"Dian Wei? Okay! I see that you are also a little brave, would you like to be Ben Taishou's personal guard? That will not only be able to eat enough, but also have enough meat!" Zhang Yu said with a smile.

"Is this true!?" Dian Wei asked with wide eyes as he put down the steamed cake in his hand.

"Naturally, take it seriously. Zhang Yu smiled and nodded.

Being able to exchange some meat for a strong and loyal top military general is a bargain.

"Okay, as long as you have enough meat, you are willing to be your personal guard!" said Pawn Weidang.

In fact, with Dian Wei's ability, it is quite simple to hunt, even if it is a tiger, he can kill it.

In recent years, disasters have continued, and the prey that is easy to hunt has long been exhausted, and if you want to hunt, you must either choose a fierce beast that others dare not fight, or go into the mountains to find prey.

But hunting is not something that can be hit, even if he is brave, but if he can't meet the prey, then he has no ability and nowhere to go.

Otherwise, he would not have come down from the mountains in search of food.

Who knows if you are lucky, when you get off the mountain, you will meet someone who recruits people to give porridge, and says that as long as you join, you can eat all-you-can-eat!

Dian Wei naturally joined without hesitation.

A saturated meal, he naturally chose to be full.

Even if you just drink porridge and eat steamed cakes every day, it is better than starving eight times in three days.

What's more, this steamed cake is fragrant, soft and sweet, and the best noodles are used, and eating these every day is no worse than eating meat!

Of course, if there is meat to eat, it will be better.

"Okay~!From today on, you Dian Wei will be my Zhang Yu's personal guard chief!" Zhang Yu directly promoted Dian Wei.

Dian Wei's force value is absolutely nothing, even if it is Yang Hong, the cavalry captain of the Shenji Battalion, he is definitely not his opponent.

"Dian Wei greets the lord!!" Dian Wei bowed.

The steamed cake tube is full of meat, where can I find such a lord?

Zhang Yu looked at the soldiers who gave porridge: "Remember, if you encounter such a situation again, as long as the other party can eat it, then no matter how much, let the other party eat it." "

"If you don't have enough food, come directly to Taishou Mansion to get it!"

"Yes, sir!" the soldiers were also a little afraid.

Looking at the appearance of Taishou, it seems that he likes the strong man named Dian Wei very much.

Fortunately, they are too merciful, otherwise they would have been expelled or even condemned to them, and they would have no place to cry.

The salary of being a soldier under the Taishou is so high, if they are fired, where will they go to find the same job again?

The next few days passed smoothly and nothing special happened.

Outside the city of Anyi, there is still soup soup every day, recruiting homeless people.

The displaced people recruited before have gone to Qingfeng Village under the leadership of a special person to start mining work.

The method of mining has been taught by professional craftsmen, and the next thing is to wait for the iron ore to be excavated.

These days, the troops under Zhang Yu have increased again.

In addition to the 500 Shenji battalion, 200 spear and shield soldiers, and the 600 defenders who surrendered later, Zhang Yu also drew young and strong from the homeless people to form an infantry of 1,000 people.

However, these soldiers are still training, and they have no combat effectiveness for the time being.

In addition, those families and heroes also personally sent him their land, land deeds, house deeds, money and grain, etc.

I really don't know.

These heroes are really rich!

Together with the Wei family, the cultivated land owned by these powerful people together occupies eighty percent of the existing cultivated land in the entire Anyi! Among them, the rich fields are all in their hands!

In addition to Anyi County, they also have a lot of cultivated land in other counties in Hedong!

In addition to cultivated land, there are also many mountainous and woodlands.

In addition, there are all kinds of stores! The stores in good locations in the city are all of these local heroes!

The money they sent was uncountable!

It adds up to more than the treasury of Anyi County!

However, it's all Zhang Yu's now!

Taishou Mansion, Zhang Yu sat on a rocking chair made by carpenters, basking in the noon sun.

The carpenters were very fast, and they made the first finished products on the same day, but there were still some flaws, and they were not so comfortable to sit on.

Then under Zhang Yu's several suggestions, it has been revised perfectly.

For example, this rocking chair is completely ergonomic, even if it is made of wood, but lying on it does not feel awkward at all, and it is very suitable for the human body.

Zhang Yu now asked those carpenters to hurry up and build more furniture, and he wanted to replace the entire Taishou Mansion with new tables, chairs, and sofas.

Zhang Yu opened the system panel to check his attributes and the materials he had.

Compared with the last time, the attributes have not changed at all, and the materials have not increased, but have decreased somewhat.

There is no way, in recent days, he has neither taken a concubine nor worked hard with Cai Wenji, which means that he has no reward income.

Money and food are needed to recruit troops, and at the beginning, a lot of materials from the family's warehouse were used, so the materials were naturally reduced.

However, there was still a large amount of money and materials in the Taishou Mansion and the official warehouse in the city, but he just confiscated it into the [Family Warehouse].

Those things are often used, and they are also easy to use at any time when they are placed outside.

As long as he does a good job of registration, he is not afraid of someone being corrupt, and if he dares to embezzle his money and food, then he will let the other party give it a try, his knife is sharp!

Zhang Yu looked at the [Territory Map], except for Qingfeng Mountain, the range of Anyi County was still yellow.

Anyi County is still only his temporary territory.

But as long as today is over, the seven-day task of defending the city will be completed, and at that time, Anyi County will become his official territory.

When the time comes, you will be rewarded for defending the city!

For seven days, not a single army came to attack the county seat of Anyi, partly due to Zhang Yu's blockade and partly due to luck.

Zhang Yu sealed the city, so that Anyi City was only allowed to enter but not leave, so the information in the city could not get out at all.

The other nearby counties didn't even know that Anyi County had changed hands, let alone the imperial court.

As for luck, the team that spent money to suppress the bandits never returned.

If you come back, you will definitely find that the county seat of Anyi has changed hands, and there will inevitably be a battle at that time.

Zhang Yu is not afraid of that team, but when the time comes, there may be some casualties.

The system has said that the reward for defending the city depends on the damage to the city and the casualties.

Now that no one is attacking, doesn't that mean zero casualties and zero damage?

Zhang Yu is looking forward to waiting until tomorrow, what kind of reward the system will say to him.

"My lord! I just got the news that the princes from all walks of life have already converged in Suojube! I think it won't be long before a big battle breaks out between the princes and Dong Zhuo. The county commander Zhang Jun came to Zhang Yu and said.

"Oh, it's already an alliance, continue to keep an eye on Luoyang's movements!" Zhang Yu commanded.

With such a small number of people, it is unrealistic for him to attack Luoyang, but when Dong Zhuo moves west with the people of Luoyang, he can go to fight the autumn wind.

He doesn't care about the others, but Diao Chan, the first beauty of the Three Kingdoms, he has to get it back!

Whether he can dominate the world or not, he can count on these top beauties!

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