Li Xiangdong habitually got up early, and when he opened the door, he saw the bowl of white rice on the ground.

The two chopsticks inserted in it resemble two sharp knives.


Li Xiangdong kicked with his foot, and the porcelain bowl was kicked away, falling to the ground and falling to pieces.

Rice is scattered all over the place.

This movement instantly attracted the rest of the courtyard.

Li Xiangdong practiced and boxed in the courtyard in the morning.

Everyone silently bowed their heads and did their own thing.

The eldest aunt leaned against the door, staring at Li Xiangdong.

But it didn't do the slightest.

The only thing that has changed is probably that Yan Xiecheng no longer brings breakfast.

However, this did not affect Li Xiangdong.

After the morning exercise, Li headed east to the Red Star Rolling Mill.

If the birds and beasts in the yard don't jump out to find trouble, he will also find a way to fish for law enforcement.

After coming to the work of the security section, this is Li Xiangdong's first official day at work.

It doesn't matter to him to receive one day more and one day less.

It's too easy to make money.

And he still has hundreds of dollars, so he doesn't have to worry about money in a short time.

The offices of the Security Section are not far from the gate.

The room was filled with smoke, and two young men in overalls and epaulettes, were sitting in chairs swallowing the clouds.

Seeing Li Xiangdong come in, the two were a little surprised by Li Xiangdong's burly figure.

One person is stronger than the two of them combined.

But neither of them had any intention of standing up and continued to smoke.

Li Xiangdong fanned with his hand, "Smoke outside." "

Ying Xiaochang took another breath and slowly spit it out, "We have been smoking in the house, if you are not used to staying in the deputy section chief, you can go outside to get fresh air." "

"Hahahaha" Shi Daye on the side laughed.

Li Xiangdong also smiled.

Ying Xiaochang is the brother-in-law of section chief Zheng Dafei.

He did not work all day, did not patrol, did not stand guard, and occasionally teased a few female workers.

If it weren't for the uniform, I would have thought it was a street walker.

Li Xiangdong knew that Ying Xiaochang must have passed the gas with Zheng Dafei.

This look is not only Ying Xiaochang's nature, but also deliberately makes him ugly.

But Li Xiangdong has never been a person who is accustomed to others.

People have killed several, how can they endure the embarrassment deliberately given by this little chicken.

Li took two steps forward to the east and tugged at the collars of the two.

"You, what are you doing? Put me down. "

Ying Xiaochang panicked, his feet dangling.

Shi Daye also panicked, "There is something to say, something to say." "

Li Xiangdong has always disliked talking nonsense.

Carrying the two to the door, they were thrown aside.

"Finish pumping in."

The two who were still swallowing clouds and mist just now fell to the ground with their buttocks, grinning in pain.


Ying Xiaochang scolded, "Do you know who I am? I can smoke if I want, you move me again! "

Li Xiangdong turned around and raised his eyebrows, "You want to smoke?" "

"Labor and management smoke your! I want to smoke, thinking I'm big, great? Don't look at this place either. "

Ying Xiaochang, who was dressed in disheveled clothes and wearing a hat obliquely, scolded when he opened his mouth.

Live like a bully dog.

Li Xiangdong went back to the house and picked up the "Harvest" cigarette on the table.

Hehe, I actually smoked a pack of cadre cigarettes that were difficult to buy for two cents.

Ordinary workers also draw a nine-point "sunflower" or "thrifty".

The ordinary employees of the small security section actually smoked better than the middle-level leaders.

Li Xiangdong looked at this smoke and knew that Ying Xiaochang's butt was not clean.

Privately I don't do much dirty work.

When Ying Xiaochang saw Li Xiangdong enter the house, he thought that the other party was afraid.

The filthy words in the mouth are constant, and it is even more arrogant!

"The surname is Li, you will immediately kowtow to me to make amends!" Little master, I can still let you go. "

Li Xiangdong came out.

Ying Xiaochang subconsciously took a step back, "If you are afraid, quickly admit your mistake." Give me half of your salary every month. "

"You want half of my salary?"

Ying Xiaochang snorted coldly, "Originally, the position of this deputy section chief was mine, and I don't know where you came from." Which green onion do you count? Think this is the countryside? Bumpkin! "

Li Xiangdong understood why Ying Xiaochang jumped so much.

In addition to Zheng Dafei's instruction, he was also robbed of his post.

Li Xiangdong has always been understanding, and approaching Ying Xiaochang is a slap.

"Snap !!"

The thin Ying Xiaochang was directly slapped twice in circles.

Li Xiangdong's backhand slapped Shi Daye in the face of the confused Shi Daye.

The two brothers circled together and finally crashed together and fell to the ground.

Ying Xiaochang looked up at Li Xiangdong in disbelief, "You, do you know who I am?" "

"I know. No need to ask all the time, stand up. "

Ying Xiaochang was a little scared, and Shi Daye had already stood up obediently.

Li Xiangdong glared, and Ying Xiaochang quickly stood up.

"Love to smoke, huh? After smoking this bag and going to work, come and open your mouth. "

Ying Xiaochang opened his mouth and was instantly stuffed with half a pack of cigarettes, and Shi Daye was no exception.

The corners of their mouths spilled blood, staining cigarettes red.

Li Xiangdong lit a match with a smile on his face and lit a cigarette for the two.

A stream of yellow liquid flowed down Ying Xiaochang's trouser legs.

Li Xiangdong took a step back in disgust, "How old a person, still pee your pants, go back to change your pants after smoking, and then come to work, do you hear?" "


Li Xiangdong stretched out his index finger, "Whoever wants to smoke less, I will stuff a packet into his mouth." "

Ying Xiaochang nodded vigorously with tears in his eyes, he regretted it!

Regret why I provoked this demon.

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