According to the direction pointed by the permanent pointer, the sea sailed for dozens of days, and there was still no trace of the Chambordi Islands.

But this was only because when Ling Yuqi drove the speedboat, he did not drive it with all his strength, making it move at full speed.

Ling Yuqi simply gave it a cloud of magic power, let the autopilot, straight towards the Chambord Islands.

Although for Ling Yuqi, this speed is not fast, but for other pirate ships on the sea, it is already fast....

And this fast, small ship is naturally extremely attractive to the attention and interest of pirates.

Who doesn't want to be a fast vehicle forever, let alone this group of pirates who claim to be free and sail at sea every day and night.

If they can get such a ship, how much more fun it will be!

But it's a pity that on this speedboat, there are two Yan Wang Ye existence...

The pirate ships encountered on the road were basically solved by Klockdar, who had just gained magic power, as a training tool.

But there are few pirate groups with great strength, and Klockdar can solve it easily.

It's just that today, they met a group of pirates that was not simple....


the Tesilo Pirates.

An old pirate group in the New World.

It is said that at its peak, you can even compete with those three legendary pirates!

But until now, the Tecilo Pirates have not fought against any legendary pirates....

And with the death of Roger, the passage of time, and the opening of the Age of Exploration, this old pirate group not only did not strengthen, but became weaker and weaker.

Under the oppression of Captain Tejillo, a large number of middle and high-ranking personnel flowed away, leaving only him and his younger brother, Hector ...

The once glorious scene no longer exists, and the pirates under his command are like slaves driven by the two.

But because there is no strength, there is no way to resist.

Because the powerful people have long left the Tesilo Pirate Group and seek a way out on their own.

What is left are ordinary pirates with no strength....

In the beginning, Tesilo also had a big goal.

Through that lofty ideal, a group of aspiring (mole) young people were fooled and came to this new world to show their ambitions.

But since Roger's death, this group of pirates seems to have changed... Or finally exposed their true nature, and began to oppress and exploit everyone!

Even, Tejillo found an island in the New World and ruled like a king.

If you encounter a problem or resist, solve it by force! Kill ——! directly

Through the continuous killing, people no longer dare to resist him....

For decades, he and his brother stayed on the island, exploiting all the people on the island and the men he brought with them....

Here, it's like hell -

and the world government and navy can't do anything about this pirate-controlled island in the new world, even if they want to help.

Because it's too far away.

It was a dangerous new world, and the people who controlled the island were powerful and notorious, Tejillo.

Sacrificing the people of an island and trapping two powerful pirates, the world government feels that the account is worth it.

As for the feelings of the people?

The world government doesn't care.

Therefore, no one has been sent to capture this evil pirate who has been living on a fixed island.

Without an order, the righteous people of the navy cannot reach the New World to punish Tesilo for his crimes.

It can even be said that the senior officials of the Navy have acquiesced to this situation.

Because there is no way to manage it.

Whether it is Tesilo or other pirates, pirates who dare to rule the island are extremely powerful existences.

Under the entanglement of various factors, the navy cannot move them at all!

Therefore, one can only watch Tejillo on the island of Domi in the New World, doing evil and claiming hegemony -

although the navy has concerns, the pirates do not.

For the whitebeard, who regarded his pirates as his son, when he wandered away because of Saatchi, after coming to this island...

Suddenly, he was furious——!

Whitebeard who is already in a bad mood! Directly cut off the island with one sword!

The huge island was split in two, and the owner of the island, Tesilo, also arrived in an instant, facing Whitebeard...

Although the white beard is gradually aging and his strength has been somewhat reduced, his strong strength and fierce momentum are still much stronger than this guy who is mighty and free to roam on Domi Island!

Tesilo's strength has declined even more than that of the former Klockdar.

But the difference is that Tesilo himself is very strong, almost reaching the end of the strength he can improve, and Klockdar at that time, the strength is not weak, but more there is unlimited potential.

So even if his strength has dropped significantly, he still retains some of his strength.

Tesilo, who had never eaten the Devil's Fruit, fought with Whitebeard on the spot for a day and a night!

And the final result was that Whitebeard was slightly injured, and Tesilo was directly hit hard!

However, the battered Tesilo was rescued by his brother Hector and fled Domi Island with him.

Originally, the other members of the Whitebeard Pirates wanted to stop him.

But they were stopped by Whitebeard and let them go.

The children didn't know what Daddy thought, but they followed Daddy's orders.

Looking at Hector who held Tesilo and fled by the sea, Whitebeard had mixed tastes in his heart....

Now this ship is no longer what we, the old men of the old era, can steer -

a new era is coming....

Helped by the children, Whitebeard, who was exhausted from a day and a night of fighting, returned to the ship and fell into a deep sleep.

Marko, the captain of the first team of the Whitebeard Pirates, quickly filled Whitebeard's body with drips, treating his gradually declining body and dark injuries...

Domi Island, which was finally liberated, planted a flag belonging to Whitebeard.

Hector who escaped, took his brother Tesilo with him, and returned to the Great Voyage....

After treatment, Tejillo, who had recovered, was not willing to let his island be occupied.

They are ready to reorganize the Pirates and return to the New World!

It's just that the pirate group has just been formed, and once again fooled a group of pirates on board.

On the way, I encountered such a strange-looking ship....

Tesilo, who likes to collect strange treasures, immediately stopped the ship and said,

"Hey! ......"


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