Zhang Yu opened the map of the territory and wanted to compare it with the map of Hedong County to see which road was most appropriate.

Then as soon as I opened the map, I was surprised to find that there were many more kinds of minerals in my territory!

These deposits are copper, iron, lead, nitrate, salt, gold, silver, and marble

Among them, copper, lead, iron, gold, silver, marble and other minerals are all in the mountains south of Angeup, which belong to other mountains near Qingfeng Mountain.

And the two minerals of salt and nitrate are on the plains!

There is a salt pond at the foot of the mountain, and Zhang Yu knows that it is because of this salt pond in Anyi, so although Hedong is located in the Central Plains, there is no shortage of salt.

It's just that this salt pond in Anyi produces bitter salt, and the taste is not very good.

That is, ordinary people will eat it, but the real rich people and high-ranking officials and nobles will not eat it.

What Zhang Yu didn't expect was that in a place not very far from the salt pond, there was actually a nitrate mine!

If there is nitrate, then you can refine gunpowder! In the future, you don't have to worry about the raw materials of gunpowder!

Copper ore and iron ore are also strategic metal materials, and the iron ore is the iron ore in Qingfeng Mountain, which has begun to dig holes, and it will not be long before it should be able to produce iron ore.

You can go back and form another mining team to dig for copper.

As for the gold and silver mines, they are buried a little deeper, and then the reserves are not very high, so there is not much mining value.

After taking a few deep glances at the mineral deposits in his own territory, Zhang Yu looked at the terrain in his family's territory again and compared it with the map of Hedong County.

Then I found that not far from Yanchi, there is a relatively narrow place in Shouyang Mountain, and if you can safely pass through the mountain range of ten miles wide, you can reach Dayang by the Yellow River.

It's just that these ten-mile-wide mountains are easy to wear?

Will the troops he led be able to pass through safely? And even if they did, how long would it take?

A lot of factors are uncertain.

After thinking about it again and again, Zhang Yu finally decided to take the waterway!

To take the waterway, you only need to take a boat along the river and go all the way downstream, which does not waste any manpower at all, and it does not take long.

In addition, it is convenient to carry heavy supplies such as artillery by boat

I didn't plan to bring the red-clothed cannons, but Zhang Yu was going to bring a few of the Francophone cannons.

Although Zhang Yu has ten cubic meters of personal storage space, it is full of emergency food, and the Franc cannon really can't fit in.

Therefore, it is most convenient to take the waterway.

At the same time, although the waterway passed through Kasaka, it only passed outside the city, so there was no need to worry about the soldiers in Kabasaka Castle intercepting them after seeing them.

As long as he is under the banner of Hedong Taishou, Pusaka, which is under the jurisdiction of Hedong, will not dare to intercept them.

Zhang Yu immediately asked people to prepare a large number of ships, and when Lu Bu was defeated in front of the Tiger Prison Pass, he immediately took a boat down the river to ambush Dong Zhuo, who was moving westward!

Two days later.

"Lord, just now came the news that Lu Bu under Dong Zhuonas was defeated by three unknown pawns in front of the Tiger Prison Pass!".

Zhang Yu was immediately happy when he heard it, an unknown pawn

"They're not some unknown pawn~. Zhang Yu said with a smile.

"This ...... Also, the news spread that Na Lu Bu first killed Fang Yue, a famous general under Wang Kuang of Hanoi, and then beheaded Mu Shun, the general of the Shangdang Taishou Zhang Yang Department, and then cut off the wrist of Wu Anguo, the general of the Beihai Taishou Kong Rong Department. "

"Even Sun Zhan, the Taishou Gonggong of Beiping, was defeated and fled!".

However, Lu Bu was defeated by the three brothers Liu Guan and Zhang, so it seems that the three brothers Liu Guan and Zhang are indeed not unknown pawns. Yang Hong nodded.

"If I have the chance, I'd like to see if Lubnas is really as powerful as the rumors!" Dian Wei hummed.

Dian Wei thought that his strength was not weak, but now that he heard that Lu Bu was so strong, he couldn't help but have some itchy hands.

"Hahaha~ Evil, this operation, maybe there is a real chance for you to fight with Na Lu Bu. "

"I didn't know before, but now that you have handcuffs on your side, then Lu Bu is definitely not your opponent~Hahahaha~" Zhang Yu said with a smile.

Song Yingxing's Academy of Sciences created a few handcuffs, and Zhang Yu ordered someone to take all those handcuffs.

Two of them are assigned to Dian Wei, and there is a handcuff in the replay state at all times. And once it is time for war, both handcuffs will always be in a state of reloading, ensuring that they can be used at any time.

No matter how powerful Lu Bu is, if he is shot at close range by a handcuff, even if he doesn't die, he will definitely not live for long.

When Dian Wei heard this, he couldn't help but shudder.

When he practiced handcuffs before, he used dolphins as a practice target.

With a large number of small-caliber projectiles, you can blow up the head of a dolphin with a single shot, and with a large number of small-caliber projectiles, you can beat a dolphin into a sieve!

If this hits people, I'm afraid that even the gods won't be able to save them!

"Lord, I want to compete with Lu Bunas, how can there be any reason to use hidden weapons?" Dian Wei said loudly.

That's not a good way to win.

"Then what if Lu Bu's gang already threatens my safety, don't you use handcuffs when you come to evil?" Zhang Yu tilted his head to look at Dian Wei beside him.

"How is that possible!? Naturally, the safety of the lord comes first! No matter who it is, if it threatens the safety of the lord, he will definitely use this handcuff to beat him into a hornet's nest!!" Dian Wei patted the handcuff on his waist and said.

"Hahahaha~~ Okay!".

Lü Bu had been defeated at the Tiger Pass, and next, Dong Zhuo should withdraw to Luoyang, and then take the little emperor and the hundred officials, as well as all the people of Luoyang, to move west to Chang'an.

Before leaving, he burned Luoyang with another fire.

Therefore, it was time for Zhang Yu to set off.

He prepared to enter the Yellow River along the Shushui River, then continue south along the Yellow River, and then disembark at Hongnong.

Then he hid the soldiers and horses, and waited for Dong Zhuo to flee west with hundreds of officials and the people of Luoyang, and then went out to kill, looking for Diao Chan, and snatching it away.

All the way down the river, if the speed is fast, you can start in the morning and arrive at Hongnong in the evening.

"Yang Hong, go and transfer one hundred musketeers of the Shenji Battalion, thirty artillerymen, and three hundred cavalry of the Beiwei Army. Early tomorrow morning, send troops to Hongnong!" Zhang Yu ordered.

"Yes, my lord!".


"Madam, tomorrow my husband will lead the troops out, you stay in the house obediently, try not to go out. If you need anything, just order your subordinates, you know?" Zhang Yu told Cai Wenji.

Not long after he took Anyi, he blackmailed many wealthy families in the city, and there were many people who were dissatisfied with him.

Although he also left nearly a thousand loyal people in the city, he was not afraid of 10,000, but he was afraid of what happened.

Cai Wenji is pregnant with her own flesh and blood! There can't be an accident!

"Well, the concubine knows. It's the husband, you must pay attention to safety when you go out this time. I'm waiting at home for my husband to return from a great victory~!" Cai Wenji said softly while lying in Zhang Yu's arms.

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