Yan Bugui went out early, thinking of avoiding his aunt.

As a result, when the sky was dark, the aunt was already waiting at the door.

Yan Bugui was taken aback!

"Scare me to death!!"

"Sorry, how was last night? Any news? "

"Not yet. This is more difficult, I asked two people, and they didn't want to be involved. "

The look in Auntie's eyes darkened, "Still can't it?" "

"I'll help and ask. Originally, I was thinking about finding someone before going to school. "

"Old Yan, thank you so much! Then I'll wait for your news. "

Seeing that the eldest aunt sincerely thanked him, Yan Bugui felt a little guilty in his heart.

But that's about it.

Yi Zhonghai was arrested, Zhang Hongxia did not let go, it was difficult to release it.

And he couldn't take the initiative to find Zhang Hongxia.

The reason is the same as in the bangs.

Even more afraid of seeing Zhang Hongxia than Liu Haizhong and worried that he would also be implicated.

Yan Bugui washed his face and left.

After walking far away, I looked back and found that my aunt was still guarding the door.

Yan Bugui quickened his pace and left.

"The door is so early, I'm afraid it will be blasted out, let's talk about it later."

After seven o'clock, Yan Bugui had breakfast on the side of the road and went directly to school.


During the lunch break, Yan Bugui and Liu Haizhong set out at the same time, and they didn't even eat lunch.

Early at twelve.

At the gate of the Chengdong Police Station, the two looked at each other.

Liu Haizhong asked first, "Lao Yan, are you looking for a way to save Lao Yi?" "

"No, I'll take a look at Lao Yi." Yan Bugui rolled his eyes, "What about you?" "

"I'll take a look too."

"You first."

"You first."

"You first..."

The two who came to see Yi Zhonghai actually gave in to each other.

"Okay, old Yan, don't pretend."

"Pretend to be what? Didn't you come to see Lao Yan? "

"Everyone is here to do something, they all know in their hearts. But I didn't expect you to be so lacking in virtue. "

"Who lacks virtue!" Yan Bugui glared, "Don't talk nonsense! "


Liu Haizhong sneered, "You collected the money, and you didn't do anything." Forget about trivial things before, you still fool people with such a big thing, gee! "

Yan Bugui was shocked in his heart, he thought that his aunt had found him.

"Silly? How do you think you got you, I suggested. But I didn't expect you to be so bottomless, and I was not ashamed to take that money. "

The debunked Yan Bugui did not pretend to be stupid and stunned.

"How good are you? What pushes me, can you push me for good things? "

"It's good that I don't have one set before and one set later. If you still have a little conscience, just return the money. "

"Do you still have a conscience here?"

"I'm just here to illustrate that things have nothing to do with me. What about you? After collecting the money, I didn't go to find someone to do something, but I was in a hurry to clear up the matter. "

Liu Haizhong shook his head, looking disappointed.

"You two don't laugh at the monk. Hurry up and get inside! "

The two followed the prestige and saw Li Xiangdong standing at the gate with his hands in his chest.

"Let's go."


The two also lost the idea of accusing anyone more excessively.

Just like Li Xiangdong said.

When the two of them appear here today, it already says one thing.

In order to protect himself and clear the relationship, he can only give up Yi Zhonghai.

Half an hour later, the two came out.

Li Xiangdong was still standing at the door.

"All right?"

"Okay." Liu Haizhong hesitated, "What will happen to Lao Yi?" "

Li Xiangdong made a shooting gesture.

The two were so frightened that they retreated one after another.

"No, not really." Yan Bugui stumbled.

"The three great masters should know a little about the law, what crime do you say should be convicted?"

"At most, Lao Yi did not fulfill his responsibilities, and he was angry for a while."

Li Xiangdong smiled, "Why don't you go in and talk about it?" "

Yan Bugui quickly shook his head.

Although Liu Haizhong thought of it, he still felt a little afraid.

But glad I came.

Li Xiangdong looked at the hypocritical two in front of him, and had an inexplicable disgust.

It is clear that they are all here to clear up their relationship, for fear of being implicated, but they still pretend to be very concerned about Yi Zhonghai.

Especially Yanbugui.

After collecting money and not doing anything, he also fell into the well.

Greed for this kind of procedure is also helpless.

Li Xiangdong said impatiently, "Don't cry in this cat and fake mercy, hurry up!" "

"You!" Liu Haizhong raised his hand, but was glared at by Li Xiangdong and put it down again.

"If you don't leave, stay behind, I really can't detain you!"

"Let's go." Yan Bugui pulled his bangs and left.

"Xiucai met the soldier, it is reasonable to say."

"This Li Xiangdong is lawless by virtue of being a person who guards the section."

"No way."

"In a few days, I'll have to yellowish his security department."

"You still dare to mess with him! You don't look at what situation Lao Yi is now, you are going to eat guns!! "

The bangs were suddenly muted.

Just now he asked, sentenced to death, and shot within a week.

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