants to read a book a hundred times and see his own righteousness?

I saw that Li Xiangxian read this book very quickly, over and over again, no less than five times, which made me anxious.

When he was about to say something, suddenly, Li Xiangxian spoke.

"I see!"

"What do you understand?"

Lee Sang-hyun ignored the void and continued

"Poetry: Ten directions without images, six extinct traces."

"Jump out of the three realms, not in the five elements."

"One is tall, one step is one step wider."

"Sit down and cut off the Buddha pass, but the time comes."

[You recited the Cape of Qingbao and practiced the Four Elephants of Providence, you had an epiphany, you deduced the palm of God! ] 】

Li Xiangxian is an Amitabha Buddha, full of Buddha light, like a god and Buddha, like a Buddha.


Empty was stunned, and his body couldn't help but tremble, what kind of exercise is this?

Could it be that it is also in this Qingbao Sutra?


You must know that this green bladder has been copied by him eighty times, and he memorized it backwards, and he remembered every word clearly, but there was no exercise.

As a result, after the little junior brother saw it, he suddenly appeared Buddha, what was going on?

In this way, Li Xiangxian was completed in one go, and the Buddha light shone with golden light, like a heavenly Buddha descending into the world, full of visions, and the disciples of the martial arts training field saw a change in the grove.

They all went there, and they saw emptiness and a god and Buddha glowing with golden light.

"What happened Senior Brother?"


He quickly shut them up, he knew that this was definitely a kind of creation, this is the practice that the Buddhist family should practice!

It is simply too Zen of the Buddhist family, and all the Shaolin Temples, Zen Buddhism, etc. within nine days of this exercise have never existed!

"Ten Thousand Buddhas Dynasty!"

With one move of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Dynasty, the trees in front of them were instantly bombarded into slag by this move, what a terrifying move.

And Li Xiangxian, who has practiced a variety of exercises, has now cultivated the Rulai Divine Palm, and has also broken through at this moment!

A powerful aura rushed to his face, and he said in disbelief: "Zong... Grandmaster! "


"Little Junior Brother is already a grandmaster?"

I want to curse, damn it, Li Xiangxian is only six years old, he is already a grandmaster, and they have been practicing for more than thirty years.

Everyone looked at the man in the distance who was full of Buddha light, his eyes were full of surprise, good fellow, he is not a monk, but he is more like a monk than us.

Damn, can this monk still be a monk, little junior brother, you still don't let us live.

The cultivation talent is also too against the sky, how embarrassing you make me feel, can you save a little face for the senior brothers, even if it is enough.

"Senior brother, what kind of exercise is this?"

"Don't ask, just don't know."

"But you are a senior brother?"

The air has to die, you one by one, it's really enough, I am a master brother to know?

"Say that as if you know?"

Everyone: We just didn't know what to ask you!


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