Not only were the people on the side of the road dumbfounded, but even Li Xiangdong himself was taken aback.

This is not the state of his all-out efforts, but the [sticking to the mountain] that he subconsciously used.

If the willow tree were replaced by an adult, it is estimated that it would fly seven or eight meters away.

Li Xiangdong patted his shoulder and calmly prepared to leave.

Before he went far, he was stopped by two old men.

"You guys playing chess again?"

The black-robed old man Yang Wang Ping looked at Li Xiangdong with a radiant expression.

It was also the first time he had seen someone with such good physical fitness and practicing national arts.

"Who did you learn from?"

Li Xiangdong shook his head, knowing that the two had misunderstood.

Yang Wangping tentatively said, "Is it convenient to be introduced?" "

Li Xiangdong still shook his head, where did he come from Master.

If you talk about the master, whether it is chess art or martial arts, the master is the system.

"It seems to be a hidden master." Yang Wangping said with some regret.

Seeing that the old man made up his own brain, Li Xiangdong did not explain anything.

"You are so good, it's really a pity not to join the army." Zhou Yunguang on the side said.

"The era of brave men has long passed, and it is useless to take the first rank of general among ten thousand people. From now on, it will be informationized war and thermal weapons war. "

"What does informationized war mean?"

Li Xiangdong realized that there should be no such concept now, so he briefly explained two sentences.

"It's emerging technology, detecting targets, and a missile is over."


Yang Wangping and Zhou Yunguang looked at each other, their eyes full of shock!

Ordinary people who know this, let alone pay attention.

Yang Wangping appreciated Li Xiangdong even more.

There is such a high value of force, but not proud and indulgent, but also understand the military aspects of war.

"Boy, no, boy, what's your name?"

"Li to the east, the longing direction, the east of the east."

"Really not going to do something with me? Although I'm older, I still have some connections and can help you get into some good departments. "

"Nope. I don't like constraints. "

Zhou Yunguang said anxiously, "Do you know who Elder Yang is? "

Yang Wangping raised his hand, "It's okay. Last time I left a phone call, you can also find us if you have something. I respect your personal wishes. "

"Thank you! I'll go first. "

"Let's play two rounds."

Yang Wangping intends to take the method of saving the country by curve.

He saw that Li Xiangdong was extraordinary and did not like to be prescriptive.

It is easier to cultivate feelings first, and then persuade later.

Unfortunately, Li Xiangdong refused, "Your level is not good, and it is not interesting to play against you." "

This made Yang Wang Ping blow his beard and glare at him in anger.

"Last time I didn't give it my all, today let you see my true level."


"The old man will still lie to you."

"Okay, that's still a round of money." Li Xiangdong added, "Play up to three games." "

"Three wins in five games."

"Okay, isn't it the same?"

In Li Xiangdong's view, three wins in five games and three games in a row are enough.

Yang Wang was so angry that he wanted to beat someone.

Zhou Yunguang tried his best to hold back a smile on the side.


Half an hour later.

Yang Wang Ping looked at the chessboard stunned.

Li Xiangdong has disappeared.

The three innings were over.

If it weren't for the longer time to think about when playing chess, it wouldn't even take half an hour.

In less than ten minutes of a game, he lost.

Zhou Yunguang said without hesitation, "This kid is doing his best, and he doesn't let go of any water!" "

Yang Wangping smiled and shook his head, "He shouldn't have used his full strength yet." "

In fact, for Li Xiangdong not to release water, Yang Wangping is not only not angry, but also appreciates.

The two have hinted at it obviously.

But Li Xiangdong is still neither humble nor arrogant.

That's what made him take the time to come to the park.

"Let's go."

Yang Wangping got up, walked out of the park with Zhou Yunguang, and got into a jeep with red license plates on a white background.

Li Xiangdong watched the two get into the car from a corner not far away.

"It's really a big guy."

However, the higher the status level, the more Li Xiangdong does not want to have too much contact.

There are too many secrets in him.

And these years have been turbulent, and it has been windy from time to time.

There is no need to take the initiative to get involved in some things, and it is easy to be unable to help yourself.

Li Xiangdong still prefers an ordinary life.

Abuse the birds every three or five and get some rewards.

It's okay to talk to Chen Xueru about life.

How pleasant.

Li Xiangdong slowly walked back to the courtyard.

I have nothing to do every day, and I'm a little too idle.

My aunt's job can be taken over and changed to another easier job with the rolling mill.

After Li Xiangdong went back, he took the certificate to the Red Star Rolling Mill.

After Dao Ming came to his intentions, the doorman let him go and muttered, "It's so strong, it's easy to get into trouble." "

Li Xiangdong's ears were good, and when he heard the words of the guard uncle, he couldn't help but smile.

He didn't just come looking for a job, his real purpose was to find something.

A lot of prey works in rolling mills.

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