A few days later, Zhang Yu led his soldiers to return to the place where the ship was hidden, and the ship was still there!

This saved Zhang Yu a lot of trouble, at least he didn't need to rob other people's ships.

got on the boat, went all the way up the Yellow River, traveled under the stars and nights, and returned to Anyi County.

At noon the next day.

Anyi County, Taishou Mansion.

"Miss~!Miss~!Childe is back~!" Siqin hurriedly ran back to the main house in the backyard and said happily.

"Husband is back!?" When Cai Wenji heard this, she was immediately overjoyed and smiled.

Since Zhang Yu left Anyi with her troops, she has been worried about her husband's safety all day long, for fear that her husband will encounter some accidents.

And she is a weak woman, and she can't help her husband, so she can only pray for her husband at home, praying that her husband will return safely as soon as possible.

Now that her husband has returned safely, Cai Wenji is naturally very happy.

"It's just ......" Siqin suddenly looked embarrassed.

"It's just what's wrong, husband, he's injured??" Cai Wenji's expression suddenly became worried.

"No, it's just ......" Siqin still has some reasons and doesn't know how to speak.

"You damn girl! If you have anything, just say it, do you want to kill Miss in a hurry?" Nianhua scolded Siqin.

Talking in a slurred manner, isn't this sincere to make Miss worry?

"Childe, he wasn't hurt, he was just ...... Just brought back three young and beautiful women. Siqin said with her head down.

She was worried that after her son had a new love, she would snub her young lady.

When Cai Wenji heard this, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

"Really, I almost scared you to death! I thought my husband was injured!".

"Next time I talk like this, I will definitely punish you!" Cai Wenji glared at Siqin and scolded.

It's just a matter of bringing back a few women, what's this?

Anyone in a high position, who is not a group of wives and concubines? Just bring back a few sisters, what is the fuss about this?

"But...... But I'm worried that after Childe has a new love, he will snub you, Miss!" Siqin expressed her worries.

"I believe that my husband will not~" Cai Wenji had a happy smile on her face.

What's more, she can't satisfy her husband by herself, and now she has a few younger sisters to share her worries, which is a good thing.

And the husband and the concubine, his wife should not have been stopped, otherwise, outsiders would definitely say that she was a fierce woman.

"Okay, let's go meet my husband~. As soon as Cai Wenji finished speaking, Zhang Yu's voice came from outside the house.

"Madame~I'm back for my husband~!".

Zhang Yu pushed the door and saw Cai Wenji and the others, and immediately stepped forward and gave Cai Wenji a big hug.

I haven't seen Cai Wenji for a few days, and he really misses Cai Wenji very much.

Although he can't have sex with Cai Wenji in a short time, Cai Wenji is his first woman in this world after all, and she is also his wife.

Cai Wenji's status in his heart is naturally beyond doubt.

What's more, whether in his previous life or in this life, Zhang Yu is not a person who sees different things, likes the new and hates the old.

The young lady in the short video looks at it, but for her own woman, it is definitely heart-wrenching.

"Really, Siqin and Nianhua are still there~" Cai Wenji said coquettishly.

In broad daylight, making such a close gesture in the presence of others really made her shy.

"The two of them have even slept with their wife, do they still need to be shy in front of them~?" Zhang Yu said with a smile.

"Don't say it~!" Cai Wenji's cheeks turned red with shame.

"Okay~Okay~ Don't say it, don't say it~!" Zhang Yu is not teasing Cai Wenji.

After a while, Zhang Yu said that he had brought back the three women.

"Madam, on this trip, I brought back three women, they are Situ Wang Yun's righteous daughter Diao Chan, the little emperor's concubine Fu Shou, and Lu Bu's daughter Lu Lingqi. "

"I have decided to take Diao Chan as a concubine tomorrow. Zhang Yu said.

Cai Wenji's face was shocked when she heard this, and her husband actually snatched His Majesty's concubine ???

Siqin and Nianhua are even more like they met Zhang Yu for the first time!

Co-authored his own son led the troops out this time, just to rob women

"Husband, went to ask Dong this time?" Cai Wenji asked as she looked at Zhang Yu.

Although Cai Wenji is at home, she also knows a little about the world's major events.

Dong Zhuo controlled the imperial court, and the princes of the Eighteenth Road begged Dong, and recently got the news that Dong Zhuo coerced His Majesty, hundreds of civil and military officials, and millions of people of Luoyang to abandon Luoyang and go west.

This is Dong Zhuo, the righteous daughter of Situ Wang Yun, and His Majesty's concubine Fu Shou, and Lu Lingqi, the daughter of Lu Bu, the general under Dong Zhuo.

Unless it was to crusade against Dong Zhuo, it was impossible to bring these three people back.

"Not bad. Zhang Yu nodded.

He won't admit that he made a special trip to 'rob people's girls'.

Besides, he did have a fight with Dong Zhuo, and it was not wrong to say that he was going to ask Dong.

"Husband~~" Cai Wenji looked at Zhang Yu affectionately.

Although her husband was born recklessly, she still cares about the world! It is her blessing to have such a husband!

"By the way, did you meet your father and Zhenji?" Cai Wenji suddenly asked.

Dong Zhuo coerced His Majesty, hundreds of officials, and millions of people of Luoyang to move west, and his father must be among them!

Although the husband didn't bring his father and Zhenji back, there is a high probability that he didn't meet them.

But Cai Wenji couldn't help but ask.

"This, Dong Zhuo has a lot of soldiers and horses, and there are only a few hundred soldiers and horses led by his husband......" Zhang Yu looked apologetic.

Can he say that he didn't think of Cai Yong's existence at all?

As for his wife's sister Cai Zhenji, the other party is not famous in history, so naturally he can't blame him for not remembering.

"Hey...... Dong Zhuo respects his father a lot, and he thinks that his father and sister should be ...... no obstacles."

"It's just that my father followed Dong Zhuo to move west this time and married Zhen Ji to her husband as a concubine, and I don't know what to reply to. Cai Wenji sighed.

Hearing Cai Wenji's words, Zhang Yu felt quite guilty.

Mrs. is still thinking about letting her sister marry him as a concubine, but he actually forgot Cai Zhenji!

One year!one year at most!

If Cai Yong has never replied, or does not agree to marry his youngest daughter Cai Zhenji to him as a concubine, then he will lead troops to Chang'an and snatch Cai Zhenji back!

can not only be a concubine for herself, but also chat with Cai Wenji's sister when she is busy to relieve boredom, killing two birds with one stone!

That night, Zhang Yu stayed overnight at Cai Wenji's place.

Although she can't have sex with Cai Wenji for the time being because she is pregnant, she can't be completely snubbed because of this.

What's more, he also brought three young and beautiful women back this time, and on the first day of his return, he had to stay with Cai Wenji for one night, so he had to give her some sense of security.

Your own woman has to be spoiled by herself.

In addition, Cai Wenji's good mood is also more conducive to the health of the baby in her belly.


The Taishou Mansion is lit up.

There is no cumbersome process, not even heaven and earth worship. I invited the county magistrate and the wealthy people in the city to have a meal.

He's too much of a concubine, how can those people not give gifts?

After drinking two cups, Zhang Yu returned to the backyard and entered Diao Chan's room.

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