"Dad, don't blame me, I didn't expect that my blessing would turn into a curse."

Tianhai City.

A large cemetery surrounded by mountains and rivers and green forests.

A group of men, women and children dressed in dark colors mourned with a deep heart under the low groans of mourning.

In the crowd.

A young man with a jade-like face and elegant temperament held white roses and chrysanthemums in his hands under the disgusted gazes of two beautiful women, walked slowly to the coffin and bowed helplessly.

Think back to what just happened.

It was the 50th birthday banquet of the business tycoon father, and the upper class of Tianhai City and bigwigs from all walks of life were all present.

When the cups were staggered, all the bigwigs sent their most sincere wishes to their fathers.

And Chu Lang, as the only son of the Chu family, also toasted and sent a phrase of "I wish you a long life and a hundred years old, and your life is better than Nanshan" to the cheap father.

Who knew that that night, Dad died in his sleep....


What is this situation?

As soon as I bless others, it immediately disappears?

After the chaos, the festive birthday banquet turned into a solemn funeral.

But unlike the grief atmosphere at the scene, Chu Lang had no waves in his heart.

"Oh, wasn't I helping those girls who had lost their feet in a massage parlor? Why did you cross it for me? "

It's still the last critical time.

Hemp batch!

688 white flowers!

Moreover, actually gave me a journey into the world of this book and became a rich second generation with the same name and surname?

This is an urban cool article he has read before, "God of War Temple"!

The male protagonist inside is a strong and invincible god of war!

And as a qualified villain, his father Chu Chengye fought with the father of the God of War without a long eye when he was young.

As a result, his father went bankrupt and committed suicide.

Like her daughter living in a kennel, the next routine is that the familiar god of war returns with the four gods, and the army presses the family of the villain rich second generation in a pot.

"Groove, wait! If you go down this stupid routine, won't the next person to die be me? Chu

Lang frowned, and ten thousand grass and mud horses galloped in his heart.


You don't want the Chu family to break off either, do you?

Feel relieved.

After I inherit this ten billion inheritance, I will carry the bucket and run.

Definitely will not give the God of War any chance to pretend to punch his face!

Although I am not your real son, this filial piety still touches the heavens and earth!

"The funeral of the Chu family, idlers are exempt from entering."

"Stop! Who are you? Stop me!

Just as he was happily making this decision, there was a sudden commotion on the periphery of the cemetery.

I saw a beautiful woman with long hair like a waterfall, delicate facial features, a black hip-wrapping skirt, and a beautiful woman who perfectly outlined the devil-like body stepped on high heels and walked over with a group of backward bodyguards.

"This is the funeral of our old man Chu, where you come from, you will roll me from..." But

before the bodyguard's words were finished, the cold light in the woman's eyes suddenly flashed, and a long leg of an alluring white flower had turned into a virtual shadow and kicked on his face.


A muffled sound.

As if hit by a truck, the bodyguard instantly flew five meters away, fell into a wreath, and after two kicks, there was no sound.

Neigh -

kill with one hit?

It can be known that every bodyguard of the Chu family is a trainer who is 1.8 meters tall and weighs 150 pounds!

Even if you meet a fierce tiger, you can fight for a while, but now you are actually kicked by such a slender white and tender thigh?

The other bodyguards' faces suddenly changed drastically, and they subconsciously pedaled and took several steps back, while the other people at the scene were all heartbroken, looking at her with a look of horror.

But the woman seemed as if nothing had happened, her slender jade hand pulled down her hip-wrapped skirt, and a pair of phoenix eyes swept the audience coldly.



? I've seen her! She is the Suzaku God General under the God of War seat?? "

Suddenly such a voice appeared in the crowd.

Everyone present gasped after hearing this.

Suzaku God General under the God of War seat, the legendary god of daylight!

Known for her cold-blooded and ruthless, she once beheaded thousands of people on the battlefield, and none of the people who annoyed her ever survived!

She came this time and started killing at the beginning....

I'm afraid that everyone present will be finished!

In a moment, the faces of the big guys who were still sad just now were even whiter than the Chu family master who was lying down, and the sound of the woman crying just now also stopped abruptly.

The solemn funeral scene was filled with suffocating fear.

"Pass on the edict of the God of War." In the panicked gazes of everyone, Suzaku coldly spoke

, "Chu Lang must personally kneel down to atone for his sins within a week, and publicly admit that the old man of the Chu family was sorry for the God of War parents, otherwise your entire Chu family will disappear from Tianhai City!"

After saying a word, everyone in the audience was wet with cold sweat and their entire backs were wet, and they all trembled.

But this sentence made Chu Lang uncomfortable.

Isn't it too much?

Killing people is not enough, now that my father is dead, you actually don't let us go?

He remembered the plots of the book again.

Although you are a god of war, it is really not a good thing.

Full of thoughts in addition to puffing girls or puffing girls, and even killing many people of the Dragon Kingdom because of this.

And in the original book, he really came to the door to apologize, and the god of war also arrested him and beat him up in front of his parents to vent his anger, and finally dug a hole and buried him alive.

With the status of the God of War in the Dragon Kingdom, the protagonist's family can only admit that they are unlucky and die with hatred.

As a reader before, he couldn't help but leave a message when reading the book, scolding the author for having problems with the three views.

"You little king eight calves!"

Suddenly, Chu Lang was pushed hard from behind, and when he looked back, he saw that it was the bigwigs of Tianhai City who couldn't hold back, and roared viciously at himself.

"Are you still hesitating to fart? Kneel down and promise!

"You father and son are really iniquitous, and offending the God of War is a sin that deserves it!" I've really fallen for eight lifetimes to be related to you!

"Chu Lang, do you know me? I am your Uncle Wu, and I hugged you when you were a child, but you can't take revenge now and let me be buried with you!" "



It's really the wall that everyone pushes, and when I earn cheap, I can lick it one by one!

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in his head.

【Ding, bless the system activation is successful! 】 【

Congratulations to the host for achieving the 'filial piety touching the sky

' achievement】【Congratulations to the host for achieving the 'first blessing' achievement】【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the current world script intensive version

】【Congratulations to the host for getting the opportunity to get extra blessings X1

】【Congratulations to the host for getting a tenfold chance of power explosion X1

】【Congratulations to the host for getting the chance to get back from the dead X1】


Chu Lang suddenly felt ecstasy in his heart.

Here it comes, the standard of the traverser, the system finally awakens!

But what the hell is this blessing system, I bless the dead father, can I still filial piety move the sky?

Are you afraid that you want to filial piety to me?

[The host is great, according to the progress of the plot of the original book, next Chu Chengye learned that the God of War came back to take revenge, and he would also have a heart attack and die of pain, so your blessing, so that he can leave peacefully in his sleep, without pain, is good for him]

"So it is..."

My blessing made him die peacefully?

Where is this blessing, this is poisoned milk!

Still highly toxic!

"The word has arrived, Chu family, Lord God of War is waiting for you to come."

Suzaku was about to turn around and leave when he suddenly heard Chu Lang's words.


Since the system has awakened, then there is no need for Lao Tzu to be meticulous!

Chu Lang coughed lightly and cleared his throat, greeted Suzaku with a sharp gaze, and learned the God of War to smile crookedly:

"Exactly, help me bring a word to the God of War."

A week later, let him personally come to the door and kneel before me to atone for his sins.


your Heavenly God Temple will disappear in the Dragon Kingdom from now on!" "

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