Chapter 60 Betting

If you change to an insidious villain, you are trusted, and others can say that you are stupid.

Then, Zhou Zhenghong and the person who bought the wool to sign a contract transfer, Shao Ping did not know when to leave.

Gu Ning is going to solve the stone, and Qin Yifan has come to himself.

Qin Yifan and Li Zhenyu both pushed carts. In Qin Yifan’s cart, two pieces of wool were placed, and Li Zhenyu’s cart was placed in three.

When seeing the seven pieces of wool on Gu Ning's cart, Qin Yifan was surprised and wide-eyed.

Scorpio! He picked it for so long, only picked two fast, Gu Ning picked seven pieces of wool, she is picking wool or picking cabbage!

Li Zhenzhen was also surprised, but after being surprised, it was ironic.

Although she knows that Gu Ning is not short of money, she has never seen anyone who is so wasting her money!

"Gu Ning, you are picking wool or picking cabbage!" Qin Yifan said with a smile.

“Choose the cabbage-like wool” Gu Ning smiled, and opened the perspective by the way, and glanced at the wool on their cart.

The two hairs of Qin Yifan are big and small, the big one is slightly bigger than the football, and the inside is the white flower stone. The small is half the size of a football, the inside is jade, but a little small, the size of a baby fist.

However, judging from the thickness of the jade's fog, it is a medium-to-high grade jade.

Although Gu Ning can see it, but did not tell the other party's meaning, unless she is too impatient, and troubles herself.

And Li Zhenyu's three pieces of wool, two pieces are half as big as a football, one piece is white flower, one piece has jade, but it should be mid-range.

One piece is slightly larger than the football, but it is just a skin green.

"Are you sure to buy all?" Qin Yifan asked indefinitely. In fact, he wanted to make Gu Ning cautious, but no one knew if there was any jade in it, so he could not stop it.

If it is stopped, and there is really jade in the wool, it is good intentions to do bad things, break people's money, and be remembered.

"I have bought it," Gu Ning said.

"Ah! Have you bought it?" Qin Yifan was shocked again. He couldn’t think that Gu Ning’s action was so fast: “How much!”

"Four hundred and five million" Gu Ning should be honest. From the beginning to the end, they all have a calm and calm appearance. They simply don't think that the four and a half million are great.

Of course, the premise is that she knows that she will rise, saying that you don’t think that this is worth 4.5 million. If she didn't know, she didn't have the courage to spend four hundred and fifty thousand to buy seven stones!

Although 4.5 million is not too much for Qin Yifan, but he wants to spend 450,000 yuan to buy wool, he can't do it.

"You are really capricious!" Qin Yifan only felt a sense of powerlessness, but even people bought it, and naturally there is no rule for return.

"Miss Gu wants to solve the stone? I really want to see, Miss Gu with a pleasing eye, whether it can go out of the jade." Li Zhenzhen's disdain is very obvious, Qin Yifan naturally heard it, so right This indicates dissatisfaction.

"Really, gambling stone is to look at luck. Can you guarantee that you know all the gambling knowledge, you can gamble out the jade? It does not mean that there will be no green flowers without stalks, ribbons and shackles." "Qin Yifan said something that did not give Li Zhenzhen face, but he said it was a big truth.

"I······" Li Zhenzhen was said to have a look of white for a while. She did not disapprove of Qin Yifan’s words. Instead, she agreed with Qin Yifan’s words. She was angry that Qin Yifan actually came to Gu Ning. Say her.

With them all the way, the man who has never heard anything, that is, Li Zhenzhen’s brother Li Zhenyu can’t help but frown. Obviously, he is also dissatisfied with Qin Yifan’s help for Gu Ning.

However, Qin Yifan did not say anything wrong, so Li Zhenyu could not say anything about him.

"It seems that Ms. Li is very confident in her ability. It is better to choose a piece of Ms. Li with her own ability to see if my pleasing hair can produce jade, or Miss Li’s ability to produce jade." Come, Gu Ning will naturally not be silent, otherwise people think she is bullied!

Gu Ning’s words also countered the provocation of Li Zhenzhen.

As soon as the people around them heard that they were going to bet, they immediately turned their attention to Gu Ning and Li Zhenzhen, and they all looked forward to it.

And Li Zhenzhen was provoked, where is still sitting!

"Okay! You use your three pieces of wool and my three pieces of wool. Whoever has a high value of jade, whoever wins, if it doesn't, then it will be flat!" I really have confidence in my own wool. Although not all three have jade, I believe there will always be an emerald.

She believes that Gu Ning can't open jade, so even if she only has one hair out of jade, then she won.

"This······" Qin Yifan felt that it was not appropriate. After all, Li Zhenzhen’s wools were carefully selected. Although they are not confident, they are green, but the chances of green are also great.

And Gu Ning, just by pleasing to the eye, is not reliable at all!

But before he said anything, Gu Ning had already promised: "Okay, but since it is a gamble, then you have to have a colorful head, otherwise it would be too boring."

"What color head?" Li Zhenzhen asked, apparently agree.

"We will bet, 10 million." Gu Ning said.

"Good" Li is really refreshing.

It’s not because Li Zhenzhen doesn’t put this tens of millions in her eyes. In fact, although she is a huge family, her private money is not so much.

She is refreshed because she is confident that she will not lose.

Nowadays, Qin Yifan wants to stop it too late. On the one hand, he is a close friend, while on the other hand, he appreciates people. Whoever loses him is not willing to see it, so he can only pray, and neither side can see the jade.

From the beginning to the end, Li Zhenyu did not say that he had stopped, obviously agreeing and being confident.

Li Zhenzhen took out a piece of wool, and Gu Ning looked at it, it was scrap, so Gu Ning also took a piece of scrap.

Although it is scrap, Gu Ning is still pretending to draw a line.

Because there are exactly two stone machines, Gu Ning and Li Zhenzhen have given them two stone-splitting masters to solve the stone after they have spent a good line.

Although Li Zhenzhen is very confident, but after all, the wool has not been solved, and no one knows whether there is jade in the end, so she has been paying attention to Gu Ning's wool.

One knife goes down, no, the second knife goes down, there is no, the third knife goes down, it is still a white flower. The wool was almost cut in half, and I still didn't see green, so I could almost conclude that it was awkward.

Seeing Gu Ning's hair smashed, Li Zhenzhen was relieved, but her hair was also smashed, which made her very disappointed.

(End of this chapter)

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