Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 96: Not Gay, have you tried?

Chapter 96 is not Gay, have you tried it?

"No, I want to buy it myself." Gu Ning actually has the intention to cooperate with the other party. Naturally, he can't hide it, and he has come up with a ten-tenth serious attitude, so that people can feel their sincerity:" I know that Uncle Un sees me as young, so I don't trust me. Of course, this is irresponsible because I am too unconvinced and reliable. After all, this is still a few hundred million transactions! However, it is actually Trading, you need a lawyer to notarize, can only be reached after signing a contract, so I just want to hang you, but also can not afford it! You say no?"

An Guangyao looked at Gu Ning and didn't know what to say. Although he agreed with Gu Ning, he still felt an unreal feeling.

When Luan Guangyao made a fuss, Gu Ning took the paper and pen on the table next to it, brushed his name and mobile phone number, and handed it to An Guangyao: "Uncle Un, this is my number, because now time is limited. I can't say too much. But I hope that we can make a decision after further conversation. I have time at noon and afternoon."

An Guangyao took the note: "Well, I will consider it."

In fact, An Guangyao has been tempted, and now the price that others have given him is very low, it is simply a loss of hundreds of millions.

Gu Ning and An Guangyao just ended the dialogue, and Hao Ran and Qin Zixun came down.

Then, Gu Ning, a few people left, went back to school.

After Gu Ning’s departure, An Guangyao immediately went to An Yi’s room to see how his injury was.

An Guangyao wants to ask An Yi Gu Ning's situation, but after thinking about it, I feel that this is not good, so forget it.

An Yi’s case, although Gu Ning will hand over the certificate of the infirmary to their class teacher, but An Guangyao made a phone call to the class teacher of An Yi.

When I got home at night, Gu Ning saw that the face of a family was not very good-looking. After I asked, I realized that this Friday, the day after tomorrow, Gu Ning’s Sanqing Gu Qingyang family went back to F City and told them to go eat together!

By the way, Gu Qingyang is not in the F city, but in the G city.

Both Gu Qingyang and his wife are working in state units. Today, wages are also tens of thousands, and the days are not bad.

Otherwise, how can I buy a house in a second-tier city in G City! I bought a house a few days ago, and the mortgage is a provident fund. They have no burden at all.

Gu Man has already fallen out with Mrs. Gu and Lin Lijuan, so she does not want to go, but she is going to go to Gu Qingyang, she is not good.

Although their relationship is not good, but after all, they are brothers and sisters. Apart from being looked down upon and not helping them, they have not done anything to harm them.

In this regard, Gu Ning did not express his opinion, and he looked at Gu’s own wishes.

In the end, Gu Man still agreed to go, so Gu Ning originally planned to go to G City on Friday and it will be delayed until Saturday.

She knows that the people in the family don't want to see her, but she doesn't care about the people.

Although there are Gu Qing and Jiang Xu, these two people are not powerful masters. If there is any conflict, it is not the opponent of the other party.

Before going to bed at night, Gu Ning only remembered to give the cold to Shaosong, although the heart was unwilling, but since the promised people still gun, they have to pay back.

It’s still back sooner or later, or go back soon! So as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

So, Gu Ning sent a text message to Leng Shaoyu, asking him to wait at the door of the G area at five in the morning, and she returned the gun to him, and she was not waiting.

Ok! Gu Ning admitted that he deliberately said the time so early.

Want a gun, hey! Then give her patience and wait.

It’s just that God is often unsatisfactory. When I saw the text message of Gu Ning, the people were no longer in the F city. They could only say that they had left, and they took it two days later.

Gu Ning is speechless, replied: I am giving you, you are not there, indicating that this gun has nothing to do with you, simply don't want it.

However, I don’t know if Leng Shaoyu saw it because he didn’t review Ning’s text message.

The next day, Gu Ning came out of the gate of the G district.

Xu Jingwei was wearing a sportswear, ‘just’ running from the opposite side, then met with Gu Ning, his face was surprised, and he greeted her on the initiative: “Hey, little sister, it’s you! It’s so good! Go to school!”

Coincidentally? No, Xu Jingwei is a deliberate encounter.

"Yes! You are running so early!"

Gu Ning is not a person who does not understand the world. Although he is not familiar with others, but people have helped her in the end, Gu Ning will naturally treat it friendly!

"Yeah! It turns out that your family lives here too! I live in Area C, we are also neighbors, yes, what is your name! My name is Xu Jingxi." Although Xu Jingyi is close to Gu Ning, it is purposeful, but They are not the first time to meet, so there is nothing wrong with asking the name.

"My name is Gu Ning," Gu Ning said.

"Right, ask you a question! What is your relationship with the second lieutenant! Don't misunderstand, I don't have any other meaning, just because I and the younger brother grew up from a young age to a big job, but they never saw him and Which girl has been in contact, so curiosity only." Xu Jingyi did not conceal, asked a gossip.

Didn't I have contacted the girl?

Gu Ning is very surprised, but I don’t think it’s strange to think about it. A person who is so cold and cold is afraid that few women are not afraid of him!

It is her, I feel oppressed in front of him!

Although I thought about it, because I had some resentment against Leng Shaolu, my mouth said: "Maybe he is a Gay! I am not familiar with him, I have seen several faces, so it doesn't matter."


Wen Yan, Xu Jingzhen felt a moment of mistakes, and then could not help but slammed out a smile: "Ha ha ha! In fact, we all thought so before, but I can guarantee that the second is definitely not Gay."

"Don't you have tried?" Gu Ning looked evil, meaningful and meaningful.

When Xu Jingyi heard it, he immediately knew the meaning of Gu Ning. The expression immediately cracked and protested: "You don't talk nonsense! I don't have it! My sexual orientation is normal."

Gu Ning shrugged without care: "Maybe, he likes him!"

"Haha, sister, you are so too talkable." Xu Jingyi was once again teased by Gu Ning, and couldn't help but feel awkward: "But maybe it is possible, he likes himself!"

After a few more chats, Gu Ning said: "I have to go to class, I will go first."

"Oh! Good." Xu Jingyi heard the words, but also embarrassed to delay people's time.

It doesn't matter to Gu Ning, he doesn't believe it. If it doesn't matter, will Leng Shaoxuan come to see her early in the morning?

Perhaps, there is no relationship for the time being, but the cold and the young are chasing others!

(End of this chapter)

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