More than ten years ago, the concentration of spiritual energy in the world increased again, and the transcendent beings who were stuck in the bottleneck also broke through overnight. People found that many mountains grew those rare treasures, so the cultivators happily went to the mountains to collect these rare treasures.

However, with the revival of the aura, the beneficiaries were not only humans, but also those beasts and ghosts, and a large part of the cultivators who rushed up the mountain were buried in the mouths of those powerful demon beasts. And those monster beasts and attacked the place where human beings lived, the two sides fought many times, and finally humans kept most of their land, and governments also realized the importance of cultivation, so they entered the era of global cultivation....

In Antarctica, a rare place for humans, a huge building is hidden in this forbidden area for humans. And inside this building, there is a young man who seems to be arguing with something.

"I said, you teleported me to this kind of place. The start here is not a novice, and I don't seem to be asking too much. "

[Drip! Host, is it not too much for you to let me draw all the high-level heroes in ten consecutive draws for the first time?

"I don't want to die here either!" Give me a Chaldean, and now there is a whole herd of penguins out there that kill me like chickens!" "

[Drip! Host, I hope you will immediately conduct a lottery, this system is already very benevolent, I can let you use the medium to summon, it is already a bottom line.

This young man was Qin Zifeng, an ordinary person who was sent by the truck driver to cross. And he also had his own golden finger like those, a system that could summon heroic spirits from the Moon World, giving Qin Zifeng a Chaldean and a novice ten consecutive draws.

Qin Zifeng originally wanted to draw the lottery directly, but when he asked the system about the probability of this lottery, the system just replied: "Personal luck decides." "

Qin Zifeng was anxious at that time, he is a solid non-chief. Let him draw by luck, play him?

So he negotiated with the system again and again. Now when Qin Zifeng called the system again, the system did not respond. Qin Zifeng had to come to the summoning room of Chaldea with a dejected look.

He looked at the huge summoning magic array on the ground, raised his right hand, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then opened his eyes and chanted: "Ru's body is under your command; My destiny is attached to the sword!

Answer the call of the Holy Grail, and those who obey this will and doctrine respond to me!

I am the one who accomplishes all the good deeds in the world, and I am the one who gathers all the evil in the world!

Seven Days of Entanglement of the Three Spirits——!

Emerge through the wheel of inhibition, guardian of the scales! Qin

Zifeng followed his own chanting and determined the ten summons of the system. The huge magic array began to emit strong light, and several balls of light rose from the magic array and began to rotate.

【Drip——! Congratulations to the host for summoning a dress: three black keys. 【

Drop ——! Congratulations to the host for summoning a dress...]

Qin Zifeng listened to these voices, and his face became worse and worse. Is he really a non-chief?

【Drip——! Congratulations to the host for summoning the follower-Matthew Gillette, career introduction Shielder]

Qin Zifeng suddenly opened his eyes wide after hearing the sixth lottery prompt, he suddenly slapped himself, he rubbed his face, and muttered: "I lean!" It hurts, it's not a dream! I actually shipped?! [

Drip——! Congratulations to the host for summoning the follower - Leonardo da Vinci, job introduction Caster]

[drop——! Congratulations to the host for summoning the follower-Solomon, job introduction Caster]

Qin Zifeng listened to this prompt, and suddenly felt that his nose was a little sour. These three people can be said to be three old acquaintances in a game called FGO that Qin Zifeng played in the last world, but Solomon, who hides his real name and calls himself Roman, disappears in the Temple of Time.

And Leonardo da Vinci also died at the hands of Ma Po in the second theme.

Qin Zifeng felt that it was already his good luck to summon these three people this time, but the summoning behind did not surprise him, but was a little confused.

[Using Matthew as the medium to summon, successfully summoning the follower-Lancelot, the job introduction Bersker.] [

Congratulations to the host for summoning the follower-Li Shuwen, job introduction Lancer]

Qin Zifeng scratched his head, did he not expect that Matthew could also be used as a medium to summon? Is that how I can keep doing this and gather the Knights of the Round Table?

【Drip! Bugs are found and fixed immediately. Qin

Zifeng was also understood by this voice of the system, and this bug was fixed. This system is obviously against him!

A light gate appeared above the summoning array, and a pink-haired girl wearing a close-fitting armor walked out of the light gate with a cross shield, while an orange-haired young man with a ponytail and a white coat also walked out.

Qin Zifeng looked at this young man and stayed in place. The young man scratched the back of his head and said with an embarrassed look: "Haha! Master, long time no see, just sorry I don't have the idea of being a real combat hero now, I still want to be a doctor. "

Qin Zifeng didn't say anything about this? He patted the young man's shoulder and said with a smile: "Roman, welcome back." And when the two wanted to exchange pleasantries for a while, an intellectual beauty held a magic staff in her hand and walked out of the light gate, and she saw the two and smiled:

"How?" I'm not welcome? Alas, it's quite sad.

Qin Zifeng looked at the beauty, and suddenly thought that there was an uncle's soul who didn't know how old in this beautiful appearance, and suddenly got a layer of goosebumps, and he also smiled and waved his hand.

And at this time, there was a roar similar to that of a beast from inside the time gate.


A black medieval knight ran out of it, and Matthew looked at this knight and turned his head to look at Qin Zifeng in disbelief. Qin Zifeng also just spread his hands, to be honest, he didn't expect that this one would also come to summon out, if usually, it is generally difficult for a follower of "Bersker" to obey commands, after all, the strong strength of this follower is theoretically exchanged for reason.

But he was beside Matthew! Qin Zifeng walked to Matthew's side and said a few words in her ear, Matthew's face was slightly red, and he looked at Qin Zifeng.

And Qin Zifeng nodded to her.

I saw Matthew walking to the black knight with a shield and shouting cautiously.


When the knight heard this voice, his body froze at first, and then he turned his head to look at Matthew, who looked at Matthew's dress and the crossed shield in Matthew's hand, and suddenly roared into the air.


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