Klockdar was furious and slammed the table! Shaking the documents on the table! And got up from the chair!

He never expected that this mysterious woman had come to find himself.

Obviously, in recent years, except for Alabastan, he has not been to other places to calamity!

On what basis, how dare she come to trouble herself!

Frowning, Klockdar pulled out a cigar and bit it into his mouth.

Seeing this, the manager hurriedly stepped forward and lit a cigar for him.

The anger on his face gradually calmed down, but this did not mean that he was not angry, but it was much more dangerous.

Even Nicole Robin, who is Klockdahl's deputy, does not dare to say another word at the moment.

But she also raised a trace of interest in this girl who dared to come to Klockdar to trouble...

Klockdar glanced at the manager coldly, even if a woman who does not know the depth comes to find fault, she should not be so flustered.

Behind him is Klockdar, one of the sea thieves, who is supported by an unknown woman...

Sand flowed from under his feet, and Klockdar was going to kill him directly.

But thinking that he still had some use, he was still quite good at managing the casino, so he decided to let him go first and give him another chance.

So, he took back the sand under his feet.

Later, Klockdar walked directly past the manager and towards the door.

Nicole Robin followed closely and followed.

And Mr. Manager, who didn't know that he had passed the ghost door once, also hurriedly took a step and followed.


Push the time back to Ling Yuqi from "Albana".

After a long flight, she finally saw the silhouette of the "rain banquet" in the afternoon.

According to the situation in "Albana", Ling Yuqi did not dare to continue the sled gallop, and flew in from the sky over the city...

Wan repeatedly encountered 10,000 pilgrimages, good fellow....

She came this time, but she came to do something big! It's not for fun... Not for fun!

So she landed far away in the desert near the "Rain Feast", and with the relieved expressions of the two hippos, she recovered the Ramley II.

The clothes changed back into a portable suit, the long light blonde hair was naturally tied into a single ponytail hairstyle, Ling Yuqi still used the form of (Alter), just because the next action was not too simple -

as soon as he entered the city, he attracted many eyes.

After all, a beautiful woman in a suit with a beautiful face is difficult to see on such a desertified island.

The only thing that had some flaws was the somewhat pale complexion, which didn't look so healthy.

And in such a place where the sun is exposed every day, most people's skin is relatively dark, and the sudden appearance of such a fair-skinned, even pale woman is naturally very eye-catching.

But most people dare not mess around, because this is at the feet of Klockdar, and if you are not careful, you will be caught feeding crocodiles.

What's more, such a woman who dares to show her face and walk alone, even if she does not feel the breath of the other party, they do not believe that this guy is so simple as it seems.

To die for a beautiful woman is still not very straightforward.

This is what most people think.

After all, although Ling Yuqi's appearance is absolutely beautiful, there is no temptation, there is no special bonus of seduction, it is simply beautiful, or heroic!

It may be very poking in the heart, but because of this, it will not do the action of knowing the danger but still going to death.

Unless you're very, very obsessed with this type, you're going to do it....

But most people are still sane.

I thought: Just take a look.

Then a little farther away, but you can clearly see the appearance, which is the true portrayal of this group of men on the side of the road.

Ling Yuqi naturally ignored the people on the side of the road, and first went to a shop to eat at random....

Wait until dusk is approaching before setting out in search of the "rain feast".

And the location of the "rain banquet" was already known when she came to the city.

After all, the only luxurious and tall building in this city is not a "rain banquet", what will it be?

So, she went straight to the largest casino in Alabastan, the rain banquet -

push open the door, as soon as she entered the casino, the various luxurious and shining costumes, and the dense crowd, made Ling Yuqi slightly stunned.

Gap...... So big.

Not to mention the capital "Albana", it is the decoration of other houses in the city of "Rain Land", and Ling Yuqi has not seen anything better than here.

Even if this is the largest casino in the country, in such a country where civil strife is raging, it can continue to operate unharmed and make money....

And the crowd is still endless, completely without the feeling of chaotic country outside the house and confused crowds.

I have to say that Klockdar has a hand.

As soon as Ling Yuqi entered the casino, a stacker came to receive her, introducing her to the various games in the casino, and exaggerating how easy and easy it was to make money with these games...

Originally, Ling Yuqi was not prepared to play cards... Because there are all pits here, if you want to make money through this, it is not enough to lose your pants.

But she suddenly thought that one of her own identities...

The manager of Camelot Casino, the Lion King in a swimsuit –

if you play cards in that way, then....

Thinking of the appearance of that form, she suddenly shook her head, terminated the thinking in her brain, and threw out the picture in her head!

Because the swimsuit Lion King's outfit is too sao....

Now she has not even accepted Lancer's form for the time being, how can she jump directly and go to swimwear....

But thinking of this, she also raised a hint of the idea of playing cards.

Even if you don't use that pattern, with your lucky value and the gambling skills you are good at, it will definitely be enough to play here.

It's not a top-notch gaming table, and it's not enough to put the swimsuit Lion King out....

So, following the introduction of the stacking boy, Ling Yuqi came to a table playing Black Jack (21 o'clock), and watched the table after playing cards....

It felt like I was watching elementary school students write math problems, and subconsciously said: "Are they all so dish?" "

Gambler A-F:!

Suddenly, the six people sitting at the table playing cards could not sit still.

But when he saw that it was a young suit beauty, he temporarily suppressed the anger that rose in his heart.

Gambler A said displeased: "Where is the little hairy girl, is this the place where you should come?" Go home!

But Ling Yuqi ignored him and said to the dealer: "Take me one."

"You? This..." Hearing Ling Yuqi's words, the dealer was slightly stunned, and he was a little unsure of not paying attention.

Gambler F said directly mockingly: "Just you? Do you have money? Girl. As

the winner of the last game, gambler F was extremely confident in the operation of the game just now, and even felt that the game just now was the best operation since he played cards.

But it was said to be a dish by such a woman who didn't know where it came from!

He couldn't stand it directly.

If it weren't for the fact that the other party was a woman, he would have to let the other party eat his punch!

"Money?" Ling Yuqi was slightly stunned, and then waved his right hand: "Are these enough?"

On the card table, there was suddenly a bunch of gold coins -

seeing this sudden appearance of money, the dealer's pupils shrank suddenly, and then his fingers moved lightly, issuing inexplicable instructions.

The stacker who led Ling Yuqi here quietly left without attracting anyone's attention.

Because everyone's attention is on the pile of gold coins on the table.

If the gold coins on this table are real, it is a lot of money!

And Ling Yuqi, the only one who noticed the departure of the stacker boy, just thought that he had something to do, so he didn't care about him...

The dealer stepped forward and took out a gold coin, examined it carefully, and said, "It's true."

"Sir, how are you going to play."

"All of this is converted into chips for me!" Ling Yuqi said cheerfully.

This pile is just a drop in the bucket in her warehouse, which is not worth mentioning at all, so it is all converted into chips, and it is not distressed.

What's more, in the end, the money will eventually return to your own pocket....

And hearing the conversation between the two, the gamblers were even more shocked!

But compared to the gold coin that appeared inexplicably, they wanted to know where this young woman got so much money from, and she was willing to exchange it for chips.

If you sell them outside, these coins will definitely cost a lot more than if they were exchanged for chips at the casino!

But the casino doesn't care about you, if you have money, you are the uncle.

So, gambler E who didn't have much money left consciously, and Ling Yuqi made up for it.

The pile of gold coins was also converted by the dealer and exchanged for a large number of chips....

When a new hand began, the other gamblers, even if they were a little displeased, did not dare to put on any faces.


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