As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned, and the whole scene suddenly changed greatly.

Not only did the manager's face suddenly darken, but the expressions of the rest of the people around him also froze a little.

No matter what the previous win was, her sentence was clearly looking for trouble.

Moreover, it was still the national hero Klockdar -

did not wait for the reaction of the casino personnel such as the manager and other gamblers who lost money, but the other spectators temporarily suppressed the panic of the black shadow in their hearts, and began to denounce Ling Yuqi like the guardian's watchdog.

"You guy! Purely here to find trouble!

"There is no quality at all, didn't your parents teach you what quality is!!"

"Lord Klockdar is a hero of our country! Do you deserve to speak so rampantly?!!!

"Apologize! Apologize to our great Lord Klockdal——!!!

Waving his hands, the surrounding spectators shouted at Ling Yuqi loudly with righteous indignation as if they were claiming justice at this time.

In their hearts, the "rain feast" ... Oh no, it is the whole "rainy land" that can have such a good state of life, all relying on Lord Klockdar.

Even though Klockdar was originally a pirate, they still regarded Klockdar as a hero of the country.

Because they saw it with their own eyes, Klockdar helped them and improved their lives.

And this suddenly appeared, so disrespectful to their own heroes, their own beliefs, they naturally could not bear it.

If it weren't for the fact that it was still difficult to let go of the inexplicable black shadow in their hearts, they would have rushed forward long ago, controlled this arrogant woman, and then handed it over to the hero to dispose of.

In case of danger, it's okay to say hi, anyway, there are so many people on her side, no matter how she does, she can't hurt all of us.

What's more, this is still Lord Klockdal's place, and with Lord Klockdal's protection, this guy must not dare to hurt us....

This group of guys standing around waving their arms and denouncing Ling Yuqi thought so in their hearts.

But they forgot, or didn't care at all, that the guy who was still on the ground and his blood was almost dry was attacked by her in the place of the "rain banquet", the place of Klockdar!

In other words, this woman dares to use a knife here!

It's just that everyone didn't pay attention to this.

Either forget, or don't care, or trust in the name of Klockdalwei....

The pedantic and numb people will eventually accept sanctions -

the noise of the surrounding crowd made Ling Yuqi frown slightly, and his mood gradually sank.

She didn't understand how this group of sanctimonious guys dared to be so smelly....

I have learned from the past, and I dare to be so crazy....

Is it because you don't look like a bad person?

...... It doesn't seem to be very similar.

Their overly beautiful faces may give them wrong cognitive judgments.

Although Ling Yuqi is not a cold-blooded and ruthless character in itself, under the influence of the (Alter) form....

If killing can easily solve the problem and go straight to the goal, it is a clear and feasible means.


If you kill all these guys... That guy in Klockdar definitely can't sit still....

In that case, he would definitely take the initiative to come out to see me—

secretly calculating in his heart, a red light flashed in his golden eyes, and the cold killing intent slowly flowed out...

The cold air flow came out inexplicably, and the surrounding temperature instantly dropped by several degrees.

But in this time near the evening, the sudden drop in temperature only made everyone in the casino shiver, and then they only thought that it was the reason why the temperature began to drop rapidly at night, and they didn't care much.

Because the weather in the desert, the huge difference in temperature difference between day and night, makes it normal to suddenly reduce the temperature by a few degrees now.

But the inexplicable sense of foreboding in the heart also made this group of ignorant guys, although they were very angry, they also temporarily stopped shouting of denunciation...

At the same time, seeing that the spectators were like that, the security personnel surrounding the perimeter could no longer watch the play.

Otherwise, if the boss knows that passers-by know to maintain his dignity, but the people in their casinos do not understand this, then they will only be fed crocodiles afterwards.

They quickly crossed the crowd and walked to the center.

Several security personnel surrounded the entire table to prevent the people at this table from leaving, but when they saw the dying gambler F on the ground, they were slightly stunned....

They came in a hurry because of the huge movement on this side, and they have been surrounding the crowd to prevent the troublemakers from fleeing, so they did not see the scene where gambler F was inexplicably cut off his right hand.

There were some doubts in my heart, but I didn't care.

Then his expression changed! With a bad face, he held an iron bar in his hand, and stared at the troublesome woman with a fierce light!

As the security personnel of the "Rain Banquet" town yard, their temperament is like hooligans, and they look very fierce and difficult to mess with!

But as the security guards with the lowest status in the "Rain Banquet" casino, they have no skills, their brains are not very good, they can only fight, although they also want to attack quickly and solve this matter....

But now the manager is present, and without the manager's instructions, they do not dare to move.

They only wait for the manager's order, or this woman to strike first, and they will burst into a fierce attack!

This group of security personnel, who have some combat ability and decent physical fitness, are fearless——!

Perhaps there were security personnel standing in front of him, giving himself confidence, and the jumping beam clown who briefly stopped shouting around him began to howl again!

“... You guy... It seems that you just won because of cheating! "

The guy who smokes the old thousand——!"


The sudden burst of furious momentum, like a bomb exploding, instantly exploded everyone around!

The dark and gloomy magic power flowed out from the body, filling the entire hall in an instant!

The dark magic power and powerful momentum flowing everywhere, like Mount Tai, pressed on the bodies of everyone on the field, making it difficult to move their bodies! It's hard to even make a wail!

Under this strong pressure, only a few people with better physical fitness can move their fingers slightly, but they are also limited to moving their fingers....

The rest, especially the group of idle spectators, were directly injured by this pressure!

Worse, he fainted directly——!

Without the noisy shouts of the scum, the hall instantly became much quieter.

In the calm hall, Ling Yuqi, who only released a little breath, was still sitting firmly in his seat.

The finger lightly tapped the table, with an indifferent expression, and looked at the manager who was lying on the ground with contempt, and flicked his finger slightly, and said, "Why is there a dog barking here?" "

Naw? Why do you have dogs in your casino? The mood of fun has disappeared at this moment, and she is extremely unhappy because of the dog's barking, and she is frowning tightly for the subsequent action, suppressing the fierce killing intent in her heart!

But his mouth was still mocking: "As the largest casino in the Kingdom of Alabastan, why do you have dogs in the casino——? "

Huh? Why do dogs bark——! Word by word, Ling Yuqi stared at the manager coldly and said.

And every time Ling Yuqi said a word, the power that pressed on the manager would instantly increase!

Until the end, Ling Yuqi stood up and walked to the manager who was suppressed by the huge pressure, deeply embedded in the ground, and difficult to come out...


Ling Yuqi kicked out! Kick it out! Crashed a lot of tables, and finally stopped at a table far away that was half damaged...

And the suppression on his body was taken back by Ling Yuqi...

Although the pressure on the manager was withdrawn, the pressure on the rest of the people was not withdrawn -

"Huh? Don't play dead! Speak!!! Looking

at the casino manager who was covered in dirt and blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, Ling Yuqi had no mercy, just unusual indifference.

His body was full of tingling pain, and he endured the severe pain, and the manager who slowly stood up knew that if he didn't apologize quickly, he was afraid that he would be gone.

"Yes... I'm sorry! This... It's a problem with our casino...! We will... Compensate you for your losses——! The manager, who had distorted his face because of the pain, responded with some stumbling.

Hearing this, Ling Yuqi was stunned....

Compensate? What am I compensating for?

When I thought that I was going to find Klockdar Ma next... Ling Yuqi, who could not be regarded as trouble, said that he did not need to compensate.

Because in the end, the boss of your family will work for me, what do I want this little compensation from you for?

I'm the boss!

Thinking of this, Ling Yuqi didn't bother to trouble him, "Go!" Call Klockdar to me!

"Yes... Be! Dragging the injured body, the manager wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, endured the pain, and limped inside.


As soon as they entered the hall, the crowd lying on the ground all fell into a coma.

I don't know how many people died, and the smell of blood floated in the air, affecting people's minds.

Klockdar saw at a glance, sitting at the card table... Correct... A woman counting chips on the table with her back to herself?

The pupils were slightly condensed, Klockdar's heart moved slightly, and a trace of sand quietly spread out....

"It's you, looking for me——?"

His ears moved slightly, his hands kept moving, and Ling Yuqi at the table said lightly:

"You are here."


"You shouldn't have come."

Klockdar: ???


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