Taishou House.

Zhang Yu sat on the main seat, and there were many people kneeling below.

Among them, the leader is the Taishou Wangyi of Hedong.

"Wang Yi, are you willing to surrender to me?" Zhang Yu said as he looked at Wang Yi who was kneeling below.

This Wang Yi is barely a bad official, at least he doesn't exploit the people too much, of course, the main thing is that there is no one under Zhang Yu who can use it now.

If Wang Yi is willing to submit to him, he doesn't mind using him first, and if it's easy to use, it's not a problem to keep it.

"Yes, yes! I just don't know the name of the general......" Wang Yi hurriedly nodded in agreement.

"I, I'm the master of Qingfeng Village, Zhang Yu. Zhang Yu did not hide his identity.

"Qing ...... Qingfeng Village??" Now it was Wang Yi's turn to be shocked.

Qingfeng Village He knows, a group of bandits on Qingfeng Mountain, only a hundred people!

Qingfeng Village can take the ??? of Anyi County

"Hmph~~" Zhang Yu smiled and continued to speak: "Since you are willing to surrender to me, it will be easy to do." Immediately you write a proclamation that you will take me as your lord and make it clear to the world. Zhang Yu said with a smile.

Since you have taken refuge, you have to take refuge thoroughly.

When Wang Yi heard this, the cold sweat on his forehead immediately flowed.

Write a proclamation to announce to the world, this is to cut off his back road!

"This ...... This ......," Wang Yi hesitated and did not dare to respond.

When Zhang Yu saw this, he knew that this Wang Yi didn't really want to take refuge, and it was estimated that it was just a strategy to delay the army, hoping that reinforcements would come to the rescue later.

"If you don't want to, forget it. "

Zhang Yu said, took out the golden sand eagle from the carry-on storage space, aimed at Wang Yi's head and pulled the trigger.


Wang Yi's head exploded directly, and the bullet pierced Wang Yi's head, killing one person behind him.

The red and white things were even more splashed, and the people on both sides were all over the body.

Zhang Yu blew on the muzzle of the gun, this was the first time he had used the Desert Eagle to kill someone.

However, before awakening the memories of his previous life, he had already killed many people, so he didn't have too strong feelings about shooting Wang Yi.

Just sigh at the power of the Desert Eagle!

Fortunately, he has a lot of strength, if this is an ordinary person, let alone a single-handed gun, or a desert eagle in both hands, I am afraid that there is a risk of spraining.

Wang Yi's death scared the rest of the people half to death.

Zhang Yu's gaze also swept over the others.

"As for the others......


In an instant, everyone kowtowed vigorously.

"The king spares his life, the king spares his life, the king!!".

"Separate them, let them identify each other, and see who is the henchman of the king. Except for Wang Yi's henchmen, everyone else let it go. "

"By the way, if you dare to lie, whether you are Wang Yi's henchmen or not, you will be killed together. Zhang Yu commanded.


The subordinates immediately dragged down the people who were kneeling in front of Zhang Yu.

If Wang Yi does not return to obedience, then this Anyi county will be managed by himself.

Managing a county is just like playing a simulation management game, and you still have a system, which is equivalent to opening a hanging.

This is the simple difficulty, Zhang Yu feels that it should not be a problem to manage it by himself.

After those people were dragged down, Zhang Yu opened the system and checked the system prompt not long ago.

【Ding!Congratulations to the host for winning the first county seat!!Start the territory expansion mode in advance.】 Open [Territory Map]!].

[In the next week, if the territory conquered by the host is not lost, then it will be divided into the family territory.] 】

[If the city is successfully defended, the city defense reward will be distributed depending on the degree of damage to the city and the degree of casualties.] 】

Zhang Yu looked at the panel, and in the [Family] function panel, there was indeed an additional [Territory Map].

It's just that the map scope is not large, and the map scope only includes Qingfeng Mountain and Anyi County.

Among them, the range of Qingfeng Mountain is green, and the range of Anyi County is yellow.

Zhang Yu tried, but he still couldn't take the materials out of the [family warehouse], so the county seat of Anyi was not considered his family territory now.

It's just seven days of defending the city, so it shouldn't be difficult.

Soon, Zhang Yu's subordinates brought back a few people who had been dragged down before.

"The big boss, compared with the confessions of the people, these people are the henchmen of the previous Taishou!".

"In that case, then pull it out and cut it. Zhang Yu waved his hand.

He killed Wang Yi with his own hands, naturally he didn't want Wang Yi's cronies to come to him for revenge, so instead of keeping trouble, it was better to kill them together.


"Spare your life! General, spare your life!!


"I'm not Wang Yi's cronies! I'm not!!"

Zhang Yu sat cross-legged, his right hand supporting his chin, and his index finger tapping his chin one by one.

He was thinking about what to do next.

Playing management games, there are game reminders, and he doesn't have any reminders now, he has to think about it all for himself.

When you think about it, it seems that the reality is much more difficult than the game.

The people around him are poor boys who have never read books, otherwise they would not fall into the grass with him.

"That's right~!".

Zhang Yu suddenly thought.

Cai Wenji has already read books! Can she assist her in managing the administration of Anyi!


"Lord!" a cavalry captain of the Shenji Battalion in armor walked in.

"Yang Hong, you take fifty cavalry and go back to the village to take your wife and other family members. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes, lord!" Yang Hong ordered to retreat.

Zhang Yu continued to think about what he had to do now.

The city gate must be repaired, the city wall must be repaired, and then the army must be conscripted, otherwise the existing 600 people alone will not be enough to defend the four walls of Anyi County.

"By the way, there is still the Wei family to deal with!".

"Forget it, forget it, let's let them live for two more days, and then deal with them when we are done with important things. "

Zhang Yu stood up and walked out of the main hall.

The barracks and school grounds, where all the captured officers and soldiers were held.

"How many people were captured?" Zhang Yu asked.

"Hui Lord, a total of 652 people were captured. A soldier of the Shenji Battalion, who was in charge of guarding the prisoners, said.

"More than 600 people ......" Zhang Yu looked at the many captives in front of him who had been unloaded and fell into deep thought.

He actually knew later that there were still 800 defenders left in Anyi County to defend the city, and now more than 650 people were captured, that is to say, only more than 140 people were killed by artillery.

"The strength of a certain person! I think you have seen it!" Zhang Yu said as he looked at the many captives.

"If you are willing to follow so-and-so, so-and-so will feed you every day, and you can also receive ten hundreds of grain every month!"

"If you don't want to do it with so-and-so, so-and-so can also let you go, as for what you do after leaving, it's up to you!" Zhang Yu said loudly.

Hearing what Zhang Yu said, the many prisoners squatting on the school field were all shocked.

You must know that their monthly allowance is only 4 hundreds! And they are always late or insufficient!

As for the food in peacetime, when there is no war, it is only half-full, and it is impossible to let go of the fullness.

And Zhang Yu not only promised to feed them, but also gave them ten taels of Yulu every month!

This treatment is double that of them!

"General, this is a serious !?," someone asked aloud.

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