All the residents stood on Li Xiangdong's side, and Yi Zhonghai's scheme naturally did not succeed.

The reason is simple.

At first, everyone else was involved.

It's just that most people obediently return the meat and then spend money on meat.

If they really pursue it, they will not be able to escape.

A pig is worth hundreds of dollars, and the amount involved is too large.

Who dares to take this risk.

Dead Taoist friends do not die poor Dao.

The back pot of the Jia family is the best ending.

Of course, the confessions were consistent.

So everyone is on Li Xiangdong's side.

Even Li Xiangdong did not say a word of threat.

There was no use of force to persecute anyone.

Chen Haifeng and Wang Baosheng soon left, and they had to go to the hospital to record their confessions.

Check again.

If there is indeed something, then the person who should be arrested is not Li Xiangdong, but Jia Dongxu and Jia Zhangshi.

What a big mistake can be made by beating thieves and robbers.

As long as it doesn't kill people.

In some places where the people are fierce, Jia Dongxu's grave will start to grow grass the next day.


At night, Li Xiangdong lived in the courtyard.

Yi Zhonghai's face was extremely gloomy, and he really came to welcome Li Xiangdong today.

Unwillingly, he ran to find Yan Bugui again.

"Are you sure he's Li Yulan's nephew?"

"That's right."

"What should, give me a letter."

Yan Bugui smiled and said, "Lao Yi, why are you so uncomfortable with Li Xiangdong? "

"Why?" Yi Zhonghai raised his eyebrows, "You should also know it, right?" What good is it for us that he moved in. "

"At least we can eat meat."

"What do you mean? Did he divide the meat among you? No way! "

"When you went to report the crime just now, we bought it with him, three pounds a pound."

"What?!" Yi Zhonghai stood up with a snort, "Confused you! Nothing to stop. "

"What am I blocking? Can I stop it? "

Only then did Yi Zhonghai understand why the people in the courtyard were helping Li Xiangdong speak.

The source is here.

If he was there, he would definitely not let Li Xiangdong do this thing to buy people's hearts.

Yi Zhonghai suddenly asked, "Old Yan, you won't buy it too, right?" "

Yan Bugui just laughed.

The meaning is obvious.

Of course he bought it, and he was still the one who helped Li Xiangdong sell meat, and he was responsible for weighing the pound.

In the end, I got another two pounds of free meat.

It is the person who gets the most meat in the yard.

Five pounds of meat!

Save some food, enough to eat for two months.

If you sell it, you can make a profit by changing hands.

Some people with high wages have money but no tickets, and they can't buy meat.

In the black market, it is normal to exchange money for food and tickets.

Yi Zhonghai saw Yan Bugui smile and did not speak, and quickly understood.

"Didn't you originally want Li Yulan's furniture? He lives in now, can you still take it? "

Yan Bugui's body trembled when he heard this, "Don't talk nonsense!" I never thought of it that way. "


Yi Zhonghai hated the iron and pointed at Yan Bugui, and finally left angrily.

The guts are too small to be successful.

You have to find someone else, and you have to have some prestige.

In this way, the rest of the courtyard can be united so that Li Xiangdong can be driven out.

Yi Zhonghai still has doubts about Li Xiangdong's identity.

The timing is too coincidental.

Two days after Li Yulan died, the hindfoot people came.

Yi Zhonghai planned to first touch Li Xiangdong's details and ask people to go to the countryside to inquire.

If it's fake, send Li Xiangdong in.

This is an attempt to conspire against someone else's family property, and the crime is not small.

And also impostor, sin added to the rank.

Yi Zhonghai decided to come fiercely if he wanted to, and first let Li Xiangdong be proud for two days.

But he soon found that he couldn't bear it for a day.

Li Xiangdong completely regarded the courtyard as his home.

Exercise in the yard early in the morning, revealing a lean muscle.

But people in the yard, especially women, love to watch.

Yi Zhonghai couldn't stand it.

"Indecent! What a system! "

"Li Xiangdong, why don't you wear any clothes?"

"Hurry up and put your clothes on, there are lesbians here."

Aunt Liu was not happy.

"Yi Zhonghai, I advise you not to be nosy!"

"Xiao Li, if you continue to practice, there will be no master in our yard."

"You're just right. Another day hunting, take my boy, let him also practice, just starve. "

"Auntie will introduce you to a few yellow flower girls, one is better than the other water spirit. I'm afraid that the girl won't be able to stand you. "

After speaking, Aunt Liu also winked at Li Xiangdong.

The latter agreed with a smile, and it really happened, and he returned with another wild boar as a thank-you gift.

Other aunts and sisters were also interested in an instant, and they all said that they wanted to help introduce them.

A wild boar, that can't be eaten for a year!

Yi Zhonghai was so angry that his face turned livid and he rubbed away.

Out of sight, out of mind.

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