No one could have imagined that Li Xiangdong would be so tough.

And directly skipped the steward of the courtyard.

In the past, the three masters were authorities in the courtyard, and Yi Zhonghai was the most powerful and convincing among them.

But now Li Xiangdong clearly does not believe Yi Zhonghai.

Or feel that Yi Zhonghai does not have enough authority.

Yi Zhonghai knew that Li Xiangdong could not be allowed to continue like this.

"Lao Yan and Lao Liu and I are appointed by the street office to manage our courtyard. When you are here, you will be subject to our management. "

"Either you move out on your own, and that's another story."

"In addition, now that the stick terrier is injured, you have nothing to lose, why do you let the Jia family apologize."

"What qualifications do you have to arrest people in the end?"

Li Xiangdong shook his head and said, "I have already made the first two items very clear, what about you, shit is not, don't put gold on your face." "

"What to say about the plenary assembly, but just want to be arbitrary, what qualifications do you have."

"By the way, didn't I say? Since today, I have been working in the security section of the rolling mill. "

When everyone heard this, they were amazed!


"Isn't Li Yulan an accountant?"

"With such a big size, it's normal to go to work in the security department, right?"

"Don't offend him in the future, he can really catch people."

"The stick terrier steals something, so isn't Li Xiangdong able to arrest people now?"

"Catching thieves and taking stolen goods, it's hard to say now, people don't admit it."

"Then running Li Xiangdong's house is always a fact, right?"

"Let's see what to say."


Yi Zhonghai was unexpected, he did not expect that Li Xiangdong had already been to the rolling mill, and he had managed to get a position in the security section.

Now the rights of the security section are very large, and things like this can really arrest people.

Some that affect the social atmosphere and violate moral laws and regulations can also be arrested.

The street office is similar.

Yi Zhonghai hesitated.

Since Li Xiangdong dares to say so, nine times out of ten, it is true.

Otherwise, as soon as he asks tomorrow morning, the lie will be debunked.

Li Xiangdong is the person who guards the section, and he really can't handle it at will.

In the past, when I encountered tricky things, I solved them by holding a plenary meeting.

But Li Xiangdong did not follow the routine at all, first started to clean up people, and then revealed his identity.

It was like this last time.

This time, too, Yi Zhonghai rode the tiger again.

But just after being scolded by Li Xiangdong with a split head and a face, if it really is like this, then the prestige he established will completely collapse.

Yi Zhonghai didn't want to alarm the street office.

But Li Xiangdong could not be subdued by force.

None of the people present combined were enough for Li Xiangdong to fight.

Yi Zhonghai said in a deep voice, "Okay, since that's the case, then find someone from the street office to evaluate it." Pillars, there you go. "

The silly pillar who was watching the play on the side was named, a little reluctantly, but still went for a trip.

He felt like a few more times would be about the same.

The Jia family has met a real nemesis.

If it weren't for Qin Huairu, he would have wanted to smoke Jia Zhang's big mouth.

Day by day, the net recruitment!

The silly pillar was pulled as he walked past Yi Zhonghai.

"Pillar, make things clear, you know?"

Silly Zhu was slightly stunned, and then nodded with a smile, "You know, don't worry, uncle." "

Although it was very cool to watch Li Xiangdong hit Jia Zhang, Silly Zhu knew which side to stand on.

Before Li Xiangdong came, half of the assembly was held by him.

This time with Xu Damao, next time with Liu Guangtian.

But he was safe every time, even if he hit someone, he was only punished without pain.

It's all thanks to Yi Zhonghai.

Now Li Xiangdong has suddenly appeared, and has begun to threaten his position.

Recently, several people in Liu Guangtian have provoked him many times, saying that he is also afraid of Li Xiangdong, and will only bully the soft and be afraid of the hard.

Silly Zhu scared a few people, thinking that you all know a fart, I was borrowing Li Xiangdong's hand to clean up the Jia family, and then win the hearts of the beauties.

Stupid pillars naturally do not speak the truth.

However, there is an opportunity to press Li Xiangdong, and he will not miss it.


While waiting, Yi Zhonghai asked Jia Zhang to help him to the room to rest.

He didn't send him to the hospital because he wanted the people in charge of the street to see how violent Li Xiangdong was and what he had beaten a woman into.

Killing a child to enter the hospital, refusing to admit his mistake, and beating someone again, is simply lawless!

Yi Zhonghai thought of the wording in his heart.

And Li Xiangdong called three mothers and stir-fried two dishes.

Yi Zhonghai looked at Yan Bugui, who looked down at the ground, as if a flower could bloom on the ground.

Yan Xiecheng said quietly, "Dad, Li Xiangdong is about to be driven away, there is no need to help him cook, right?" "

Yan Bugui was a little surprised, he also saw Yan Xiecheng helping to buy breakfast in the morning, and thought that the relationship between the two was good.

"What do you understand? The Jia family didn't care about this. Wait, we're going to talk for him, you know? "

"Dad, what are you trying to do with him?"

"What else can you do, don't eat meat at night."

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