The crowd sat on the ground against the wall to rest.

Although a few people have rich sports experience, the strength of zombies is already greater than that of ordinary adults, and the tense spirit intensifies the physical exertion.

However, everyone did not have the idea of leaving.

So many zombies are obviously not solo can deal with, teamwork is much easier and safer than going it alone.

Si Xiao's eyes glanced at the egg in Xue Nai's hand from time to time, this guy seemed to be full after eating one, and the remaining two were carried into her pocket by her.

Damn it.

Under the snow, Yukino is obviously the type who is hungry quickly and eats little.

Then give him back the remaining two eggs.

"But then again."

At this time, Qinghai Zheye looked at Si Xiao, who was still a little pale, and ridiculed

"Isn't it just killing a few zombies, your face is white like this, it's too bad, right?"


Ohga Sun frowned and reprimanded: "Besides, Si Xiaojun is working hard for us to stand in front to stop the zombies, is it too much for you to say that?" "


Qinghai Zheye was stunned, turned his head to look at Si Xiao and quickly waved his hand

"Sorry sorry, that, I don't mean anything else, just talking about playing, don't go to your heart ha~"

Si Xiao glanced at Dahe Sun without a trace.

He is inherently fearful and extremely sensitive to other people's language and sight.

With his knowledge of keyboard warriors,

Most handsome guys and beautiful women like to find an ugly friend to set off their excellence.

That's why Ohga Sun took Aomomi Tetsuya with him.

For them to work hard.

Ohga Sun's subconscious also thinks that killing a few zombies, his face is pale, which is really bad.

Another layer of meaning is moral kidnapping, I hope that Si Xiao can continue to stand in front of everyone as a vanguard, and if there is danger, you will go first.

Compared to Qinghai Tetsuya such a straight-talking straight man who has no scheming, Si Xiao is even less pleased with such a scheming boy as Daiga Zheya.


This guy's ability is real.

Not only talented, but also twice stopped Qinghai Tetsuya and Jing Chengye's mistakes, he and Ye Feng resisted the zombie performance just now, Si Xiao also saw in his eyes, they were much stronger than others.

As soon as his words came out

Yukino and Karuizawa, Tetsuya Aomi, Ai Naruye and others looked to this side.

They also can't wait for someone to shelter them from the wind and rain.

Equal power and responsibility.

Since he has become a leader of the group, he has to shoulder the corresponding responsibilities.

They probably all think so.

"It's okay."

Si Xiao looked at Qinghai Zheye and shook his head, indicating that he didn't care.

It's a pity,

These people still seem to be in a very naïve state.

This is the space of reincarnation, the place where law and morality, order collapse.

Since you want him to be the captain and become the vanguard, he naturally has to bear the price of being abandoned.


He only shows his fangs when necessary.

Now is not the time, so many zombies can not be dealt with alone.

Now, Si Xiao is more joyful.

He looked down at his palm.

Compared to the oppressive world before, this feeling of being unbound is really fantastic.

"That's good."

Qinghai Tetsuya was relieved, he was really just talking nonsense, not a reminder from Ohga Sun, and he didn't feel that there was anything wrong with him.



Jing Chengye looked up at Si Xiao and said with some expectation: "Si Xiao, you are the first to kill a zombie, is there any special reward." "

According to the novel, what achievement is achieved first, there are generally very good rewards.

Just after the crisis, intrigue began.


Hearing this, Si Xiao raised his head and responded faintly, and said after a moment of silence: "However, each zombie killed will reward 0.1 attribute points, and the main task of killing zombies has also become 10/10000, have you changed anything?" "

If it continues, sooner or later these people will also know that hiding information is only harmful.


Karuizawa shook her head obediently, she just wanted to live.


On the side, Qinghai Tetsuya's eyes lit up instantly, "Doesn't this mean that as long as there are enough zombies, we can grow into superhumans?" "

Ohga Sun and Inosei Ye also had glowing eyes.

After all, with the performance of Xue Nai under the snow just now, the talent was affected by the four-dimensional attribute, and it was not much use to create an ice surface to rest.

But as long as the attribute is high enough, then even hundreds or even thousands may not be a problem.


At this time, Karuizawa, who was sitting against the wall, watched Ye Feng turn his head and leave, and said with some doubts, "Classmate Ye Feng, what are you going to do?" "

As soon as this statement came out,

Everyone went towards Ye Feng, only to see him lift his spear and walk towards the other end of the corridor.

Si Xiao narrowed his eyes.

Sure enough, the human heart.

Although there is a risk of betrayal, teamwork is obviously much better than going it alone.

Without intelligent zombies, as long as they respond reasonably, they are not so terrible.

But hearing that there was an attribute point reward, these people instantly had other ideas.

We can share suffering, but we cannot share wealth.

Originally dangerous zombies, they have become prey for increasing attribute points in their eyes.


Ye Feng tightened the reinforced stainless steel rod and looked back at everyone.

Only found out after contact.

These zombies are not as tricky as he thought.

Ye Feng finally fixed his gaze on Si Xiao and said:

"Isn't it okay to say that after solving these zombies, whether to go or stay is a personal freedom?"


Yukishita Yukino said a little nervously, "But as you saw just now, the probability of survival together is higher, and it will definitely not be as easy as just now." "


Ye Feng didn't respond, just looked at Si Xiao with a flat gaze.

In his eyes, although Dahe Sun has good ability, he is a little hypocritical, and he can be regarded as a character, and only Si Xiao is alone.

"That's right."

Si Xiao got up and raised the spear in his hand to aim at Ye Feng, and said lightly.

"So what do you mean by that."

Ye Feng looked at the tip of the gun in front of him and said a little jokingly.

Although the other party seems to have the experience of learning martial arts in the Shaolin Temple, he has enough self-confidence.

"You can go."

Si Xiao's body sank in weight, his hands tightened the barrel of the gun, and said coldly, "But we have to wait for us to rest well, otherwise, if you have any mistakes that will affect us, when you recover your strength under the snow, if you want to leave, you have to stay, if you refuse, then there is no way." "


After a moment of silence, Si Xiao's concern was not unreasonable, and Ye Feng shrugged indifferently, "Okay." "

Messed around in society for a few years

Just wait a little longer.

There is no need for him to conflict with these people over such a trivial matter.


Si Xiao also breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at the other party meaningfully.


If he occupies the geographical advantage of the corridor and flies a kite, he can only deal with 6 or 7 zombies at most, and once it exceeds a certain number, there is a possibility of mistakes.

And yet,

In the face of zombies, any mistake is fatal.

I don't know why Ye Feng is so confident.


At this time, Ye Feng leaned against the wall with both hands around the gun, turned his head to look at Si Xiaodao:

"Your strengthening talent is still good, are you interested in following me, as long as you follow me sincerely, I can protect your safety, and it is not a problem to feed you some zombies, how about it?"

And the other side.

Da He Sun narrowed his eyes, isn't this saying that except for Si Xiao, this guy can't look at anyone.

It's just abominable.

"Oh? It's not that I underestimate you. "

Si Xiao looked Ye Feng up and down, and said suspiciously: "I know that you are probably hiding some talent, but based on your performance just now, it is really hard to believe." "

In any case, let's find out the intelligence first.



Ye Feng sneered and said disdainfully: "It seems that you have some misunderstanding, I am not begging you, but giving you a chance, although your strengthening talent is good, but after all, it is only a C-level auxiliary talent." If you don't want to, forget it. "


Si Xiao shrugged indifferently.

If you don't say it, how will the other party know that he is an SSS-level endless extraction, and he still has a double talent.


Qinghai Zhe also looked at Ye Feng and said a little unpleasantly, "I listened to it for a long time, you are inevitably too arrogant, isn't it a talent, Brother Sun and under the snow they also have it, what's great." "


Ye Feng closed his eyes and didn't bother to pay attention.

I'm afraid that this fool will be sold by Ohga Sun sooner or later, and help the other party count the money.

Si Xiao also took advantage of this time to walk towards the pile of monster corpses.

He wanted to see if the monster's corpse could also be extracted.

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