Strength gradually emerged, and powerful strength increased his body.

When Ling Yuqi noticed the abnormality of his body and saw the message displayed by the system, he was first surprised! And then one rejoice!

Then there was a confusion....

Because...... This Artoria Pendragon character given by the system... It's a... Girl.

That is to say

, the heaviness in the chest gradually emerged, and the strength emerged while the body seemed to be modified in detail.

The surging energy in the body flows in the body, endlessly providing power for the body, and the clothes on the body gradually change into the classic blue dress.

But Ling Yuqi didn't care about this for the time being, but looked down a little stiffly...

Although it is still very flat, you can vaguely see a trace of curvature on the chest.

And in the perception of the lower body, the existence of the third leg is not perceived.

It's unprecedented... Nothingness and emptiness....

Ling Yuqi's expression was a little stiff and said, "Department... System, this transformation... Is it so real..."

[Of course! That's what I did! Must be delicate——! "

Can ... Can it be changed?

"Let's just play... After all, so many novels are, and you can gain abilities by playing... Let's just... There's no need to transform..."

Must transform! If you change it, you will not be capable! 】

【In such a world dominated by strength, without strength, Master you will die miserably~! As if intimidating, the system said.

Hearing this, he, oh no, it's her, can only accept reality for the time being.

“...... Okay, let's do it first..."

But acceptance is acceptance, what should we do now?

Looking at the endless ocean, through the ability he had just received, he released his perception, sensed the size of the island where he was, and fell into deep thought.

"Naw, system, discuss something.

“... In a place where it's all about the sea, isn't it a little unreasonable not to give a boat——? "


once, without a space backpack, isn't it a little unreasonable——?"

【??? "

Isn't it a little unreasonable to forcibly pull me over and not give me some benefits——?"


So... Take it! "

【!!! 】


Riding a speedboat from the system, she sailed across this vast sea -

although she complained that the system sent herself here for no reason and turned herself into a girl.

But for the sake of the convenience it gave him, and this body was still his wife's face, Ling Yuqi also forgave it for the time being.

Because even if you don't forgive it, there's nothing you can do about it....

And with his own full-level King Arthur's strength, to traverse this world.

As long as you don't die, you'll be fine.

After all, the defense has BUG-like scabbard protection, and the attack has so many weapons and treasures, as long as it is not the super perverted mythical world of the flood world, you can have fun at will.

As the system says, it's a tour –

but first, find a place where people live, find out what's going on, and then have a meal.

Although you can directly ask what the world is through the system.

But for her own fun and mystery, she decided to explore it herself.

However, before she found other islands, and did not find traces of human life, she encountered a very characteristic small sailing ship at sea, which made her understand what kind of world this was——


A small sailing ship like a coffin at sea is sailing slowly on the sea.

Looking around, I could vaguely see a man in black sitting on the boat.

Just by looking at him, you can feel that cold breath...

“... This is...... Hawkeye, Mihawk! Seeing

the appearance of the person clearly, Ling Yuqi muttered subconsciously.

She also recognized the identity of the guy on the boat in the distance at a glance.

Because, in a certain fan, he belongs to a character with a distinct personality, extraordinary appearance, and a very representative character——!

As the world's most powerful sword master in One Piece, and he still likes to sail on his coffin-like coffin boat, he can't let Ling Yuqi, who has seen and is familiar with One Piece, ignore such a powerful role.

"It turns out that this is the pirate world-" Recognizing the identity of the man riding the coffin boat, Ling Yuqi also understood the belonging of this heaven and earth.

The coffin-like boat in the distance seemed to be a little interested in the extremely fast yacht on the sea, and then changed the direction of sailing and floated towards this side.

And Ling Yuqi also stopped the moving ship and watched the small boat slowly approach...

(This guy... Want to come to me...? Is there something going on?

It's just that the coffin boat that floats by the current and the sea breeze is really slow.

Slowly, Ling Yuqi wanted to call him to hurry up.

And in fact, she did shout towards Hawkeye.

"Hey! That uncle in front! Hurry up and row!

"If you don't come soon, I'll leave——!." Although he wanted to see this highly representative powerful character with his own eyes, his slow speed still made Ling Yuqi a little unable to wait.

After all, Ling Yuqi, who is in a rapidly developing modern city, is quite good for familiar people and people related to him, but he is patient with living people... It's really not very good.

But the main reason why Ling Yuqi couldn't wait was because her hungry stomach was rebelling against herself and indicating that she wanted to eat.

In terms of consciousness, it is also inexplicably said that hunger is the enemy, and hunger must be solved first!

That's why she shouted impatiently at Mihawk.

Hearing this, Hawkeye finally moved his body.

He pulled out the long dark knife behind his back and walked slowly to the side of the boat.


With that black knife, he rowed the boat -


Although it is rowing with a knife, it is a completely different style from ordinary oars.

The oars are to put it into the water, and then slide the current on the side of the boat little by little to drive the boat forward.

And he, on the other hand, controls the strength in his hand and

directly stabs!

Cut the sea off the side of the boat! Drive your own boat with the waves! Accelerating towards the particular ship.

When his coffin boat drifted in front of the speedboat along the waves, the waves and waves formed by his slashing slowly dissipated....

The control of this force all shows the strength of this man.

Taking back the black knife in his hand, Hawkeye scanned the yacht with those eagle-like sharp pupils, and a trace of curiosity could not help but appear under his eyes.

"This is?" He asked.

According to Hawkeye's line of sight, Ling Yuqi knew what he was asking, and then responded, "This is a ship." Raising

his eyebrows slightly, Hawkeye certainly knew it was a ship.

He was not blind enough to see that this thing was floating on the sea and could carry it.

It must be a ship.

But what type of ship it was, he wondered.

"It's a ... What ship?

"Well—yes... Speedboat?

"Speedboat? What is the type?

"Is it a faster boat?"

“...... Why are you talking in a rhetorical tone, isn't this your ship?

"Because, I'm not sure~" What exactly this ship is, she really doesn't know.

This thing is just what she randomly asked the system for, and did not say any hard requirements.

And the system, it was also given casually, and I didn't pay attention to what brand.

"Also, what the hell are you going to do?"

"If it's okay, I'll leave-" It was just such a simple question that prompted Ling Yuqi to want to leave directly.

Because the longer she delayed, the more hungry she felt.

It seems that because of the successful transformation into King Arthur, the power in the body is surging, but the magic hearth in the body is also because of the successful transformation, and it is temporarily unable to use magic to charge the flesh to eliminate the negative effect, and the magic power of operation and consumption makes hunger more obvious.

She really wants to eat a special meal now!

But Hawkeye stopped Ling Yuqi and said

, "Wait, where can this ship be sold?"

He still wanted to know where such a small ship could be sold.

He also wanted such a fast, small ship.

But Ling Yuqi just responded ruthlessly, "This ship? Don't sell anywhere - "

After all, it is a product of the system, it is not a product of this world, and there may be a place to sell."

"I have money." Hawkeye said calmly.

He felt that if he spent a little more, he would definitely get some news.

After all, this is not a powerful weapon or devil fruit, just an ordinary ship that does not even have artillery loaded.

The only advantage is that you run fast.

And he just wants this to run fast.

As one of the Seven Martial Seas of His Majesty and the most powerful swordsman in the world, he does not lack attack power, and he does not put money in his eyes at all.

Even if you spend a little more, it is worth it to get such a speedboat.

But Ling Yuqi ruthlessly dismissed his thoughts.

"It's useless to have money! This is my military ship of the British Kingdom, and it is impossible to sell it to you. "

Kingdom of Britain?" The name that had never been heard of made Hawkeye's heart full of questions.

But as soon as the word military came out, even Hawkeye could tell the weight and no longer smash this speedboat.

And Ling Yuqi, who casually said Britain, just to block Mihawk from continuing to ask the speedboat question, also suddenly thought of something interesting.

Hawkeye, who was puzzled, said interestingly:

"Hmm~ Later, you'll know-

" "That's okay, I'll go!"

"Mr. Dajianhao, the world's number one, we will see you next time!" Ling Yuqi, who was in a good mood, waved his hand at him, said casually, and decisively started the speedboat, ready to leave.

Well? She knows me——?

Although he knows that he has a reputation, in such a small East China Sea, he can reach the point where everyone knows it.

Ordinary people will definitely not pay attention to these, only those special groups of people will deliberately pay attention to these....

And her affirmative tone must be very familiar with her identity.


The sharp eagle eyes looked solidly at the woman on the speedboat, and saw that the domineering look rushed straight to Ling Yuqi!

Only then did he seriously probe the other party's situation

, but found that it

was hidden under this petite body, that gave him perception, like a black hole bottomless... Great strength!


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