Li Xiangdong looked down at Yan Bugui, only to know that he had crossed into the world of the courtyard.

Previously he was in the countryside and lived by hunting alone.

Until some time ago received a letter claiming to be his aunt.

I thought it should be interesting in the city, so I came to see it.

Halfway through, he saw a wild boar in the cornfield, and shot an arrow through the neck of the wild boar.

Then he chased two miles and beat to death the wild boar that was dying and fighting back.

Finally, I sat on the roof of the bus and came to the address given in the letter.

South Luoguxiang.

No wonder it sounds so familiar.

He is a crosser and has seen this show before.

[Love Man Courtyard], no, it should be [Poultry Man Courtyard].

Moral Heavenly Venerable Master Yi Zhonghai.

Official fans brainless second uncle bangs.

The three masters of calculation Yan Bugui.

Undefeated God of War Silly Pillar, sinister villain Xu Damao, snarky Jia Zhang.

There is also the plump and charming white lotus Qin Huairu.

Li Xiangdong stretched out his hand "nuclearly", "Third Master, didn't scare you, right?" "

"You, you are?"

"Li Xiangdong, my aunt is Li Yulan."


Yan Bugui's face changed suddenly.

How can it be?

How could Li Yulan, who was thin and weak, have such a powerful nephew.

Yan Bugui knew Li Xiangdong.

Because it was the letter he sent for Li Yulan.

At that time, he also told the people in the yard about it, but no one took it seriously.

Silly Zhu also said what Li to the east and Li to the west.

When the man comes, let him go east and dare not go west.

Yan Bugui held Li Xiangdong's big hand and stood up, feeling like a chicken boy.

Even if it is a stupid pillar with a tall horse in front of Li Xiangdong, I am afraid it is just a slap in the face.

This time there is really a good show.

Yan Bugui knew that the idea of hitting Li Yulan's house must be out of play.

After seeing hundreds of pounds of wild boar, his eyes lit up instantly.

And although Li Xiangdong looks five big and three rough, he seems to be a little stupid, and his expression and tone are very kind.

Yan Bugui suddenly had other ideas.

"To the east, it can be regarded as waiting for you."

"What's wrong?"

"You're late! Your aunt just left. "


Li Xiangdong was a little stunned, then narrowed his eyes, and the whole person emitted a terrifying momentum.

Yan Bugui, who just wanted to speak, suddenly seemed to be strangled by the throat, his heartbeat was constantly accelerating, and his head was a little blank.

But this pressing momentum soon disappeared, and Li Xiangdong returned to his expression just now.

"What happened?"

"Your aunt has been ill for a long time. Writing to you is also her last concern. "

"Sick and dead?"


"Where are the ashes buried?"

"Not yet, it hasn't been sent for cremation yet." Inside. "

"Lead the way."

"Hey." Yan Bugui subconsciously walked in.

One by one, the residents in the courtyard watched in amazement as Li Xiangdong carried a wild boar into the middle courtyard.

They wonder if they are blinded.

When the figure disappeared, the courtyard suddenly exploded!

"Who, this is!"

"Is that a wild boar?"

"I lean! Really fake! "


"It's so high! Like a giant. "

"Wild boar sellers?"

"Who do you see selling pork carrying pigs to their doors?"

"Such a big wild boar, I'm afraid it will ascend to heaven if it is arched."

"Walk around. Go check it out"


The door of the middle courtyard was relatively low, and Li Xiangdong was still carrying a wild boar on his back, so he had to bend over.

Jia Dongxu, who was about to go to work, "banged" and hit Li Xiangdong.

A bounce sat on the ground.

"Who, who! Don't you have long eyes? "

Jia Dongxu rubbed his butt and looked up and couldn't help but be stunned.

A bloody boar's head is close at hand.

Li Xiangdong, who was a little difficult to turn around, simply put down the wild boar.


Hundreds of pounds of wild boar landed on the ground, making a dull crashing sound.

This blow seemed to hit Jia Dongxu's heart.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I, I didn't look at the road. Jia Dongxu, who was still scolding his mother just now, stammered.

"It's okay. Just pay attention next time. "

Li Xiangdong vaguely felt that the little man on the ground was a little familiar.

It seems that I have seen a black and white photo of this person before.

But it's been too long to remember.

Li Xiangdong continued to walk inside, carrying two or three hundred pounds of wild boar in one hand, which seemed to be effortless at all.

Jia Dongxu gestured, and it seemed that Li Xiangdong's arm was thicker than his head.

Yan Bugui was embarrassed to laugh at Jia Dongxu.

When he saw Li Xiangdong just now, it was no better.

Coming to Li Yulan's door, Yan Bugui said, "The Yulan girl is inside. Originally, I had my two sons sent for cremation today. "

Li Xiangdong put down the wild boar, pushed the door and walked into the room.

There was a smell of corpses in the room.

The person lying on the bed has begun to slowly decay, and his eye sockets are deeply sunken.

Li Xiangdong frowned slightly, it didn't look like he had just died.

As a hunter, he judged the time of death accurately.

Whether it's people or animals.

Li Xiangdong sighed.

Originally, I thought that I had no relatives, but suddenly received a letter from my aunt Li Yulan.

The letter said that his time was running out, he didn't have anything, and he owed the Li family a lot before.

But after all, it is the people of the Li family, and the house and work can be left to him.

Before the result arrived, the people were already gone.

No one has even helped collect the bodies.

Li Xiangdong reached out and closed Li Yulan's eyes.

Maybe waiting to see him one last time.

It's a pity that I still haven't seen it.

Li Xiangdong wrapped Li Yulan's body with a blanket and carried it out of the house.

But as soon as I went out, I was stopped.

"Who are you?"

Looking at the triangular-eyed Jia Zhangshi jumped out, Li Xiangdong only said one word.

"Get out!"

Jia Zhangshi, who thought that Li Xiangdong came to cut off his beard, was frightened!

Only after the person walked away did he come to his senses.

"Who is he?"

Yan Bugui explained, "It is said that he is Li Yulan's nephew. "

"You said yes?! I think he came to rob the house. If that's true, how come I haven't seen him come before. "

"Now that the man is dead, he comes. Who knows if it's true? "

"I think I should arrest him first."

"Looking so fierce, maybe it's an enemy."

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but look at each other.

There is still a certain possibility in the previous words.

But who would send such a conspicuous enemy?

Walking on the road, it is like the sun, attracting everyone's attention.

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