"Ding! The host successfully checked in and obtained the cultivation of the Yuan God Realm.

"Finally opened up to cultivate! This world is too dangerous, there is no strength, maybe one day it will be killed by someone. At

the gate of Tianyan Sect Mountain, Li Ming, a miscellaneous disciple, said to himself.

Two days ago, he accidentally crossed into this world and awakened the check-in system.

The system tells him that the check-in location cannot be started until the check-in location is bound.

Li Ming fused a little fragmented memory of the original body.

I only knew that the name of the sect I was in was Tianyan Sect.

He thought about it.

Such an imposing name.

And so many disciples.

This sect must be a top-notch righteous path sect!

So Li Mingkai happily let the system bind the gate of Tianyan Sect Mountain as a sign-in location.

As for why it is the mountain gate.

Because he is now a lowly miscellaneous disciple.

Every day's work is to sweep the floor, sweeping eight hours a day, spending more time at the mountain gate than sleeping.

Check-in is complete.

Li Ming picked up the broom and continued to pretend to sweep the floor.

The morning sun made him drowsy.


A strong aura quickly approached.

"The remnants of the Demon Dao are condemned by everyone under the world."

"Demon girl, come out and die!"

A great cultivator dressed in white fluttered and flew over the mountain gate.

"Remnants of the Demon Dao." Li Ming was puzzled, "Is there any Demon Dao cultivator hiding in the Tianyan Sect?"

"Forget about him, this big guy doesn't look like an ordinary person, and it's not easy to catch a demon road remnant."

Thinking of the man's dashing posture in white clothes just now, Li Ming couldn't help but sigh:

"It's a little handsome."

A moment later.

Several men in black were carrying the imposing Great Cultivator who had just been dressed in white.

Hung on a crooked neck tree next to the mountain gate.

The kind without a head....


Above the hilltop palace floated a terrifying woman dressed in a red dress.

"Hang him on a tree for a year and take it down after a year."

The woman's voice was cold, and she disappeared after saying a word to everyone in front of the mountain gate.

"The sect master is also too benevolent, if it is me, I will chop him into minced meat and feed it to my spiritual pet."

"The strength of the sect master seems to have improved again, maybe this is the blessing of kindness."

"Well, you see, how smooth the neck section of the man on the tree is, I can't cut it, it's all bone ballast."

Li Ming was dumbfounded as he looked at the corpse on the tree and listened to the exchange of several disciples passing by.

It's like.

It's not a righteous sect!!


Li Ming put the broom into the utility room, locked the door and left.

Yesterday a broom was stolen.

The pot-bellied deacon Chen Hua said about him for a long time.

Go back to the room and close the door.

"Damn, Bai Blind has such a good name, a Demon Dao Sect name is more decent than decent!"

Li Ming was in a complicated mood and summoned the system:

"System, can I change the sign-in location if it is bound?"

It's too dangerous here.

Special ordinary disciples study how to cut their heads more smoothly every day!

He's going to run.

Find a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, and harmonious sect again.

"Once the check-in location is bound, it cannot be changed."

The voice of the system without a trace of emotion sounded in the head.

"It's sloppy."

"I knew not to be in such a hurry, and how good it would be to observe for a few more days."

Li Ming looked up to the sky with regret.

Originally, I planned to silently survive until the world was invincible, and help the sect to uphold justice and make a name for myself.

Now I still help a fart and strayed into the thief's ship....

"Fortunately, I'm just a handyman, just sweep the floor every day, and no one pays attention to me, when my strength is enough, I will drive all these people away and dominate the mountain gate by myself!"

For the first time, Li Ming was glad of his status as a miscellaneous servant.

Every day, in addition to sweeping the floor, I don't have to do anything, I wrap my food and wrap, and I have two primary spirit stones every month.

Thinking of the spirit stone, Li Ming was a little worried.

The current body seems to be unable to cultivate.

He tried it with the pamphlet issued by the sect in the past two days, but it didn't work at all.

If it weren't for today's sign-in draw to the Yuanshen Realm cultivation, Li Ming would be a complete ordinary person.

"System, what's going on with my body, why is my cultivation not effective at all, is my method wrong?"

A puzzled Li Ming asked.

"The host waits, the system is detecting the host's body in all directions without dead ends."

The corner of Li Ming's eyes twitched, what the hell is there no dead end in all directions?

"Ding, the system has detected that a key cave in the heart of the host's body is blocked, and the brain nerves lack an important vein related to cultivation, and there is no cultivation qualification."

After one minute, the system gives the test result.

"Can it be fixed?"

"Repair requires the host to consume a check-in opportunity, and at the same time, there is a 99.99% probability of death during the repair process."

“...... You directly said that you must die, you can't fix it, you can't do it!!

Li Ming scolded angrily.

"Theoretically, there is a 0.01 percent chance of survival, not the certainty of death in the mouth of the host."

Without paying any more attention to the system, Li Ming took care of himself.

"One trick is not clear, and there is still a lack of roots and veins in the head, that is to say, in the future, you can only get cultivation from the system."

"Wait, I don't know anything, and I don't have a tendon in my head??" Li Ming recalled the test results of the system, gritted his teeth and scolded: "System, grass mud horse!"

"I thought it was the beginning of Tianhu, but I didn't expect it to be all my delusion, the otherworldly routine is deep."

Li Ming sighed with a wry smile.

"System, open the panel."

Li Ming wanted to see his attributes.

Host: Li Ming

Race: Human

Height: 187

Intelligence: 80 (upper limit 100) Charm: 83 (upper limit 100

) Qualification: Waste wood (no cultivation qualification)

Realm: Yuan Shen Realm Peak

Cultivation Exercises: None (Note: In addition to the host's inability to cultivate and improve the realm, other functions of the exercises such as combat and recovery are not affected.

Other skills: lazy donkey rolling (lv.3) sweeping (lv.8)

"The exercise is still required, otherwise it is very uncomfortable if you have the strength to use it. In case of a fight with others, people shine with golden skills, forced to be full, I will go up and roll a donkey, then also make a yarn..." Li

Ming looked at the system panel and thought about the meaning of each data represent.

"Intelligence eighty seems to be a little low, I'm a Gou Dao monk, what do I do with such a high charm."

Li Ming's development route in this world is one word, Gou.

However, the original Feng Shen is handsome, and the external conditions of Yushu Linfengfeng make him a little troubled.

Too high charm is easy to be noticed by others, which adds many uncertainties to his plan to go out again when he is invincible in the world.

"Alas, being handsome is also very annoying."

Leaving aside other things, Li Ming is actually very satisfied with the appearance of the original body.

In his previous life, he looked average and belonged to the attractive type (self-styled).

But helplessly, girls in society are too impetuous, and no one is willing to discover him with the eyes of beauty.


night, inside the hilltop palace.

He Yue wore a red dress, her face was beautiful, and she was lazily reclining on the bed.

Let the maid who is waiting on the side step down.

She took a handful out of the storage bracelet... Broom.

Reach out and touch it gently, your eyes full of longing.

"Li Lang, did you miss me today? Yue Yue really wants to come and see you." "


Cultivation realm: Qi Attraction Realm, Houtian Realm, Innate Realm, Foundation Building Realm, Shenzang Realm, Zifu Realm, Yuan God Realm, Cave Market Realm, Du Tribulation Realm, Slashing Dao Realm, Supreme Realm, Mixed Yuan Realm (guess *^O^*).

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