Because before the two met the Tesilo Pirates, they also met a lot of pirates looking for trouble.

Those pirates, not as sensible as Tesilo, just blocked the way and asked and prepared to leave, but were extremely arrogant and prepared to rob Ling Yuqi's speedboat, and even delusional....

Perhaps because after Klockdar blackened, his momentum and state have changed, and he no longer has a cigar in his mouth, but a somewhat funny lollipop, so that no one notices that this guy is actually Klockdal, one of the seven martial seas of His Majesty.

And when encountering this kind of thing, there was no need for Ling Yuqi to speak, just frowning slightly, and Klockdar directly controlled the wild sand to rush up.

Ling Yuqi in an ordinary state may have some concerns because of his integrity, but the already ruthless Klockdar will not stop because of anything after blackening.

It just so happened that Klockdar had not mastered magic for a long time, and he had not yet integrated his sand ability with his magic power, and he could not use the fine operations that gave magic power at will.

Therefore, this group of guys who were not originally Klockdar's opponents, after encountering the blackened Klockdar, they were completely crushed by the greatly increased strength of Klockdar, and due to poor control, the use of too much magic led to too much power, resulting in the entire pirate ship being directly crushed by the dark sand endowed with magic power——!

Its miserable appearance was even somewhat disgusted by Klockdar, and he released his control over that part of the sand and let it sink into

the sea - so, above the sea, without the increased assistance of the desert yellow sand, Klockdar only relied on the sand he made to deal with the enemy....

Along the way, encounter one pinch one, encounter one pinch one.

As long as you encounter pirates who don't know whether they are dead or alive, come to block the way, or say wild words, Klockdar will not let go of all the pinched death!

Along the way, mana flows throughout the body, increasing all the strength of the body, and Klockdar's mana increase in sand control ability is like a rocket flying into the sky, rapidly improving in these days.

It's just that I haven't encountered a close opponent who can even block the appearance of a single opponent....

Until he met Tesilo, Klockdar was only able to slightly integrate mana into the outer layer of the sand, so as not to use mana every time, he had to release a large amount of mana to infect all the sand, causing all the yellow sand to turn into black sand.

Although the black sand infused with magic power is countless times stronger in strength and hardness than the yellow sand, the mana consumed is also enormous.

And Klockdar, who prefers to use large-range attack moves, if he uses this black sand every time...

Even if the dark hearth formed by the dark silk thread in his body recovered the magic power consumed in his body at a relatively fast speed, he couldn't eat it.

And if it is simply to give a layer of magic power to the outer layer of sand, it will waste the particularity brought by Klockdal's magic + sand ability.

After all, Klockdar's sand control is not about manipulating something big.

The single one is extremely small, and the composition is even a sand that can form a sea of sand!

The smaller it is, the more space it can operate.

Everything is in the brain hole -

but the former replacement is, the control of these can be separated....

And these are also Ling Yuqi's suggestions for him.

Therefore, in these few days, Klockdar exhausted his mind to improve the accuracy of his ability to manipulate it.

But it still doesn't reach the point where sand can be manipulated in many ways....

Because if the yellow sand is separated, it is not like condensed sand, it is just an operation.

The isolated individual sand will require Klockdar to use mental distraction to control.

With his spiritual power at this time, he could not achieve such a delicate operation.

This requires a long stream of water and long-term exercise to master.

When he mastered it, it was also when his new move of Klockdar appeared -

although he did not get any outstanding success in terms of fine sand control....

But through the efforts of these days, it has finally achieved remarkable results in terms of magic!

He can control his magic to distinguish black sand from yellow sand, and link it between the flow of sand with a trace of magic to increase its hardness.

If needed, he can also give the previous layer of magic power again in the outer layer, and will also increase some power again.

Even, he can make the yellow sand partially black sand, so as to save mana and use the power of black sand strength.

Although local black desertification will not be as hard as full black sand, it is enough to cope with most situations....

At this time, Klockdar's strongest state is still the black sand where the sand is completely immersed in magic!

Because, the existence of a small cloud of black sand is even harder than diamond!

So no matter how Klockdar uses it, just with this hardness, it can become a big killer for him!

Moreover, black sand is not just two grains per grain, two pieces per piece, there is a quantity, and it is gone when it runs out....

It is, innumerable!

As long as the magic and physical strength are enough, he wants to build as much as he wants!

This is the powerful confidence brought by his two abilities of magic + sand!

Just by using magic in this "rough", Klockdar could feel his own horror and strength at this time.

Later, when the use of magic in the body is perfectly mastered, and the matching moves are developed....

Whitebeard? Scold! Vulnerable -

Klockdar, who had already begun to imagine himself hanging with a white beard, was extremely confident.

And for this inexplicable Tesilo ....

Although he did not receive any gestures from Ling Yuqi, Klockdar, who understood Ling Yuqi's general character in the past few days, chose to ...


He believed that the empathetic king would not stop him, not to mention that it was the king who told him to stop them.

Wang, who has not given the other party a good face, should also dislike this guy.

It just so happens that he is now desperately short of opponents he can fight to hone his strength and improve his proficiency in controlling the magic in his body.

This guy who can even feel that he is not weak, even if it is an old man, Klockdar does not want to let go.

He does not have any good qualities of respecting the old and loving the young.

Without morality, no one can kidnap him Klockdar!

At this time, he will only be bound by the mysterious woman who gave him great strength...

For the rest, he didn't put it in his eyes -

and Ling Yuqi could also see at a glance that Tesilo had an extremely deep, sinful aura.

That disgusting breath filled the body of this good-faced old man...

And at such an age, this old animal still has good strength.

It can really be said that people cannot look good, and the sea water cannot be beaten....

This kind of strength Ling Yuqi is naturally willing to let Klockdar go to play, and watch an extremely intense live broadcast by the way.

Anyway, it's a monstrous guy, even if he is played to death by Klockdal.

So Ling Yuqi stopped him and released Klockdar-


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