Everyone did not expect that under such circumstances, Li Xiangdong actually dared to make a move.

It looks like he wants to strangle Yi Zhonghai alive!

The people, including Liu Haizhong, were all shocked.

Li Xiangdong pulled Yi Zhonghai, who was gradually unconscious, with a hint of teasing in his eyes.

Seeing three people rushing in outside the door, Li Xiangdong casually threw Yi Zhonghai to the side like a garbage.

"Don't move."

"Don't move!"

Chen Haifeng shouted.

Li Xiangdong pointed to Zhang Hongxia on the ground and said, "Captain Chen, send someone to the hospital first." "

"Don't move either."

Li Xiangdong nodded and glanced at Yi Zhonghai, who was coughing violently.

The latter had a bruised neck and a great anger on his face, but there was a trace of fear under his eyes that could not be hidden.

Zhang Hongxia was taken to the hospital.

Li Xiangdong entered the police station.

The collected testimony was very unfavorable to Li Xiangdong.

The residents of the courtyard came to an agreement on individual matters.

The reputation cannot be ruined.

Li Xiangdong's stay in the courtyard is a huge threat.

Hit someone if you don't agree with a word!

Extremely heavy!

So Li Xiangdong became the one who was targeted, so he was locked up.

Li Xiangdong was waiting for Zhang Hongxia to wake up.

At that time, Fan Jinyou left, leaving only Zhang Hongxia present.

The only one who can prove Li Xiangdong's innocence is Zhang Hongxia.

However, Zhang Hongxia was stunned by Yi Zhonghai's threat, which was somewhat serious.

When I wake up, I don't know if I will tell the truth.

Once Yi Zhonghai really reports it, it may really be late.

After all, Zhang Hongxia is old, and she will retire in a few years.

Li Xiangdong sat quietly in the detention room.

There were many people in the room, but they were far away.

Afraid that Li Xiangdong, who was twice their size, would riot and hurt people.


The people of the courtyard made a confession and were released.

But they were all asked not to leave Sijiu City, and they still needed to wait for Zhang Hongxia to wake up and confirm.

The atmosphere in the courtyard became strange, not as lively as usual.

It's a bit similar to the two days when Li Yulan was dying.

As if something was brewing.

The doors of the houses are closed.


Yan family.

The four of them gathered around a table and whispered in the ear room.

"Dad, how long will Li Xiangdong be sentenced like this?"

"Is it directly sent to the detention center?"

Yan Bugui shook his head, "It's not good, Director Zhang hasn't woken up yet." "

"If we wake up and tell the truth, then aren't we wearing gangs?"

"What to wear?" Yan Bugui glared, "What did we do?" "

"Li Yulan..."

"What does Li Yulan's death have to do with us. You remember that on the day Li Yulan died, I asked you to move the body and send it for cremation. It's just that Li Xiangdong came. "

"What about the wild boar?"

"Wild boars don't have to worry."

"If you really want to calculate it, he sells meat to make money, this is speculation, private selling of grain, illegal and unintelligible."

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this.

"So are we all right?"

"Just keep your mouth tight, don't say anything stupid. We are not saints, just take care of ourselves. "

"Dad, does Li Yulan still have deposit certificates and money tickets? Is there really a penny left? "

"I did the math, there should still be. Moreover, she wrote to Li Xiangdong, presumably to leave her property to Li Xiangdong. "

"Didn't the eldest master say that Li Yulan spent all the money to cure her illness?"

Yan Bugui smiled.

"When have you ever seen him use his own money to help people in our yard, and when did he not shout slogans and beckon everyone to help together?"

"Huh?!" Yan Xiecheng was surprised, "What the great master said is false? "

"I don't know if it's really fake, but people are dead, where to check." There is no proof of death, and it is not that he can say what he wants. "

"Then he is too calculating. If he really found the deposit certificate, wouldn't he still be able to get a sum of money? "

"No matter what happens in the end, he has a good reputation."

"But what if Director Zhang wakes up and talks nonsense?"

"They add up to two mouths, can they speak more than so many of us? Lao Yi will not sit still. "

Yan Xiecheng was stunned, "No, it won't be..."

"Don't talk nonsense." Yan Bugui interrupted, "In a word, just take care of ourselves." We haven't done anything wrong, so don't get involved. "

Yan Xiecheng hesitated, "In case Li Xiangdong is okay, we will have a hard time in the future." "

"It's okay, someone is in more of a hurry than us. I wish Li Xiangdong would not be able to get out of the detention center for the rest of his life. "

"Jia family? By the way, why hasn't Jia Dongxu come back yet? Didn't the go to the hospital again? "

"The stick terriers are broken. How can it be cured so quickly, besides, he has a fart money hospitalized. There is not enough money for alcohol. "

"So we don't care about anything?"

"What do you care?" Yan Bugui leaned back in his chair and slowly exhaled, "You guys have been at peace in the past two days, your life is the most expensive, don't mess with Li Xiangdong, lest you put your life in." "

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