The next morning.

The Wei family sent people to Taishou Mansion early in the morning to ask to see Zhang Yu.

However, he was stopped by the guards of the Shenji Battalion at the door.

"Stop! Idlers are forbidden to approach!!".

"Master Bing! Master Bing! I am the steward of the Wei family in Hedong, and the master of our family admires your general and is willing to offer money and food to marry the general!"

"You wait, I'll ask my father-in-law. "

"Yes! Yes!"

Shi Chang motioned for the others to continue to guard the gate, and he returned to the mansion to ask Zhang Yu's opinion.

But in the backyard, the chief was also stopped by the guards in the backyard.

After explaining the situation, the chief who guarded the backyard entered the backyard and came to Zhang Yu's house.

"The two girls bothered to inform the lord, and the people of the Hedong Wei family asked to see them outside the house, saying that they wanted to get acquainted with the lord, and they were willing to offer money and food for this. Shi Chang said.

The Hedong Wei family is a wealthy family in Hedong and is very famous in Hedong.

Although the Shenji Battalion has been upgraded with an upgrade card and has become a force that does not belong to this era, they are still people of this era, except for being 100% loyal to Zhang Yu and using weapons that are not of this era, they are no different from people of this era in other aspects.

Naturally, he is no stranger to the Hedong Wei family.

The Hedong Wei family is willing to offer money and food, just to get to know their lord, in their opinion, this is naturally a good thing.

"You are waiting here, I will go into the house and ask Childe. Siqin spoke.

At the beginning, they always called Zhang Yu the big boss, but as the relationship between Cai Wenji and Zhang Yu got better and better, and Zhang Yu was fortunate to have them once.

Their title for Zhang Yu changed from a big boss to a son.

After Siqin entered the house, she came to the bedside of Zhang Yu and Cai Wenji.

"Childe ~ Childe ~?".

Zhang Yu didn't sleep deeply, and when Siqin shouted to himself for the first time, he woke up.

"What's the matter?" Zhang Yu opened his eyes and tilted his head to look at Siqin on the side.

"The people of the Hedong Wei family asked to see him outside the house, saying that they were willing to give money and food to the son to fund the son's affairs. Siqin spoke.

"Hedong Weijia?" Zhang Yu felt a little funny when he heard this.

The Wei family in Hedong still wants to offer money and food to support him? The Wei family is afraid that he doesn't know yet, he is the one who intercepted and killed the Wei family's kissing team and robbed Wei Zhongdao's daughter-in-law before passing the door, right


If they knew, would they want to give him money and food to support him?

I'm afraid not, right?

"Just say I'm still resting, and let them wait outside the house. Zhang Yu ordered.

"Yes, Childe. Siqin turned to leave.

Siqin walked out of the room and closed the door, Zhang Yu hugged Cai Wenji beside him, closed his eyes and rested.

He hadn't rested enough in the middle of the night last night.

As for the Hedong Wei family?

Hehe, what if it's a gift?

How much grain can the other side send to themselves? 100,000 tons of grain, or 1 million tons of grain?

It's simply not possible.

That's food that can feed hundreds of thousands of troops, no matter whether the Hedong Wei family has so much food.

Even if there were, they would definitely be reluctant to take it out and give it to Zhang Yu.

Besides, not only the Hedong Wei family, but all the wealthy families in Hedong are all within the scope of his liquidation.

All those grains and lands belong to him!

Isn't it a joke to please him with his stuff?

Those wealthy clans annexed a large amount of land, hid a large number of people, and evaded taxes, and were simply moths parasitic on the people and the country.

All the land and property of these people must be collected.

All the territories that he has beaten down, the land, the population, everything is his Zhang Yu!

Honestly hand over the annexed land and the hidden population, and he can also let these local heroes go to business and do other things.

If he doesn't want to hand it over, then he will have to take it himself.

And once he is allowed to do it, then there is no need for this wealthy family to exist.

Of course, this is for the wealthy families outside the Hedong Wei family, and the Hedong Wei family is not included!

He robbed the Hedong Wei family's kissing team, and Wei Zhongdao's daughter-in-law who had not passed the door was still lying next to him, and he would be bullied by him every night and cry.

He doesn't know about others, but for Zhang Yu, the hatred of taking his wife must be a mortal enemy, since it is already a mortal enemy, it is natural to kill this Hedong Wei family, so as not to leave future troubles.

Too guarded outside the house.

"My lord is still resting, you can wait here, or you can leave first. He returned to the door and said.

"The villain is waiting here!" said the housekeeper of the Wei family quickly.

If he left now, wouldn't it make the general think that they were not sincere about defending the family?

How did this housekeeper know that the Hedong Wei family had been sentenced to death by Zhang Yu.

The other wealthy families still have a chance to live, but the Hedong Wei family must die!

Half an hour later, Mi Shuang also came to the gate of the Taishou Mansion with two guards.

He didn't know the housekeeper of the Wei family, but he just glanced at him and came directly to the guard in front of the house.

"I'm tired of informing your general, and Xuzhou Mijia Mi Shuang asks to see you. As soon as Mi Shuang came up, he reported to his home.

Although the Xuzhou Mi family is not a wealthy family, it is also a well-known wealthy businessman, even in other places, it has a lot of fame.

Reporting to his home, he naturally does not want to be driven away as a nobody.

"My lord is still resting, and if you ask to see him, you can wait here like him, or you can leave first and come back later. "Shi Chang doesn't care what the Mi family is or not.

The people of the Hedong Wei family are waiting here, not to mention what is the Xuzhou Mi family?

"Then I'll wait here. Mi Shuang was not annoyed, so he took two steps back and waited in front of the Taishou Mansion.

It's just that his eyes have been staring at the equipment of several divine machine battalions in front of the mansion.

Outside the city yesterday, the big black iron pillar he saw was hollow, and the 'burning sticks' in the hands of these soldiers also seemed to be hollow.

Don't...... This 'burning stick' and the 'big black iron pillar' are the same weapons?

If this is the case, then the combat effectiveness of this team should not be underestimated.

Inside the house.

After another hour, Cai Wenji woke up, and Zhang Yu couldn't help but come to a morning exercise.

[Ding!Congratulations to the host, your wife has successfully conceived!And it is a twin!].

[Reward: Purple Rare Reward: [Ore Marker]!].

Zhang Yu was stunned, Cai Wenji was pregnant? But he wasn't over yet

By the way, it will take time for the tadpole to find its 'mother', which should be the result of these two days of hard work!

Knowing that Cai Wenji was pregnant, Zhang Yudu became much gentler.

It didn't take long.

The host has worked hard to strengthen the family and obtained ten tons of cotton!].

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