"Naw, Klockdar... Do you want to beat it with your own hands, Whitebeard? "

Slowly closed eyes suddenly opened! The lowered eyes are full of surprise!

He didn't understand what Ling Yuqi meant.

It was obviously just literal, but he couldn't, or couldn't believe it....

Defeated Whitebeard with his own hands, is it okay to be himself now?

Even though Whitebeard is aging, his strength has plummeted, and he no longer supports long battles, he is still the strongest man in the world.

Whitebeard, who has carried the title of the world's strongest man for so many years, has not fallen until now, relying not on something messy, but on pure strength.

Even though he was getting older, no one dared to touch his brow.

In this era of exploration, people can emerge, and pirates crisscross the sea.

Until now, no one can shake this name, which is enough to explain everything -

he has been abandoned for more than ten years, and he only relies on this backward strength in his body to fight with it, which is really a bit out of his strength.

Just like myself lying here now, I will only be beaten without any ability to fight back, and there is no hope of winning.

Even if from now on start refining yourself again and improve your strength.

I'm afraid that before he has such great strength, Whitebeard has already died of illness.

In this life, if you want to defeat Whitebeard in the right light, in my current self, in addition to relying on the help of ancient weapons to quickly find Whitebeard to fight, otherwise there is no trace of hope -

and if others say to themselves, "Do you want to personally defeat Whitebeard", Klockdar must feel that the other party's brain has been kicked by a donkey.

Then he will kill the other party with the power of thunder and let the other party recognize reality.

But...... Now it is himself who is being killed....

Although he is also in evil, Klockdar still does not feel that the breath on the other party is very pleasing, but rather strange disgust, soul repulsion.

It was as if if he was infected with this evil, he would fall into an endless abyss....

It's just that Klockdar doesn't care about this, and Klockdar, who is himself caught in a life and death decision, only thinks about the meaning of "defeating Whitebeard with his own hands".

If he can really obtain this kind of power from her, he must first compromise and obtain strength from her, and after defeating Whitebeard, he will break the shackles she gave herself!

Klockdar is convinced that if he really has this ability to instantly gain great power, he will not lose himself, but will control this power in turn!

A bright light gradually flashed in his lowered eyes, and Klockdar, who thought of these in an instant, changed his mood somewhat.

He slowly raised his head, followed the toes wrapped in pitch-black armor, and looked upwards, and the momentum on his body also changed.

The power that has been falling because of sinking here, the gloomy momentum that is as dull as sand, finally lit up with a light...

"What if... You really have the power to let me defeat Whitebeard... That, I will be at your disposal at any time-"

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and at this moment, Klockdar finally had a trace of the momentum that had once been at sea.

It's just that now, it may be subordinate.

But if you are a subordinate for a period of time, you can obtain the strength of the world's top powerhouse.

In today's state of Klockdar, it is still acceptable.

Not to mention the choice given on the premise that the other party defeats himself and can kill himself.

If this had been more than twenty years ago, Klockdar would not have agreed, even if it ended in death.

But now....

Klockdar chooses to follow the heart -

on the way to One Piece, there will always be a little setback, which is nothing.

It's just a matter of lying down and trying to be bold, it's not a big problem.

Seeing Klockdar's appearance, Ling Yuqi, who felt more and more happy, raised a smile and said: "Of course, I can give you the strength to defeat or even kill Whitebeard... It's just..." At this point, he turned to a little heavy and said:

"Whether you can withstand it or not, then it depends on yourself-" After all, suddenly gaining great power is always risky.

The greater the power, the greater the risk taken.

In this regard, Klockdar just said confidently: "Of course!" I'm Klockdar——! "

Klockdar has never recognized a few people in his life, One Piece Roger counts one, Whitebeard counts one, and now there is another her.

The rest, that's it.

On top of that, he was extra confident in himself.

For Klockdar's confidence, Ling Yuqi was also very happy.

Because she decided to try him, the so-called blackening ability, the

body of evil darkness, was formed after being polluted by black mud.

In his body, he also possessed a huge magic power with the same degree of pollution as black mud for Ling Yuqi to use.

If you use this magic power to erode others and blacken them... And how will it change?

Ling Yuqi didn't know, but subconsciously thought that this way was feasible.

Enough mana was enough for her to pile up Klockdar to the strength of Whitebeard, and at most, she was only overconsumed by mana, making this form unusable for a short time.

But it was only a short-term ban in one form, and it did not have much impact on Ling Yuqi.

Moreover, if the desirability of this ability can be confirmed, then it can have a lot of fun~

After all, it is not only the king of the saber Alter form who can operate like this.

Presumably, the Lion King... Yes, too—

of course, this refers to the Lion King who never put down the holy spear.

With the magic power of the holy spear gods, to erode others, what is the difference between the erosion of evil black mud?

Ling Yuqi was very curious.

Although this was just a whim, Ling Yuqi, who originally did not have a permanent pointer from Alabastan and was not prepared to come here, naturally did not have such an idea.

But maybe he saw Klockdar, thought of his past, and under the influence of anime in his previous life, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pity for this talent, and wanted to give him another chance.

Or just want to have fun.

But no matter what, Ling Yuqi, who had already chosen to do so, naturally would not refuse to blacken him.

But first, you still have to find a quiet place before you can continue with the next operation.


The exterior walls of the casino collapsed, and the dust raised briefly obscured people's view.

The noisy crowd outside the casino saw the casino collapse and the smoke and dust disperse....

What catches your eye is the entire ruins, and the one standing next to Lord Klockdar... Inexplicable woman!

It may be that Klockdar's reputation is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, because of the huge noise of the casino, and many citizens gathered outside, seeing this scene, couldn't help but rise angry -

as if they had no brains, they didn't think about why the powerful Klockdar was injured and lay at Ling Yuqi's feet.

Brainless, they just bravely threw eggs at Ling Yuqi! And shouted: Let go of Lord Klockdar! You witch! "

The woman who defeated her own hero, and who is so beautiful, is naturally considered to be the witch who came to bring disaster to Alabastan....

First he was recognized as a god in Albana, and then he was recognized as a witch here, and Ling Yuqi wanted to laugh very much.

But the act of throwing things, even if you can't lose yourself, will be eroded by the magic wrapped around the body, but it is always unpleasant to return.

Ling Yuqi, who entertains with a game life mentality, wants to be a thought, and they do it like this, which purely blocks Ling Yuqi's happy mood.

She's ready to teach this group of guys a lesson!

For a while, a red light flashed in his eyes, and the dark magic wrapped around his body inexplicably rose a touch of red...

The cold breath spread throughout the city, making people shiver.

Then I felt the terrifying aura on that woman's body and the cold eyes!

For a while, they all realized the seriousness of the matter....

But without waiting for Ling Yuqi to make a move, or to take a stand, Klockdar took the lead in controlling the sand outside...

The sand then wrapped around all the people outside, giving it directly to the people, extremely decisively... Hanging!

Klockdar, who was not in good health, was too lazy to use the trick of absorbing water, but decisively and rudely solved this group of guys.

Even if they were for themselves, Klockdar only showed a sarcastic mockery of this group of stupid humans.

"I have to say that you must have a brush to do MLM."


MLM, what is that?

Klockdar didn't understand the word, but felt that he should boast about himself.

And for this group of people who were hanged by Klockdar, Ling Yuqi did not have any mercy.

Die and die.

She immediately summoned Ramley II, and the dark black armor on her body dissipated, replaced by beautiful clothes for Christmas.

The sudden appearance of the sled and the change of clothes made Klockdar still not understand how she made this sled and why she changed her clothes.

Could it be that she has some special proclivities, just to match this sleigh, she changed into Christmas clothes?

Klockdar didn't believe it would be that simple.

But he also did not send out inquiries.

Before Ling Yuqi said it himself, all excessive inquiries were not good for him.

Klockdar is not stupid.

But for Klockdar, who was full of scars and particularly dirty, Ling Yuqi disliked him a little and got on his sled.

But after all, you have to find a quiet place to verify the blackening ability.

I can only take him....

Wrong! Let the hippopotamus carry him away!

Ling Yuqi, who had a whim, decisively drove two hippos to hold Klockdar and carry it sideways in front of the sled.

Under the disgusted expressions of the two hippos, he carried Klockdar on the ground on his back....

Such an image is very humiliating.

Fortunately, except for the people who were still sleeping in the house, everyone on the street was attracted by the sound of the casino, resulting in all being killed by Klockdal, so no one could see Klockdar's humiliated appearance at the moment.

Frowning, Klockdar was also deeply displeased by this gesture.

But he has no right to speak, and the only thing he can move is to use the energy in his body to forcibly condense a sand storm in his hand.

Then the sled slowly took off, and then headed towards the desert, and Klockdar controlled the sandstorm in his hands! Decisively throw in the direction of the "rain banquet"!

In order to prevent anyone from seeing in the shadows, he wants to destroy the entire "rain land"!

In this way, you can ensure that no one can really see his humiliating scene....


One night, a violent sand storm swept through the entire "rainy land"!

The cold sand storm at night, like the death of harvesting life, will bring the entire "rainy land"! All destroyed——!

This dream city of Alabastan was reduced to history overnight!

Except for the person who came to the casino because of the sound and was killed by Klockdal, most of the people were shredded by the sandstorm in their sleep!

But more often than not, they were killed by broken rubble, or caught in the storm...

The entire "rainy land" is not spared!



the ruins, suddenly there were some noises.

It was as if someone was pushing something below, but it was difficult to push because of the many rubble that fell above.

But in the end, it was the man who pushed the weight of the pile of rubble.

Boom -

a large stone brick, carrying countless rubble dropped from above, was pushed away from below by several palms, revealing an underground passage ....

Only one of them, slightly bent over, was in this passage.

This is...... Nicole Robin!

During the "rain banquet", she saw that the situation was not good, so she fled early in the morning.

She is skilled in escape skills, or because of her more transparent existence, she has not attracted anyone's attention.

The escape did not run too far, but she ran to the periphery of the "rainland", still paying attention to the situation in the center, Klockdar.

After all, the umbrella of Klockdar is still quite useful.

But...... In the end, Klockdar failed and seemed to be captured by the mysterious woman, leaving Nicole Robin to prepare for the next home.

She also became a little interested in the mysterious girl...

But before she could leave, Klockdar backhanded a sandstorm, which immediately confused Nicole Robin.

Her eyes widened as she watched in disbelief at the giant sandstorm that was gradually coming.

She didn't understand why Klockdar had been captured and could still unleash his abilities and destroy this place.

But she didn't allow her to think too much, decisively and quickly found a secret underground passage, hiding in it to avoid the sand storm above.

As for the other inhabitants of the "rainland" ....

If she could, she wanted to save too.

But in this case, she can only protect herself.

The night passed, and the storm finally cleared, and she was able to climb out of the underground passage.

Watching this dream city change from ruins overnight, Nicole Robin has mixed feelings.

Dream city finally becomes a dream, even if this dream is a fake dream full of lies -

Nicole Robin wrapped up her coat, walked away, and walked towards the distance...


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