Fan Jinyou immediately talked about the situation of Xu Huizhen and Cai Quanwu.

"Huizhen's ex-husband is called He Yongqiang, and he is a selfish dog who sees money."

"But Hui Zhen is a good person, kind-hearted, and has helped the He family for more than ten years, but He Yongqiang does not know gratitude and spreads rumors."

"Now Huizhen guards the tavern alone, which is not easy. But there are still some people who covet Huizhen's store. "

"Cai Quanwu is one, looking honest, all pretending."

"So old, still thinking about old cows eating tender grass, I bah!"

Li Xiangdong asked, "His real name is Cai Quanwu?" Grew up here? "

"I don't know where it came out, but it suddenly appeared in the first two years."

"Then work hard, do manual work."

"That is, Hui Zhen is good-hearted and gave Cai Quanwu the job of delivering wine."

Fan Jin was stunned suddenly.

"Wait, you know him? His name is fake? "

"Not sure, he's a bit like someone I know."

"Relatives in the country?"

"Maybe I'm mistaken."

Van Jin nodded a little, but made a mental note of the matter.

He works in the street office and can check Cai Quanwu's past.

If you use a pseudonym, you may not have committed something before.

Just grab it then.

Fan Jin did not expect to have a windfall.


Li Xiangdong was a little puzzled in his heart.

He was sure that Cai Quanwu was He Daqing.

The pair of fish bubble eyes and dead fish faces were impressive.

But he had the impression that He Daqing should have run away with the widow.

Now it is actually still in Four Nine City.

The only thing that is the same is that they are also following the widow.

What a tradition of the He family.

In the genes, it is engraved "widow is the most fragrant".

The same goes for silly columns.

When Jia Dongxu suffered a work-related injury, he died.

Silly Zhu willingly was sucked blood by Qin Huairu for a lifetime.

Li Xiangdong thought about it and found that the development trajectory of this world was not according to the original play.

Even if the integration of the two film and television worlds, there is such an unexpected factor as him.

A lot of the plot has changed.

The butterfly effect may have started very early, but he didn't know it before he came to Four Nine City.

But the general direction is similar, and people are more extreme.

Li Xiangdong planned to contact Cai Quanwu.

If Cai Quanwu really changed his name and surname to He Daqing, what would happen if Stupid Zhu found out?

What will happen if He Daqing returns to the courtyard?

Li Xiangdong suddenly felt that things were becoming more and more interesting.

He is the equivalent of a prophet, who can control the development of things with an invisible hand.


Fan Jinyou, who was treating his wound, gasped and interrupted Li Xiangdong's thoughts.

"Old Fan, I still have business, go first. You take care of yourself and don't joke later. "


Fan Jinyou didn't know how to answer, obviously you played well?

It's all my fault.

And before the wounds were treated, you were in a hurry to leave, so impatiently to see Chen Xueru.

Fan Jinyou couldn't help but say, "Xiangdong, you don't really think that Chen Xueru is going to go hunting with you, right? She's just talking. "

"Listen to my advice, she likes to hang men."

"Don't be deceived."

In fact, Fan Jin also has a bad idea about Chen Xueru.

He has been vacillating between Xu Huizhen and Chen Xueru.

It's just that I want Xu Huizhen's tavern more, the business of the silk shop is average, and the income is not much.

But when none of them succeeded, he didn't want to be picked by others.

And he introduced the two to each other.

Fan Jin felt as if he had led a wolf into the room, and Chen Xueru might really like Li Xiangdong's one.

Taking advantage of the short time that the two have known each other and have not had much contact, presumably any man will leave a bad impression when he listens.

Naturally, the relationship broke down.

He has done this provocation many times.

And the evaluation of the outside world is similar, Chen Xueru is too bright and moving, and there are a lot of flies around her.

Good girls are afraid of pestering.

Flies do not bite eggs.

All in one truth.

But Li Xiangdong didn't care, "It doesn't matter, I was going hunting too." "

Fan Jinyou found that Li Xiangdong seemed to really have no interest in Chen Xueru, and he was relieved in his heart.

Then he tentatively asked, "What do you think of Huizhen?" "

"I don't know, I haven't understood."

"Lao Li, you are a sincere person! I wish you a full return. "

Fan Jinyou smiled contentedly, and even changed his title.

"Then I'll go."

"Okay, come back another day and drink together."

"Well said."


Li Xiangdong left, Fan Jin bandaged his wounds, and rested against the wall for a while before leaving.

After walking out of the clinic, I subconsciously went to the silk store to take a look.

But there was only Xiaohong in the store at this time, and Chen Xueru's charming figure was not seen at all.

Fan Jinyou couldn't help but feel a shiver in his heart.

"Xiaohong, Xueru went, where did she go?"

"Went hunting."

Van Jin is like being struck by lightning!

No, I actually went.

Lonely men and widows, Fan Jinyou did not dare to continue to think.

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