As soon as the voice fell, I only listened to "Boom!" "Boom! Hawkeye stomped on the ground! Shake away the sand under your feet! The figure sped in an instant!

Both hands clenched the black knife night that was endowed by the powerful armed color domineering, and the fierce energy tore through the surrounding air, mixed with the roar of the dragon!

The galloping movements under his feet kept stopping, and the pitch-black long knife that he decisively lifted in his hand slashed towards Ling Yuqi head-on——!

That raging momentum like a fierce tiger descending a mountain instantly rushed to the face!

The cold and fierce momentum of even the strongest warrior will inevitably shudder when locked by it!

The fierce breath stirs everything around! The gravel on the beach floats with it!

The terrifying aura condensed a substantial black-red air flow! And viciously twisting the surrounding air!

If it weren't for the beach, but for the ordinary dirt ground, it would have been directly shattered by this powerful momentum -

facing the oncoming Mihawk, Ling Yuqi was also a magic power!

The azure blue magic poured into the whole body! Powerful magic increases its already powerful flesh!

[Magic unleashed! ] The

endless power emerged, making Ling Yuqi feel for a moment that with a simple wave of his hand, he could easily destroy everything——!

But this is just the illusion of suddenly gaining such great power.

The rich azure blue magic flows in the body, and the gusts of wind blow the skirt and hair on the body.

Ling Yuqi clenched the long sword in his hand, and the corners of his mouth also slightly curved...

Facing the black knife that came at him, Ling Yuqi instantly raised his sword to resist it——!

The silver-white long sword collided with the pitch-black long knife in an instant! Huge power to touch! Produces unparalleled blast damage!

Ripples visible to the naked eye rush out! The powerful attack directly dispersed the scattered sand under your feet!

However, the raised gravel could not even survive for a moment, and it was swallowed by the aftermath of the attack of the two, directly turning into nothingness - and

the power of the explosion also produced a deafening roar!

The loud sound and carrying a powerful aftermath also shattered the ground of the entire uninhabited island!

Like an earthquake, countless cracks appeared on the ground!

Not only that, the strong explosion and momentum shattered all the clouds floating in the sky, and the distorted air could be seen with the naked eye alone!

The whole area, even the sky! They were all split in two by Hawkeye's powerful momentum and Ling Yuqi's monstrous magic!

It forms the appearance of two opposites.

And Mihawk and Ling Yuqi, who were in the center, were both using their own strength to suppress each other at this time!

And over time....

The waves on the seashore are getting more and more intense! It's like the end of the world! The great waves continue and churn endlessly.

The rift on the island also became deeper and deeper, and gradually spread throughout the island.

It seems that the island is about to reach its limit and collapse -

and Hawkeye Mihawk, who is opposed to Ling Yuqi, his hands holding the black knife began to tremble slightly, cold sweat slowly dripped from his cheeks, his sharp eyes were still staring at the blonde woman in front of him, and his heart was more and more shocked...

This little girl... Is it really that strong——!

Obviously he looks so young, as if he is not very well developed (bushi),

even if he just sensed the great danger that the other party brought him, he still did not feel that the other party was strong, where would it be....

I thought that the sense of danger might be the special ability that the other party possessed, the kind of bug ability that can defeat the enemy with one move.

After all, in this world, there are more strange devil fruits.

As one of the top powerhouses in the world, even if he doesn't think that he is the most powerful sword master in the world, he still has room for improvement, but he has never felt that it is like this... For this blonde woman in front of him, it is difficult to resist!

Just like a newborn baby, facing a boxing king in the best condition, this powerful force and inexplicable energy make it difficult for Mihawk to imagine how he can win!

Even just resisting the opponent's ordinary slash has already exerted all his strength!

I don't even have the power to change moves....

He believed that if he drew his sword at this moment to change his attack method, before he could slash out with his next blow, the holy long sword would cut himself off directly in an instant!

At this moment, Hawkeye froze.

And because he was just in contact with his own ability, Ling Yuqi was not so skilled in using his own magic power.

You can't use your own magic easily, let alone accurately control your own magic to deal with actual combat.

What's more, the magic in the body is somewhat mixed....

Various types of mana are surging through the body, some with very different attributes, but all equally powerful.

And this also caused Ling Yuqi to use almost half of his magic power when he burst out of mana, and more mana was also wasted...

Otherwise, with the body blessed by magic alone, the body of a monster comparable to Berserker, it should be no problem to repel Mihawk with a sword, and it will not be a stalemate with him here....

Although there is a lot of wasted mana, the confrontation with Hawkeye, and the short-term run-in and mastery of mana, also make Ling Yuqi's very obedient magic power for himself more and more handy.

As for those mana that were wasted due to improper use in the outbreak, for Ling Yuqi, it was...


the almost infinite magic power in this body made Ling Yuqi not care about these wasted magic powers.

Only the growing resistance in his stomach was the point that made Ling Yuqi pay attention...

The more mana is consumed... The hungrier your stomach will be——?

It's just that Ling Yuqi, who has to rely on Mihawk to grind his own ability, doesn't want to end the battle so early...

But the more he confronted Mihawk, the more fierce the resistance of his stomach became, as if to say:

Lao Tzu is hungry! Hurry up and cook for Lao Tzu! Don't put it on hold!

If you want to fight, hurry up and fight! Amplified move directly seconds him! Then make food for Lao Tzu——!!!

Fortunately, it also knows a little consciously that this is not the time to make a sound, so it does not make a shameful cry.

And Ling Yuqi also chose not to wait anymore.

Anyway, the run-in can be sharpened at any time, and it is not impossible to grind in daily life, and it is not necessary to catch this guy Mihawk alone....

Such a powerful magic, as long as it is not the alliance of the four emperors, or the alliance of the navy, to besiege themselves, then there is no problem in brainless horizontal pushing.

Therefore, there is no need to raise your control accuracy so early now, and slowly there is no hurry.

Anyway, now his own appearance, this guy Hawkeye knows.

For now, let the feeling beat him first, and then let him invite himself to dinner!

Otherwise, as soon as you hit and fight, your stomach growls, and you will be embarrassed....

As the king of Britain, if you grull with hunger when you fight, then the dignity of a king... There will be no left! (Although there was none...) Thinking

about it, Ling Yuqi decisively increased the rate of surging magic power in his body!

The silver-white sword that confronted the black knife burst out with powerful magical power!

The powerful magic of translucent blue is wrapped around the long sword! Doubled its power again!

The fierce wind also appeared with the explosion of magical power!

The wind as sharp as a knife tore through Hawkeye's knife-holding hands!

Collide with the hands that give the domineering color of the armed color, and make a crisp sound like colliding with iron weapons!

I saw the blonde woman softly open her mouth and drink softly!

"The Wind King... Hammer! "



The longsword that suddenly increased its great power carried a powerful sword qi! It was knocked out directly!

Hawkeye, who could barely resist the opponent's attack, fell into the island at the moment when he couldn't defend against this sudden and powerful move!

It knocked down countless ancient trees that have survived for hundreds of years! Flew all the way upside down——!

Until he fell into the middle of the island, his body finally stopped flying, but fell out of a deep pit, and lay down in the big hole in rags.

The eyes were lowered, and a deep sword wound on the chest was clearly visible....


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