Back kitchen.


An ear-piercing sound sounded.

Under the snow left in the kitchen, Karuizawa's faces instantly stiffened, and they turned their heads in unison to look at the source of the sound.

Seeing that Jing Chengye knocked over the washing pot, he was relieved.

"Can't you even do this? How do you learn cooking in elementary school? "

Yukishita Yukino stared at Jing Chengye with sharp eyes, and said in an icy voice.

Heartstrings are tight all day.

A little movement,

It's enough to frighten them.

"We don't have a cooking class."

Feeling the sharp sight under the snow, Jing Chengye couldn't help but be a little afraid.

He was originally an otaku and knew that there was a bit of a poisonous tongue under the snow.

Originally, I thought that the poisonous tongue was also a cute point, but when it really came to myself, it was still a little difficult to deal with.


Yukishita Yukino frowned, exhaled deeply, and said in a cold voice:

"If you haven't learned, I can't blame you, but obviously I can't cook and want to help, this is your problem, go out, you stay here will only add to the chaos."


Jing Chengye nodded and secretly cursed this damn woman.


Soon, Yukinoshita's words were not taken to heart.


He finally found a chance to be alone with Karuizawa!

Think of this.

Inari walked quietly to Karuizawa, who was washing vegetables, and lowered his voice:

"Karuizawa, you don't want to be found out about bullying, do you?"

This statement came out.

Karuizawa's pupils shrank suddenly, and he suddenly turned his head to look at Jing Chengye.

"What would happen if anyone else knew?"

Jing Chengye looked at Karuizawa's expression very satisfied, and said viciously: "Remember, come to the back kitchen to meet me at 12 o'clock at night, otherwise, you know." "

Say it.

Jing Chengye left the back kitchen, and his steps were much brisker.

He knows the original well

Karuizawa has an extremely tragic past, and he will never be able to rebel against him, let alone ask for help.

Even if Si Xiao is excellent, even if Yukinoshita and Karuizawa trust Si Xiao again.

He can easily control them with his understanding of the original work.

Si Xiao also dared to oppose him.

I don't know if I'm alive or dead.

'Not only Si Xiao, but also Qinghai Sun, this damn bastard, and Ohga Sun, when you have no use value, see how I clean you up. ’

Jing Chengye thought secretly smugly.

Although Si Xiao had not done anything against him, he felt that he was targeted and targeted by everyone.

Why don't these people listen to him.

And behind.

Karuizawa stared at Jing Chengye's back with a stiff face, unable to speak for a long time.

Compared to zombies, she is more afraid of being exposed in the past.

If others knew about it, how would it be treated.

Karuizawa didn't dare to think about it.

It will definitely be bullied like my junior high school classmates, and in places like the reincarnation space, it will even become the plaything of the boys.


Karuizawa's body snorted.

"Karuizawa, have you finished washing the dishes?"

At this time, Yukinoshita looked back.


Karuizawa was stunned, and then returned to his senses: "No, no." "

"Hurry up."

Yukishita Yukino seemed to suddenly think of something: "You will get it later, I will go out and see it first." "


On the other side, the canteen.

Si Xiao, Ohga Sun, and Qinghai Tetsuya sat at the dining table to rest, and soon saw Jing Chengye walk out.

"How? Kicked out? "

Qinghai Zhe also said a little jokingly.

I've been unhappy with Jing Chengye for a long time, and this guy doesn't know how to grow so big, it's just a giant baby, as if everyone owes him.


Jing Chengye snorted coldly and sat on another table whistling.

The thought of being able to possess Karuizawa at night is in a very good mood, so I don't bother with these guys for the time being.

"What's wrong with this guy?"

Aomi Tetsuya looked at Ohga Sun and asked with some surprise.

This guy is obviously a little abnormal.

Si Xiao also glanced at Jing Chengye, did not care, most of them could guess.


Return to the cafeteria under the snow.

"What's going on, why are you all out?"

Qinghai Zhe was also a little puzzled.

There is no scheming at all, and the character who says everything bluntly.

"Si Xiao."

Yukishita Xue Nai frowned, and said a little uneasily: "I just thought of a question, although the water and electricity have not stopped, can this water be drunk?" Could it be a vector for zombie infection. "


Qinghai Tetsuya instantly got up and said in shock: "But I already drank and drank just now, what should I do?" "


Da He Sun and Si Xiao also hurriedly moved away, taking a few steps back, and Jing Chengye was directly scared to sit on the ground.

"Don't be like this."

Qinghai Tetsuya was about to cry: "Aren't you okay with me?" "

"Tetsuya, when did you drink it."

"Just now, about ten minutes, right?"


Ohga Sun was wary of Qinghai Tetsuya, and quickly turned his head to look at Si Xiao.

"Let's wait and see."

Si Xiao pondered for a moment and said

"Ye Feng will not turn into a zombie for more than half an hour, and the zombies basically appear out of thin air, and the classroom and other rooms have not been able to find drinking water, which is obviously a conscious arrangement of the reincarnation space."

"If the water is really likely to infect people, I'm afraid they will have to wait for death."

He hadn't really thought about it.

Once the tap water is not available.

The difficulty of survival is directly multiplied geometrically.

Even if there is a way, most of the time must be spent looking for water, and it is almost impossible to complete the task of killing the corpse king.


Yukishita pondered for a moment and nodded.

"If you really don't worry."

Si Xiao turned his head to look at Xuexia and said, "Under Xuexia, you can use your talent to turn into water." "

"Got it, it's safer this way."

Yukishita nodded in relief.

Sure enough, it's great to have Si Xiao here.

"So what do I do?"

On the other side, Qinghaizhe also said a little flustered.


It took more than an hour.

Everyone was sitting on pins and needles, staring at Tetsuya Qinghai.


Qinghai Zhe was also frightened by everyone's actions.

"Roughly it doesn't matter, right?"

Ohga Sun said a little uncertainly.

"Hmm. It's better to use it, it's going to be used sooner or later anyway.

Si Xiao also looked at the snow and nodded.

I don't know if it's because he has adapted, but Yukishita's performance is completely different from the beginning, which makes him slightly surprised.


It's good that he can adapt under the snow, and he can find omissions that he didn't find.

"Got it, I'll go cook."

Yukishita nodded and turned to leave.

Turn your head and think.

Si Xiao was right.

The traces of human influence in the space of reincarnation are obvious.

There shouldn't be a problem.

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