The deaf old lady comforted the eldest aunt and asked the residents of the courtyard to come forward one by one to offer their condolences.

And repent!

Repent why he didn't say a word for Yi Zhonghai.

Once Yi Zhonghai paid so much for the yard.

How many people have helped.

The words of the deaf old lady made many people feel guilty!

Finally, he aimed at Li Xiangdong.

"I know that's not your intention."

"Many people have been coerced by Li Xiangdong!"

"I heard that Li Xiangdong also asked you to spend three yuan to buy a pound of pork."

"He just lived in our yard like this, and he beat people at will!"

"Now it's even more rumor-mongering, bewitching the director of the street office, and killing your most kind master."

"Those who are willing to punish Li Xiangdong with me, step forward."

Listening to the excitement, Yan Xiecheng was about to take a step, but was pulled by Yan Bugui.

Only then did Yan Xiecheng realize that no one stepped forward.

To be precise, no one dares to step forward.

The Jia family, the most disgusting person in the yard, was sent to the hospital.

Xu Damao's teeth were gone, and the stupid pillar was bandaged.

Yi Zhonghai even ate the gun!

And just this morning.

The ashes are still hot.

Now who dares to go to Li Xiangdong to trouble.

To put it mildly, they bought pork voluntarily.

I also have to be grateful to Li Xiangdong for not pursuing them who were misled by Jia Zhang.

Otherwise, a pig is gone, and the whole yard will suffer.

They also returned pork, but stealing the pig and dividing it up is not something that can be regarded as not happening.

Buying pork at a high price, on the one hand, is gluttonous, on the other hand, it is even more atonement!

Yi Zhonghai died, there is no need, who wants to fight hard for a dead person.

In case Li Xiangdong goes crazy, who can stop the entire yard.

The answer is no.

So no one dared to stand up.

Including Yan Bugui and bangs.

The two were able to dissociate themselves for their own safety.

At this time, he will not provoke Li Xiangdong.

Wan repeatedly charged them with instigation.

Then tomorrow it may be the crowd to give them condolences.

When the deaf old lady saw that no one moved, she suddenly became even more angry!

Only then did she understand what kind of shadow Li Xiangdong had left on everyone during her absence.

I'm actually afraid of this point!

The courtyard of dozens of people was frightened by a hunter from the countryside.

The deaf old lady looked at everyone who lowered their heads and did not dare to look at her.

"Have you all lost your blood?"

"Come and kneel for me!"

"Kowtow to your dead grandfather!"

"Come here!"

Everyone looked at each other.

The first one in the bangs stepped forward and bowed down, "Lao Yi, go all the way." "

After praying, Liu Haizhong sighed deeply and slowly walked out of the gate.

Liu Guangtian and Liu Guangfu wanted to leave, but they were pulled by the second aunt and reluctantly bowed.

Yi Zhonghai is not their father, and he has not shown them any kindness.

The two brothers did not want to worship, but they also knew that this was their father giving face to the deaf old lady, so they bowed perfunctorily and left immediately.

"Dead old woman, really regard herself as an ancestor!"

"Have the ability to find Li to go east and shout at us."

"You said that the old woman was slapped by Li Xiangdong, will she be directly slapped to death?"

"It's possible."

"If that's the case, Li Xiangdong becomes a murderer. It is estimated that guns will also be eaten. "

"The old woman has not lived for a long time, it is better to go to Li Xiangdong and die together."


Liu Haizhong turned around and glared at the two brothers.

"What nonsense! I'll forget it after listening to it. "

"If you talk nonsense to someone, I will break your legs."

"Did you hear that?"

The two brothers shrank their heads, "I heard me." "

He went back to his room with gloomy bangs.

The two brothers looked at each other and read each other's eyes.

Father was not angry with the two of them, otherwise he would have slapped them a long time ago.

The two brothers stopped and did not go back to the room.

Instead, go to the stupid column.

"Silly pillar, what kind of disease are you still lying in bed."

"It's just, hurry up. Uncle used to be so kind to you, get up and bow down, and prepare for a banquet. "

The stupid pillar lying on his side sat up, "You two give labor and management fuck off!" I want to eat the mat and make it myself, eat your grandma's legs! Bah! "

"Kindly remind you, and scold people!"

"Deserve to be beaten by Li Xiangdong!"

Silly Zhu picked up the enamel teacup on the side and threw it at the two.

"Get out!!"

The two brothers were bored and squatted on the corridor.

Condolences were hanged, and Yi Zhonghai, a dead man, knelt down.

You have to eat a meal.

And they don't have to pay for it.

Yan Xiecheng and Yan Jiefang also squatted aside.

"You two brothers are waiting for the meal?"

"How else?"

The four of them talked and laughed.

When I first heard of Yi Zhonghai's death, I was a little shocked.

But when people die, they die.

How to do or how.

Wasn't it all like this before?

In addition to the condolence hall, the residents of the courtyard still live their original lives.

But in addition to being afraid of Li Xiangdong, he also had a trace of resentment against the deaf old lady.

If you don't go to work today, your day's salary is gone.

You have to give money for the feast, and the food is not good.

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