The eldest aunt who had no way to ask for help came to the door one by one for help.

I hope someone can help rescue Yi Zhonghai.

But no one was willing to help.

The doors of every house are closed, and it is difficult to go out to cook and avoid a big aunt.

It's like dodging a broom star.

The day before Yi Zhonghai's execution, the eldest aunt also quarreled with the three mothers and scuffled together.

Everyone then knew that Yan Bugui had collected the money, but instead of helping, he also ran to the police station to prove his innocence, saying that he did not participate in Yi Zhonghai's incident.

The eldest aunt lost the fight because the Yan family still had two sons.

The residents of the courtyard seemed to have a catharsis, and they accused the Yan family one after another.

As before.

Nothing has changed.

On the day of execution.

Li Xiangdong came to Nansha Tube.

In later generations, many people may not know that Four Nine City is such a place.

This is the place where the execution was carried out in Sijiucheng, below the outside of the embankment on the west bank of the Yongding River.

It was only in the seventies that it moved to the north.

There is more than one person to be executed today.

There were five of them, some enemies, some killed, and some robbers.

Li Xiangdong stood not far from the execution table.

Yi Zhonghai on the stage had blank eyes, as if his soul had been sucked away.

Once the "Earth Emperor" of the courtyard, Dao Tianzun will accept the ruling today.

The funny thing is that no matter the trial a few days ago or today's execution, except for the eldest aunt, Li Xiangdong has not seen any people in the courtyard.

There was not even a send-off.

Is it guilt, or fear?

Li Xiangdong once again understood how cold people's hearts were.

Yi Zhonghai seemed to have sensed something, and looked up at Li Xiangdong in front of him.

Immediately, a look of rage appeared on his face.

"Li Xiangdong! You must not die well! "

"I won't let you go!"

"I'm waiting for you below!"

The crazy Yi Zhonghai was held down.

But then he started crying again!

"I was wrong!"

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die!"

"Spare me, spare me."

It is a pity that there is no regret medicine in the world.


"Bang bang!"

Gunshots go off!

The "Earth Emperor" of the courtyard knelt on the ground with wide eyes.

His eyes seemed to tell "I am unwilling", and there was a hint of regret on his face.

Li Xiangdong turned expressionlessly.

But I found an old woman on crutches and staring at herself with gloomy eyes.

The ancestors of the courtyard.

Deaf old lady.

Li Xiangdong also wondered why Aunt didn't come today.

Now I understand, presumably the deaf old lady blocked it.

"Are you Li Xiangdong?"


"I remember you."

Li Xiangdong grinned and approached the deaf old lady.

The latter breathed sluggishly, like a mountain pressing head-on.

"Old lady, don't worry, Yi Zhonghai is waiting for you below."

The deaf old lady's eyes widened angrily, and she raised her crutches to fight, and aimed it at Li Xiangdong's brain.


The crutches were easily grabbed by Li Xiangdong with one hand.

Then both hands broke, and the crutches "snapped" and broke in two.

The deaf old lady was so frightened that she took two steps back, and she fell directly to the ground without good legs and feet.

Li Xiangdong squatted down, put the crutches that were broken in half aside, and said with a smile, "I am the most unaccustomed to hypocritical people, this kind of person is more hateful than villains." Take care, old lady. "

The deaf old lady watched Li Xiangdong leave, so angry that she threw a stick directly at Li Xiangdong's back.

However, he did not have enough strength, and the stick rolled over the side.

Li Xiangdong glanced back, the "Earth Emperor" died, and the "Empress Dowager" who was in power also deserved to die.

The deaf old lady now enjoys the treatment of five guarantees.

Food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

Usually, I use public food and clothing, and I go to the hospital for treatment if there is a small problem.

Think of the hospital as a nursing home.

What Li Xiangdong couldn't see the most was that the deaf old lady enjoyed the help of the public family while going to the black market to sell the extra food stamps given by the public family for money.

Also pretending to be the family of some martyr, in fact it is not at all.

It's all made up.

Such people deserve to die!

The public provides free food and clothing protection, and others can use less and do not want more.

But the deaf old lady wants more and more, the better.

Not only enjoy five guarantees, but also free additional subsidies.

Previously, it was all handled by Yi Zhonghai.

Yi Zhonghai also profited from it, and the two were divided equally.

Otherwise, Yi Zhonghai would not help anyone, preferring to send food and vegetables to the deaf old lady.

There are more than deaf old ladies in the courtyard.

But only the deaf old lady is the "ancestor".

Li Yulan died of illness, and no one collected the body, but some people lived in the hospital to enjoy welfare, and secretly exchanged the food stamps given by the government for money.

Thinking of this, Li Xiangdong was angry.

Why did such a cancer live safely to be in the eighties.

It's long overdue!

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