This night, the people in the courtyard were very uneasy, afraid of being involved.

But they all feel that there is nothing wrong with themselves.

They are not stewards, nor are they Li Yulan's relatives.

Without relatives or reasons, there is no obligation to help clean up Li Yulan's body.

This accountability is also accountability for the three stewards.

However, Zhang Hongxia was dizzy, which made them a little afraid.

All those who live in the courtyard are under the jurisdiction of the street office.

If Zhang Hongxia insisted on dealing with punishment, the entire courtyard would be unhappy.

But the law does not blame the public.

They all feel that the sky is falling, and there are tall people on top.

So none of them came to Yi Zhonghai.

It's all about itself.

It is simpler for them to shirk responsibility.


In the evening, the brothers Liu Guangfu and Liu Guangtian first went to buy a bottle of bulk melon dry wine.

Cheap, but the wine smells very fragrant, one or two is only two cents seven.

Both brothers love to drink.

Usually eat a bite of scrambled eggs and take a sip of white wine in the bangs.

However, the two now have no serious work, three days of fishing and two days of casting nets, and almost no money to buy alcohol.

It is rare to take money from the bangs, and naturally buy some wine to relieve the hunger.

But in fact, the two brothers are not addicted to alcohol.

I also plan to buy something to eat and send it to Zhang Hongxia.

There is another reason to buy alcohol and drink.


The two of them were really scared.

Although he was beaten by bangs since he was a child, at most it was a flesh wound.

Seriously, it's good to raise it for a week or two.

But it won't be as ruthless as Li Xiangdong.

A slap will fan people and knock out their teeth.

Picked up the bench and smashed it on people, and when the bench smashed and the stupid pillar broke, they both looked stupid.

Abruptly stopped rushing forward.

No one fought when they were younger.

There are also fierce fights, but no one looks like Li Xiangdong who wants to kill.

I know more or less the weight.

During the day, Yi Zhonghai was about to be strangled alive, and the two of them were really scared!

Drinking alcohol is also to suppress shock.

The two brothers grew up together and knew each other very well.

One sip of wine per person.

With one look, you know what the other person thinks.

"Guangfu, you said that Li Xiangdong will retaliate against us when he comes out?"

"It shouldn't be, we didn't do it."

"I'm afraid he'll go crazy."

"When he's not crazy, I feel even more terrible!"

When the two thought of the scene during the day, they took a sip of wine with palpitations.

Spicy wine can temporarily paralyze the nerves of the two.

Then the two squatted silently on the road, one by one, without speaking.

Soon the bottle of wine was dry.

The two brothers walked to the hospital with their shoulders in a daze, buying some apples on the way.

The price is so expensive that they feel distressed.

By the time I arrived at the hospital, it was already past nine o'clock in the evening.

Liu Guangfu suddenly touched Liu Guangtian's arm and motioned to look forward.

A delicate woman wearing a cheongsam and permed curly hair walked slowly.

Leave a scent of fragrance.

Liu Guangtian took a deep breath and glanced back.

"How beautiful!"

"The body is so good, I don't know what it feels like."

After the woman walked away, the two brothers withdrew their greedy gaze and walked towards the reception desk.


The little nurse on duty saw the drunken two and refused the visit.

"Why can't you visit at night?"

"After the time has passed, it can only be until nine o'clock."

"What time is it?"

"It's almost half past nine. Please do not disturb the patient's rest. "

The two brothers looked at each other, if they went back like this, they didn't even see anyone, and they were designated to be cleaned up by the bangs.

Otherwise, I thought that the two of them were just going to drink and didn't do business.

Everything is bought, you can't bring it back directly, and you will run again tomorrow.

Liu Guangtian touched the same head as a labor prisoner, and a smile appeared on his face.

"Comrade, is this okay? We don't go in, we just look outside the ward. You put things for us, and we'll take a look and go. "

"Nope. Many patients rested. "

Liu Guangfu glared, "This can't work, that's not okay, why are you so rigid!" "


Liu Guangtian gave his brother a look at the back of his head and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." My brother drank some wine and his mind was not clear. "

The nurse who was about to call someone said, "Let's go, come back after eight o'clock tomorrow morning." "

"We're going to work tomorrow morning, do you think this will work?" Instead of going up, we tell us about the patient. "

The little nurse hesitated, but still nodded and said, "Okay, what's the patient's name?" "

"Zhang Hongxia, she's quite old. Just delivered today. "

The little nurse paused and carefully looked at the two people in front of her.

"What's your name?"

"Liu Guangtian, Liu Guangfu."

The little nurse nodded, then flipped through the record and quickly closed it.

"The patient was angry and had a sudden cerebral infarction. Now in a coma. "

Liu Guangfu grinned when he heard this, "Old woman, you deserve it, hehe." "


Liu Guangtian gave another look to Liu Guangfu, who was speechless after drinking.

"Sorry, sorry. My brother drank too much. We got it, thanks! "

The little nurse watched the two leave, patted her chest, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"The third batch tonight, there won't be more."

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