Dong Zhuo's carriage had just galloped not far away, and the few horses that pulled the carriage for him were all killed by the musketeers.

The carriage under the gallop could not be controlled, and it rolled over directly and slid on the ground more than ten meters away.

"Xiangguo!!" Dong Zhuo's personal soldiers hurriedly stepped forward to rescue.

"Escort! Escort !!


When Dong Zhuo was rescued by his own soldiers, his face was covered with blood.

"Are you alright?" asked the soldier nervously.

Dong Zhuo hurriedly asked loudly: "Who attacked me and wait!?".

"Xiangguo, I don't know, I only know that the thunder is continuous, there are flying sand and rocks everywhere, and countless soldiers have died near the thunder!" said the guard.

He had seen the scene of artillery bombardment there, and it was simply indescribable.

"Hurry, hurry, protect our family and get out of here!!" Dong Zhuo hurriedly pulled his subordinates and said.

He didn't know what was going on, but there was constant thunder around him, and his soldiers were blown up all over the sky.

Dong Zhuo only subconsciously thought that this was the place of thunder punishment and he had to leave quickly.

"Hurry, hurry, escort Sangkook away!!".

The carriage had overturned, the war horse was either frightened and ran away or died of thunder, Dong Zhuo's personal soldiers could only protect Dong Zhuo and run forward on foot.

I just want to get out of here quickly.

As for the cavalry that rushed down from the mountain, they had no time to deal with it now.

Getting out of this land of divine punishment as soon as possible is the most important thing.

It's just that Dong Zhuo and his entourage didn't know that the location of the convoy where they were was was safe, and the artillery would not shell the convoy, but only the troops in front and behind the convoy.

It's fine for them to stay where they are, but if they move forward, they will enter the bombing zone.

Sure enough, Dong Zhuo and his entourage didn't have long to run forward, and a flowering bomb landed not far from them, and then exploded with a bang.

The impact overturned the people around him, and the shrapnel spread out in all directions, and a considerable part of the shrapnel flew towards Dong Zhuo and others.

The guards who stood in front of Dong Zhuo were either killed instantly, or fell to the ground with serious injuries.

And Dong Zhuo was also unlucky, he was obviously surrounded by personal guards, but there was still a shrapnel that passed through the gap in the crowd and hit Dong Zhuo's abdomen.

"Ah!!" Dong Zhuo shouted out in pain.


"Quick! take our family out of here!!" Dong Zhuo grabbed the guards beside him, gritted his teeth and ordered loudly.

If he doesn't leave here quickly, he's afraid he'll die here!

Thinking about him, Dong Zhuo Rongma has fought countless battles in his life, and he has made many military exploits, responding to the call of the imperial court to suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Later, he led the army into King Qin, killed the ten permanent servants, saved the young emperor, and then recruited Lu Bu and killed Ding Yuan, becoming the largest warlord force in the capital in one fell swoop, and controlling the entire capital in his own hands.

Then it was even more highlight, to abolish the young emperor Liu Wei, set up Chen Liuwang as the emperor, and then killed the young emperor and Queen He, arbitrarily ruled the government, and shocked the world.

transgressed the rules, used the costumes and honor guards of the Son of Heaven, and let the little emperor worship himself as the Taishi, Xiangguo, and a very popular minister. The little emperor is a plaything in the palm of his own hand, and he can be manipulated by himself.

It can be said that although he is not an emperor, he is better than an emperor!

Such a great self, but now he is going to die in this wilderness, in this land of thunder pools!

Dong Zhuo is unwilling!!


Dong Zhuo was hit by a shell fragment on his side, and his life and death were uncertain, and on the other side, Zhang Yu had already rushed to the convoy and began to look for the first beauty of the Three Kingdoms, Diao Chan!

Of course, Zhang Yu didn't know Diao Chan, so he could only find Diao Chan by looking for Situ Wang Yun!

Zhang Yu stopped a carriage and picked up the curtain with the spear in his hand: "But Situ Wang Yun!?".

"No...... No, I'm just a commonplace!".

"Which soldier and horse is the little general?, but came to the rescue of King Qin?" the old man hurriedly asked.

These officials were held hostage by Dong Zhuo and forced to leave Luoyang.

encountered an attack on the way, and in Xun Shuang's opinion, it must have been the pursuers sent by the princes of the Eighteenth Route to catch up.

As for the constant sound of 'thunder', he didn't think too much about it.

Probably because of Dong Zhuo's anti-Chaogang behavior, God couldn't stand it, so he lowered the thunder punishment.

Xun Shuang's only hope now is that the blood-stained young general in front of him can save their officials and His Majesty from the hands of the traitor Dong Zhuo!

Zhang Yu didn't answer Xun Shuang's question, but asked loudly: "Where is Situ Wangyun!".

"I ...... I don't know!" Xun Shuang said.

They were already in chaos when they were dragged out of the city, and after walking on the road for so long, he had no idea who was where.

I only knew that the carriage of the Son of Heaven was behind Dong Zhuo's frame.

"This general!, Lord Wang is not in a hurry for the time being, it is important to hurry up and rescue His Majesty!!" Xun Shuang hurriedly said.

"Quack!" Zhang Yu waved his arm, and the gun smashed on Xun Shuang's head, knocking him unconscious.

Zhang Yu originally wanted to stab him to death with one shot, but he thought that there were many talents in the Xun family, especially Xun Yu, Xun You, Xun Chen and others, and they might need these people to serve in the future.

So he didn't kill Xun Shuang, but just knocked him unconscious.

At the same time, he also thought that killing these ministers would not do him any good, but would have harm.

The first point is to damage his reputation, and in turn it will affect his recruitment.

And letting these ministers of the DPRK and China follow Dong Zhuo to Chang'an, they can also let these people stumble on Dong Zhuo, contain Dong Zhuo, and buy him time for development.

As for Dong Zhuo, Zhang Yu didn't even think about killing him, killing Dong Zhuo, who would contain the princes from all walks of life for him?

If Dong Zhuo died, wouldn't it be possible for the targets of the princes from all walks of life to change from Dong Zhuo to him?

Emperor Han Xian, the little emperor, is the same reason, he didn't plan to save it, his territory and troops are still too small, and it won't do him any good to save the little emperor.

Although he can also coerce the Son of Heaven to order the princes, he can obviously be the emperor himself, why does he take a little emperor and ride on his head?

As long as he is given a period of development, he will definitely be able to sweep this era after that, so the little emperor is completely superfluous for him.

But Zhang Yu didn't know that he didn't want to kill Dong Zhuo, but Dong Zhuo was injured by a cannonball because of his attack, and his life and death were uncertain.

From this moment on, history has seriously deviated from its original track.

"Where is Situ Wangyun!!".

"But Situ Wang Yun!?".

The three hundred cavalry of the Beiwei Army are also doing their best to find Situ Wang Yun.

If Dong Zhuo's soldiers come up to stop him, then kill him, and if no one stops him, then look for Situ Wang Yun.

It didn't take long for Zhang Yu to finally find Situ Wang Yun.

"The old man is Situ Wang Yun! I don't know who this general is?" Situ Wang Yun saluted Zhang Yu.

Originally, Wang Yun was quite worried about his life after being coerced by Dong Zhuo to Chang'an, after all, Dong Zhuo was brutal, and he might kill these ministers at any time.

But on the way west to Chang'an, the team was ambushed, and Wang Yun knew that the rescuers sent by the princes from all walks of life were coming!

After all, at this time, except for the princes from all walks of life, no one would send troops to attack Dong Zhuo.

The only thing that Wang Yun couldn't understand, why did the other party look for himself instead of looking for His Majesty?

Don't...... Their Wang family once had kindness to each other?

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