After tea, the news of Olma Muammar Saint in the Chambordi Islands and showing weakness with a pirate spread all over the place.

Many pirates couldn't help but have a kind in their hearts, "Draco is actually afraid of powerful pirates?" ".

But based on the fear of the general, he still did not dare to do anything.

It's just that the fear of Draco has been slightly reduced....

Ling Yuqi here, after eating the chef of a restaurant in a low-key manner, in the surprised eyes of everyone, Ling Yuqi left directly and walked towards Island 13.

In my impression, Xia Qi's bamboo rattage is around Island 13.

She doesn't know the exact location, but based on Aunt Peony's experience of being a pirate forty years ago and being hunted by the naval hero Vice Admiral Karp, her strength will not be ordinary.

Moreover, a certain man who often drinks in Xia Qi's bamboo BAR Tavern and has an unusual relationship with Aunt Peony is also a difficult character!

The former deputy captain of Roger's Pirates, the right bowl of One Piece, Hades Rayleigh is most likely staying there.

So as long as the perception is released, where can you perceive the powerful power, the probability is Xia Qi's bamboo BAR Tavern.

Even if you can't find it, it won't make much difference.

It can only mean that Renly is not in Xia Qi's Ripping Bar Tavern, he may be doing his own money-making work and selling himself -

Ling Yuqi, who is going to auction some devil fruits next, is not worried about not meeting him.

But if it really happens that he has something to go to sea, then fate has not yet arrived, and there is no way....

She was still quite interested in the domineering cultivation method that Reilly had mastered.

Even if you can't use it yourself, others can use it.

So, Ling Yuqi rode the bubble car here and leisurely drove towards the destination.

And Klockdar is still making evil deals with Olma Muammar Saint!

With the great strength of Klockdar, he is discussing cooperation with Olma Muammar Saint Draco that is enough to change the situation in the world——!


After arriving at Island 13, I immediately felt the different atmosphere on this side -

compared to other islands, there are not many people coming and going here, and most of the people walking on the road are men with fierce looks and a little breath.

Perhaps the news that he had received the condescending invitation of the Draco had spread, and the peerless beauty next to Klockdar naturally attracted people's attention.

At this time, a beautiful woman who had never heard of it at sea and suddenly came to the Chambord Islands couldn't help but remind people of the beauty who had just been with Klockdar.

As a group of guys licking blood from the tip of the knife, the guys on Island 13 were more afraid and far away when they saw Ling Yuqi's arrival.

I don't know what her relationship is with Klockdar, and I don't know what their relationship is with the Draco, and it is not a good thing for herself to rush forward at this time.

Therefore, Ling Yuqi easily found the place he was looking for.

That is, this one in front of you....

Xia Qi's rip-off BAR!

Walking into the tavern, it was strangely empty.

Only the hostess Xia Qi was leaning on the bar, shaking the wine glass in her hand.

When she saw Ling Yuqi's arrival, she was prepared and not surprised.

For her face, there was only a flash of admiration in her eyes.

Standing up slightly straight, Xia Qi said with a smile: "Little girl, this is not a place you can come at your age~"

"Aunt Peony, people can't look good, but I have become an adult early-" While saying, Ling Yuqi walked to the stool in front of the bar, sat in front of Xia Qi, and continued:

"Na, where is your old man?" Where did it go?

Hearing this, Xia Qi's movements in his hands paused slightly, and then continued:

"He, ah, is probably going to sell himself again." While speaking, Xia Qi put down the wine glass in his hand.

She also made a glass of fruit wine for Ling Yuqi.

"Give, you should like this."

Taking the wine glass handed over, Ling Yuqi didn't say much, just drank it all in one gulp.

Ling Yuqi then said, "Since he is not there, then I will leave."

"If I don't meet him after that, when he returns, Aunt Peony remembers to remind him."

"Say, if someone claiming to be Britain comes to him and asks for something, remember to give it to the other party."

After Ling Yuqi said this calmly, Xia Qi's eyes became a little more solemn.

After a pause, he responded, "Okay, but I'm not sure, he'll give it."

"He will agree-" Meaningfully said, Ling Yuqi put down the cup and left directly.


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