Ling Yuqi's unceremonious, and extremely bold action of jumping directly and alone on the pirate ship made the pirates of the Nip Pirate Group a little stunned.

This guy... Aren't you afraid that we will lie to her, aren't you afraid that this is a trap?

Such a reckless skip... Is it confidence in your own strength, or is it simply a little simple?

The pirates do not know.

If it weren't for the cold aura still engraved in their hearts, they might really think of something that couldn't pass the trial.

In the end, it was Ni Hitomi who reacted first, arranged for the others to wait on the deck, and led her alone to the place where the treasure was stored in the cabin to get what she wanted....

Ni Pu still wants to use the treasure to calm the people.

The mysterious and unknown Great Voyage, and the extremely variable and powerful woman, made him not want to fight with it at all.

Her own family is also a person with the ability of the Devil Fruit, if the other party is a rare natural fruit ability, this group of her own family will not be able to break her defense at all, then it is not pure and pure to send to death - and

Ni Pu, who is also a swordsman, can also vaguely feel the cold sword breath from the other party's body!

Although it was hidden deeply, he still noticed a trace of Ni Pu, who had the talent of a swordsman.

And as the choice of the only deputy captain with a smart brain on the ship, the rest of the pirates naturally have no doubts.

Captain Nip, on the other hand, will not interfere with his brother's choice.

Because he knows his brother's thoughts and believes that his brother will not harm this everyone.

Likewise, my brother knows him well....

Pushing open the closed door, as soon as he entered the room where the treasure was stored, the flickering golden light suddenly stunned Ling Yuqi.

The gold and silver treasures in front of him piled up into a hill, not only all kinds of gold vessels were randomly thrown on the gold mountain, but even the swords inlaid with diamonds were inserted into it!

This sword looks beautiful, and although it is not practical, it is worth a lot!

Not only all kinds of treasures, but also a few damaged maps were randomly discarded on the ground...

This is a treasure map, but because the damage is too serious to see anything, Nip and they abandoned it here at random, and did not intend to use it to find the treasure.

These things, they were going to convert to Bailey when they went to some lush island.

Only two well-preserved treasure maps, and an extremely precious sea secret treasure, the Devil Fruit, were hidden in the captain's room and kept by Nip.

Ni Pu planned to hide this matter, and did not mean to tell Ling Yuqi.

But even so, so many golden treasures, Ling Yuqi was the first time to see

- he didn't expect that there would be so many treasures in such a normal-sized pirate ship!

And...... It seems that this is only the first half of the Great Voyage....

In this way, you can have so much treasure....

"You pirates... Is it all so profitable? Ling Yuqi couldn't help but ask.

If you take all these countless gold and silver treasures and go to an island at will, you can enjoy a lifetime of glory and wealth -

Ni Pu was a little embarrassed, "When... Of course not, we just robbed an organized island composed of pirate hunters, so we are so rich..." Ni

Pu honestly said why his pirate group had so many treasures, and he also heard from the other party's words that the other party was not a pirate, and his heart was also slightly flustered.

She...... It won't be the companions of the pirate hunters....

No, it probably won't.

With a technology ship that is beyond common sense, it can't be that group of pirate hunters....

She, could it be... Agents of the World Government?

The more he thought about it, the more cold sweat Ni Pupil became, and the more flustered his heart became.

Then simply, I didn't want to think directly -


And hearing what Ni Pu said, the gathering place of pirate hunters, Ling Yuqi had some guesses in his heart.

Oh~? In the first half of the Great Voyage, the gathering place of pirate hunters... Could it be that?

So to confirm this conjecture, she asked,

"Where did you guys come from?"

"Whiskey Peak."

"Well, no wonder." Ling Yuqi was clear.

This group of pirates, who set off from the North Sea and came to the Great Route, chose this route, so they met the people of the Baroque Work Society when they were working for the Whiskey Peak, and then defeated them to seize the treasure of the island, and then met themselves.

So myself is... Leapt over the whiskey peak at once, to the sea behind it?


But since they defeated the people of the Baroque Work Society, they should also have won the pointer owned by the guys of the Baroque Work Society.

So in the hands of this group of guys, there must be a permanent pointer to the Kingdom of Alabastan!

So, Ling Yuqi spoke, "Then, you should have the permanent pointer of the Kingdom of Alabastan-

" "Can you give me one?"

Although it was an inquiring tone, Nito's sixth sense told him that if he refused, nothing good would happen.

Ni Pupil could only respond, "When... Of course.

But he still wanted to save something and said: "But we only have this one pointer..." Ling

Yuqi, who looked at the other party's attitude and was in a good mood, immediately took out a permanent pointer of a long chain island and threw it to the other party.

"This is a permanent pointer to Long Chain Island, it's okay to exchange it for it."

Although his expression was not showing, Ni Pu, who was very surprised in his heart, caught the permanent pointer thrown by Ling Yuqi with both hands

, although he didn't know where Long Chain Island was, it was good enough to be able to exchange it for it.

After all, he had long been prepared to get nothing....

Although this is very humble, but in order to live, it is not a shudder.

Putting away the permanent pointer of the long chain island, Nip took out the permanent pointer from his arms and handed it to Ling Yuqi respectfully.

Taking Alabastan's permanent pointer, the light in his hand flashed, and the permanent pointer disappeared.

Ni Pu didn't notice this, and then Ling Yuqi stretched out his right hand, pointed to the golden mountain, and said, "

Then these... I'll just take it?

Still in an inquiring tone, but the sensible Ni Pu replied: "Well, well..." He

didn't care about this, mainly because he felt that the other party couldn't take much.

I thought that she would only take a third at most, or less, and she would not be able to take it....

Because for this mountain of gold, her ship is too small to hold so much treasure.

But I didn't expect it -

a flash of white light! The mountain of gold disappeared in an instant!


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