Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 576: Scrap you a finger

Chapter 576 scraps you a finger

"Yes, yes." Zhang Yongjun hurriedly stated his position, sincerely, he is a fool to speak out today.

Then, Gu Ning let Zhang Yongjun leave.

After Zhang Yongjun left, Zhang Yongjian immediately pleaded: "Miss Gu, I have already said, I beg you, let me go!"

"Reassured, I still don't want to swear on the lawsuit, so I won't have a life." Gu Ning said.

Zhang Yongjian heard a sigh of relief, but this is still not suffocating, and Gu Ning’s voice rang again: "However, death sin is exempt, and living sins cannot escape."

Zhang Yongjian is in a stalemate, his heart sinks, his death sins are forgiven, and his living sins are hard to escape. Isn’t he enough to receive these things now?

"What do you want to do?" Zhang Yongjian asked, fearing the unknown living sin.

"I don't need to tell you," Gu Ning said coldly, not paying attention to Zhang Yongjian, but looking coldly at Hong Fen, scared Hong Feng suddenly when the bones were cold and sweaty.

He knew that Gu Ning would not let him go, and suddenly fell to the ground and pleaded: "Gu, Miss Gu, beg, beg you to bypass me once!"

"Look at what you will make up, I will abolish you a finger, no longer pursue it." Gu Ning cold, take a fruit knife from the backpack "space", throw it into Hong Fen: "You come Let's take it, you can do it yourself."

Hong Fen was trembling, though he was afraid, but he did not hesitate to pick it up. His cockroaches cut away from the little finger of his left hand, for fear that it would be lighter and could not be cut, so that it would only increase the pain.

The fruit knife was very sharp. When the knife went down, the little finger was cut, and the pain was so loud that the face was pale and distorted.

Gu Ning took out his mobile phone and called Yu Tianlin to let him handle Zhang Yongjian and his two men. As for life and death, Gu Ning does not say, how to deal with them, how to deal with them, just look at their luck.

Then, Gu Ning left, and Hong Fenqiang endured the faint pain, guarding Zhang Yongjian here, waiting for the people of Kirin to come over.

Before Gu Ning left, Zhang Yongjian was ruined. Therefore, when Tang Deming called Zhang Yongjian at this time, it was impossible to get through.

At this time, Tang Deming got a message at Tang’s house that all the teams looking for Gu Man had already received the news, but they didn’t know what the situation was, because the people who gave him the news did not know.

The above will only issue orders to them, it is impossible for them to explain, so they do not know, Gu Man was found before Zhang Yongjian's success, or after the event.

Those people have received the team, they still did not get Zhang Yongjian's report, Tang Deming took the initiative to call Zhang Yongjian.

Of course, at this time, Tang Deming will naturally not use his mobile phone to play, but use some small people's ID card to do the mobile phone number, so as not to expose the identity.

However, several calls to Zhang Yongjian were unable to connect.

This time, Tang Deming and Tang Yan were upset.

"What the **** is going on? Zhang Yongjian's phone can't get through." Tang Deming's unhappy frown, this Zhang Yongjian, what the **** is going on! "It won't be an accident!"

Tang Yan brows tightly, thinking deeply, it will not, really something happened!

"Ask the letter, what is the situation in the Tang family." Tang said.

"Good" Tang Deming responded, then dialed a mobile phone with the mobile phone that had just called Zhang Yongjian.

Most of the Tang family's descendants lived in the Tang family. The Tang family is not only a building, but also a side building, which is where the employees live. Even if it is an employee, the accommodation conditions are not bad. The ordinary person is four people, and the management personnel are one person.

Employees have two days of vacation a week, but they all take a break.

In the evening, people can get off work at eight o'clock in the evening, leaving a turn.

At this time, in an ordinary quadruple room, four people are playing cards together. Then, a young man’s mobile phone rang, and when he saw the caller ID, he said that he answered the call and hurriedly got up and turned to the outside. Go.

The man came to the stairs of no one, picked up the phone, and cautiously said: "Hey."

"Xinzi, what is the situation of the Tang family?" There was a voice from the phone that was not male or female. Obviously, the voice changer had been used.

"I am not on duty in the front yard today, so I don't know. Only when the person who is on duty returns, I will know when I ask." The letter said, because when it is not worthwhile, you can't just go to the front yard.

Between the next people, they often gossip, so if something happens, it will still reach everyone’s ears, but everyone has signed a confidentiality agreement with the Tang family and cannot pass it out.

"Well, there is news, tell me right away," the other said.

"Yes" believes in the letter, then hang up the phone, then turn around and prepare to go back to the dormitory.

Then, as soon as I turned around, I saw a man standing behind one meter. I didn’t know when the man appeared. The letter was shocked. The look flashed through guilty conscience and panic, and forced to calm down and said: “East, East Brother, how come you are out?"

The man who was called Dongge lazily leaned half of his body against the wall. He looked at his eyes with some coldness, but he snarled and asked: "Xunzi, when did you pick up a phone and quietly Mimi?"

The letter of the letter is a stiff, explaining: "This, isn't this afraid of quarreling with you?"

However, this explanation is not convincing at all, because the call was not in front of them, loud and atmospheric! They haven't seen anything yet!

Dong Ge did not immediately speak, but first ordered a cigarette, took a sip, spit a cigarette circle, and then looked at the letter deeply, and asked with a long heart: "Xinzi, is it not at home in the Tang family?" what!"

The letter is a stiff, what did he find?

The letter is nervous and uneasy, but it is still stupid, and does not want to expose anything: "East brother, what are you talking about! Tang family treatment is so good, how can I not do it well!" The home is very good, I am very satisfied with the appearance.

But looking at Dong Ge’s eyes, it is very hypocritical.

The look of Dong Ge was completely cold, and he looked at the letter, showing his anger, and said coldly: "Xunzi, I found out that you have a problem before. I didn't explode you, just give you a chance, hope in the lord. Under the warning of the young master, you will close your heart, but you can't think of it. You still chose to be an enemy of the Tang family. Do you think that with your few words, what can the other party do with the Tang family? Tang Jiaxuan is easy. Being dealt with?"

Dong Ge is the leader of the Tang family waiter. The name is Qian Dong. Because he has managed the letter for many years, he knows a little about his character.

All along, the letter gave him the impression that he is honest and honest, diligent and willing, and he is very kind.

(End of this chapter)

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