Ling Yuqi stayed quietly in the tavern, lying bored on the table, floating with his mind wandering, and quietly waiting for the arrival of food.

Hawkeye, on the other hand, tasted the wine elegantly with a wine glass, but his eyes wavered and erratic, as if he was thinking about something.

I don't know if I'm thinking about the battle just now, or I'm thinking about the mysterious British Kingdom...

But he could only get some sword art insights from the battle just now, and he couldn't imagine anything in the mysterious British Kingdom.

Because, the Kingdom of Britain, in this world, does not exist -


Walking out of the tavern, Hawkeye looked at the empty wallet in his hand, and his heart was also a little depressed.

Although I don't have much money on me, I am enough to use it at will.

But it's just a meal, and now there are only so many bills left in the wallet....

If it weren't for the fact that the tavern didn't specialize much in catering, there weren't many ingredients stored, and they ate all the ingredients for their tavern in the end, and Hawkeye felt that this woman could continue to eat!

This guy... How can you eat so much?

Hawkeye looked puzzled at the blonde woman walking in front of him, obviously with such a petite body, but she could eat so much...

Although most of the strong people at sea are like this, the food eaten can be converted into energy to restore their state.

But he has never seen it as good as this guy ... Still such a petite woman.

That dragon-like appetite, even the red-haired Shanks, he felt that no one could eat this guy...

Should I say it, is it worthy of being a strong person who can overwhelm himself -

"Next, how are you going to go?" Walking aimlessly on the street, Hawkeye suddenly asked.

And Ling Yuqi, who looked around curiously and was in a very happy mood, replied when he heard the voice:

"Well..." "

I'm going to go to the Chambordi Islands and get something."

This place in the Chambord Islands caught the attention of Hawkeye.

After all, that place is too special....

So, he asked suspiciously, "Get something?" What will there be there, what a strong person like you needs?

But Ling Yuqi just said a little perfunctory: "Well~ it's just some media, you don't have to care about this-" Ling Yuqi

, who didn't need Hawkeye to do anything, said that this matter still didn't need to let him know, because it was not necessary.

She went to the Chambord Islands, but she had to do something big!

You don't need anyone's help, it's enough to be alone.

Rather, if someone helps, it is trouble....

Hearing this, Hawkeye no longer bothered.

But he also stopped his pace and said seriously to Ling Yuqi.

"Then here, let's go our separate ways."

"When my swordsmanship is further refined, I will come to you to ask for advice-"

Hearing this, Ling Yuqi, who was walking in front of Eagle Eye, immediately turned around and grabbed his arm and said.

"Wait! You can't just walk away! "

Huh? Is there anything else? Hawkeye wondered.

"I haven't eaten enough~! And just these meals, it's not delicious at all!

"What's more, I came all the way to the East China Sea, don't you invite me to a restaurant on the sea to eat?"

The food in the tavern, although it is not difficult to eat and belongs to the normal level, is just like that....

For the traversers from the Blue Star Dragon Country, they are still very picky about eating.

Those meals in the tavern can only be regarded as a cushion to the stomach, so that it is not so hungry.

But to really enjoy the food, you still can't be here.

And the sea restaurant in the East China Sea is a little yearning for Ling Yuqi...

And Hawkeye, who regularly travels around the world, must know where the sea restaurant is.

After all, the first world, Ling Yuqi, who was not in a hurry to complete the task, and just wanted to play smoothly, naturally did not want to let Hawkeye go so simply.

At the very least, treat yourself to the Great Voyage!

Hawkeye's right hand subconsciously touched the pocket containing the wallet.

In that wallet, there were only a few bills that had long been empty....

If she were invited to a restaurant on the sea, Hawkeye believed that these few bills alone would not be able to pay her dragon-like appetite...

But eating without giving money is not the character of Hawkeye.

It is naturally unrealistic to let him pay off debts by working part-time to brush bowls.

But to say not to invite this woman ....

Hawkeye looked at the blonde in front of him who was grabbing his arm and smiling.

Although it seems harmless to humans and animals, I always feel that there is something hidden under her smiling face....

Thinking that he would have to ask her about swordsmanship later, Hawkeye still decided...

Anyway, I still have to invite her to dinner -

but... What to do with this meal money....

Where should this money come from?

The two people who stopped in the middle of the street, one tall and one short, one majestic and towering, and the other petite and cute, could not help but attract the attention of pedestrians on the street.

The beautiful blonde girl made the group of people who had never seen such a beautiful girl froze in place, and they all wanted to get to know the beautiful girl.

But they were all frightened by the eagle eyes that carried the knife on his back and exuded a cold aura....

Those harsh eyes made the people around them dare not talk forward at all.

But...... As a world where pirates roam, even on this island, there are still pirates.

In front of the two, a group of hanging children walked in front of them, people walking arrogantly.

A man wearing a pirate hat and a long knife at the waist was laughing and arguing with the pirate brethren around him.

And while walking, I suddenly saw two people parked in the middle of the street....

The figure paused slightly, and then with an evil smile, he walked straight towards this side....

Hawkeye also saw the oncoming pirates, and thought to himself.


As soon as the pirate hat man came over, he shouted loudly:

"Hey——! Xiao..." Before

the words could be spoken,


A deep crack suddenly appeared in front of the pirate hat man! Suddenly frightened, the pirate hat man fell to the ground! Moved towards the rear with a look of panic!

And the subordinates of the pirate hat man were also frightened by this blow and retreated one after another!

Although he pulled out the hidden weapon on his body, the hands holding the weapon could not stop trembling!

This blow, if it cuts into himself, he will definitely not be able to bear it!

This group of pirates knew this in their hearts, and all of them were filled with fear in their hearts....

And the culprit who cut out this blow, Hawkeye raised the black knife that he didn't know when he pulled out, pointed it at the pirate hat man on the ground, and said indifferently:

"If you don't want to die... Give me all the money you have! "


Walking on the way back to the coast, Ling Yuqi said with a happy smile.

"Wow~ you just looked like that, like a robber-

" "Because I was originally a pirate, pirates don't rob, what is it called pirates." Carrying the treasure snatched from the group of pirates just now, Hawkeye said calmly.

"Oh, too... I forgot that you are still a pirate, the world's number one sword Hao Xiansen~" With a slight sense of ridicule, Ling Yuqi said happily.

His brows furrowed slightly, and Hawkeye was a little displeased with Ling Yuqi's tone of speech.

"Can you speak normally?"

"This is not

to invite you to eat at the sea restaurant, a woman with a huge appetite-" "Ahaha~Ahaha~ It turns out that you are so poor, I thought that you, as one of the seven martial seas, should be very rich..." I heard that Hawkeye was to invite himself to eat, and the other pirate who robbed it, Ling Yuqi was also a little embarrassed.

At first, she really didn't expect that the first session of the Seven Martial Seas, the world's number one sword master, would not be able to invite herself to dinner...

Hawkeye, on the other hand, explained flatly: "Money is something outside the body, only strength is king, so I don't care much about money, it's always enough."

"But this time there is one more you, and your appetite is still so big... So it's not enough, I can only fulfill my duties as a pirate-"

In this regard, Ling Yuqi touched his head, and could only laugh and hit haha....

After walking for a while, Ling Yuqi suddenly thought of something, and said with some excitement towards Hawkeye.

"Na~! Hawkeye, do you want to wait for the whole big money after eating?

"I know where there is big money, and it's huge ~~~ safe to pick up!"

Hearing this, Hawkeye also slightly raised a trace of interest.

"Which?" asked. "

Alabastan, Baroque Work Society, Klockdal ——!"

As soon as he heard this name, Hawkeye's pace quickened! As if drawing a clear line, it directly opened the distance between the two!

Good fellow, let Hawkeye, one of the Seven Wu Seas, go to engage Klockdar, who is also the Seven Wu Seas....

Even if Hawkeye is willing, the Navy is not!

Now Hawkeye, not very much wants to provoke the Navy.

The identity of his own Qiwu Hai is quite convenient to use.

There is no need to throw away this identity for such a sum of money.

Moreover, who knows what mess this woman will do when the time comes.

Judging by the experience during this time, although not very sure, he felt.

This woman is a woman who thinks about one out and one out.

Therefore, he still invited her to a good meal at the sea restaurant safely, and then quickly parted ways and went back to ponder the good of swordsmanship.

Wait for the next time the sword technique is refined, and come to her again -

that's what Hawkeye thought in his heart.

And Hawkeye's actions also made Ling Yuqi understand that he was not willing to make a lot of money with himself.

Then... Go alone!

After all, Klockdar, who held most of the resources in the first half, and the treasure he hid

made Ling Yuqi very hungry - thinking in his heart, Ling Yuqi accelerated the movements under his feet and kept up with the pace of Hawkeye.



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