Looking at Karuizawa's fair and pretty face close at hand, a clear fragrance mixed with the smell of blood rushed into his nose, Si Xiao quickly turned over and turned his back to Karuizawa.

Xiao Sixiao couldn't hold the gun anymore.

"Huh? Why? "

"I can't sleep like this, stay away."


Karuizawa's little face blushed, but he didn't let go either.

Doesn't this mean that she is very attractive to Si Xiao?

Come to think of it.

Karuizawa is a little happy

She looked at Si Xiao's back, and a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth:

"Thank you for saving me just now."

"Did you misunderstand something?"

Hearing this, Si Xiao said in a flat voice: "Just like the military prostitutes before, in this reincarnation space, the spirit has always been in a tight state, and it is only natural for Jing Chengye to greet the sun, and even me, to find a woman to vent, it's just a matter of time." "

"Therefore, I don't think there is anything wrong with Jing Chengye's approach, as I said just now, although there is a personal grudge to kill him, it is more the result of comprehensive consideration, not to save you."

Maybe he was in higher spirits and didn't feel anything wrong yet.

But Jing Chengye and Qinghai Tetsuya are obviously more irritable than at the beginning.

The spirit has been tightening a string,

If you don't find something to vent, sooner or later it will be broken.

It's just a matter of time.

And cigarettes, beer, women, is undoubtedly the best thing to relieve stress.

"Even so..."

Karuizawa stretched out his jade hand and touched the end of Si Xiao's hair on the back of his head, and muttered:

"Brother Xiao, you are also the first person to stand up and save me."

Originally, I thought that after graduation, I would be able to enter advanced cultivation and start over.

I didn't expect to be selected by the reincarnation space.

When he heard the threat of Jing Chengye.

Karuizawa felt that his life was going to be like this

There is no hope.

This must be her destiny, destined for a tragic fate in her life.

There was not a single good thing in her life.

Until Si Xiao appeared in front of her

Just let her beat Jing Chengye, and saved her without hesitation.

Heaven did not give up on her.

This must be some kind of fate.


The other side.

Si Xiao turned his back to Qingizawa, his eyes were indifferent, and he touched the watermelon knife in his arms.

He is not a straight man who can't understand words, but he is better at figuring out the subtext in the other party's words.

Karuizawa undoubtedly already liked him.

Is this a 'hero saving beauty', or Stockholm syndrome?

It doesn't matter.

On the other hand, he knows better.

Words have no meaning.

Only actions can prove loyalty.

As long as Karuizawa dared to make a bad move, he would slash it over.


Karuizawa just touched the ends of his hair and didn't move.


"Then again."

Karuizawa seemed to have thought of something, and said in a slightly shy tone: "Brother Xiao, what did you mean just now, do you also want to vent on me?" "

Saying that, Karuizawa's little face blushed slightly and lowered his head, secretly observing Si Xiao's back.

The tense spirit really needs to be vented.

If Si Xiao wanted to vent on her.

Come to think of it.

Karuizawa's head was buried lower, it didn't seem so annoying, and there was even some expectation.

It's just that Si Xiao didn't get a response for a long time.

Karuizawa propped up his delicate body and glanced at Si Xiao, only to find that he was making an even breathing sound, and he was a little speechless:

"Already asleep?"

However, there was still no response.

Karuizawa secretly went around and lay down in front of Si Xiao again, carefully hugged his lower back, and buried his head in Si Xiao's arms.

The strong smell of blood and sweat crept into the nose.

But it's not annoying, but for some reason there is a sense of reassurance.

As long as Si Xiao is there, she seems to be at ease.


Si Xiao opened his eyes and looked at Karuizawa, who was already asleep in his arms, and sighed a little speechlessly.

Damn it.

Although he has never eaten pork, he has also seen pigs run.

Xiao Sixiao couldn't wait to vent.

But this will undoubtedly be a very physically demanding thing.

He estimated that as long as he opened his mouth, he could arbitrarily possess Karuizawa Megumi.

But now is clearly not the time.

If you make a mistake tomorrow because of a weak leg, you won't even have a chance to regret it.

He doesn't let lust lose his mind.

Not to mention.

Karuizawa obviously had something to hide from him.


The next day, the sky was bright.


A violent roar suddenly sounded.

Si Xiao suddenly got up, only to find that Karuizawa was still lying in his arms, his legs wrapped around him.

He quickly pushed Karuizawa away and recovered last night's fishing line.

"How... What's wrong? "

At this time, Karuizawa rubbed his eyes and asked a little confused.

This guy slept so soundly.


Si Xiao didn't say much, and walked to the door of the cafeteria with a spear.

Although he was a little unsure, he did feel what he heard just now.


Karuizawa also quickly reacted, got up and followed behind Si Xiao in a panic.


The two came to the door of the restaurant, and at the same time Taiyo and Aomi Tetsuya also walked towards this side, and Yukino Yukinoshita also came from the other direction.

"Did you hear anything just now?"

"Heard, what the hell is that sound?"


"It seems to be coming from the west, what happened?"

Several people looked nervous and talked about it.


There was indeed a sound just now, but it was not very clear from a distance.

"What are you talking about?"

Karuizawa was still a little confused, looking at the dark circles on the faces of Yukinoshita and the others, and said with some doubts:

"Why, didn't you all sleep last night?"


Several people showed bitter smiles.

Although Si Xiao was ready, he strengthened the school gate and the cafeteria door.

But thinking that zombies may appear around you at any time.

How is it possible to sleep.

"There was an explosion in the west just now."

Si Xiao didn't care about them, pinched his chin and pondered:

"Either it's a fire explosion caused by zombie troublemaking, or it can only be another reason."

Saying that, Si Xiao's face was heavy.

"What reason?"

Aomi Tetsuya and Karuizawa said with some doubts.

"Si Xiao means."

Ohga Sun's face was ugly: "There is also a possibility of an artificial explosion, this reincarnation space is not only us, I am afraid there are others." "

"And killing reincarnations can get more attribute points, we must not only watch out for zombies, but also those reincarnators."

Although when I know the space of reincarnation, I am somewhat mentally prepared.

But when I think about it, other people also have all kinds of talents.


Last night, Si Xiao told them new information that killing reincarnation would get more rewards.

Not only to face those tens of thousands of zombies, but also to deal with reincarnation.

Think of this.

Ohga Sun's face suddenly became ugly.

It is not clear what the talents of other reincarnations are.

In addition to Yukino under the snow, Si Xiao's C-level talent enhancement is really not good.

His talent is also not very suitable for close combat.

"How is this possible."

Xuexia was a little flustered, and said in disbelief: "We can all hear the sound here, such a big movement will definitely attract a large number of zombies, how can anyone do such a thing?" "

Several people looked at each other, and their faces were a little solemn.

I don't know exactly how far away, but I heard it even here.

Such a big movement.

This is a complete act of death.

If it is an explosion caused by a fire, or a man-made desperate fight to the death, it is better to say.

But if not.

Such a person is either extremely talented or simply crazy.

As long as you still have any thoughts about the Corpse King.

Either way, that's not good news.


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