School bus.

The materials that were originally piled together were scattered and tumbled at random, flying up and falling to the ground from time to time.

Si Xiao supported the chair and stared out the window in front of him with a cold light.

Countless zombies on the street, as if they were desperate, crashed madly into the bus, gray skin, pale eyes, and fierce roaring.

It was then quickly bounced off by a fast-moving bus.

However, the next wave followed.

I don't know how long the bus that has been extracted by Endless will last.

Right at this moment.

Only a bang was heard.

The bus took off in an instant.

A feeling of weightlessness came, and Si Xiao's body almost flew out.

"Hold on, as if you hit something."

In the driver's seat, Ohga Sun roared loudly, his eyes staring deadly ahead.

Operate the bus and constantly crash into the zombie group in front of him.

However, the back is still densely packed, and it rushes to this side desperately, as if there is no end.


There are also countless zombies chasing the bus in the rearview mirror.

Although the speed is not as fast as the bus, the number never seems to be less.

"Can you drive at all?"

On the side, Karuizawa grabbed the handrail and scolded, "Do you want to kill us?" "

"Oga, don't you even know such a simple truth without gold and steel diamonds?"

From time to time, there were zombies who pounced on the window with their mouths of blood spraying, and under the snow, Xue Nai's face turned pale with fright, and his voice was a little trembling.

"Shut up Lao Tzu."

Ohga Sun scolded suddenly, his eyes blood-red.

"At this time, if any of you can find a way to clean the blood outside the windshield, I will almost lose sight of the road."

"No kidding, how to clean this up."

"Then you shut up with Lao Tzu, stop chattering with Lao Tzu here."



Si Xiao, who was witnessing everything, frowned.

It seemed that they were too frightened to keep calm and their emotions were a little irritable.

But I don't know if it's the strength or the reason why the spirit is much higher than ordinary people.

He was fine, but he was also a little irritable inside.

Unable to rest well, but also facing a life and death crisis at all times, it is normal to have some emotional disorders.

"Calm down."

Si Xiao came to the front with the chair and said coldly.

Under the snow, Yukino and Karuizawa Megumi turned pale and quieted, but from time to time they still looked at the zombies who had been in the window for a long time and were scared.

Ohga Sun gritted his teeth and did not respond.

Press the wiper from time to time, and quickly turn it off to avoid being damaged by zombies.

The operation has reached its limit.

I don't know if it has been strengthened, but the quality of the bus is still very good.

After all, zombies are only a little stronger than ordinary humans.

It's just scary to watch.

Not only the windshield, but also the windows on both sides were stained a bloody red.

"Can it work?"

"The devil knows."

"That'll do."

Si Xiao nodded calmly.

Although the windshield is blood-red, it can still be seen.

As long as you don't hit the wall, just hit it.

Over time.

Two or three hours passed.

Although it was extremely bumpy, everyone slowly calmed down.

After all, zombies are mortal bodies, and they cannot stop the crystallization of human technology.

Understand these.

Everyone was also much relieved.


The zombies on the streets gradually decreased.

This also made everyone quickly breathe a sigh of relief, if it was the same as just now, even if they knew that the bus was safe.

But if you have always maintained a state of high mental tension, you may collapse at any time.

Si Xiao took this opportunity to drill out of the skylight, revealing half of his body.

Although it smelled of blood, the air was noticeably better than the closed bus.

A ruined environment comes into view.

Black smoke billowed all around the city, cars leaned against the side of the road, and the windows of the streets were shattered.

A picture of the apocalypse.

Although there are still hundreds of zombies in front of them, attracted by the sound of cars and rushing to this side, they are not worth mentioning compared to the previous scene with no end in sight.

See this.

Si Xiao returned to the car.


Yukinoshita Yukino asked a little nervously.

"It should be fine for the time being."

Si Xiao nodded, and the others were instantly relieved when they heard this.


At this time, Ohga Sun exhaled deeply and said apologetically: "I was a little confused just now, and I said something that was not very nice, I am really sorry." "

"My side is."

Yukishita pursed his mouth and said slightly: "I obviously can't drive, and I also point fingers to experiencers, and the person who should apologize is me, I'm really sorry." "

"You don't have to."

Si Xiao looked out the blood-red window and sighed, "In the face of something like that just now, it's normal to be a little flustered, and there is no need to apologize." "

Just now roughly calculated for a while, I am afraid that tens of thousands of zombies or so were concentrated at the school gate.

Even if he exerts all his strength, I am afraid that he will not be able to do anything.


Ohga Sun nodded in relief.


Xue Nai looked at Si Xiao with some complexity and said, "You seemed to be very calm just now. "

"Yes, Brother Xiao didn't look panicked at all just now, he was too handsome!"

Karuizawa said with some excitement, as if he was honored.

The more powerful Si Xiao is, the more face she seems to have.

Obviously I didn't agree to anything.


"First tidy up the materials in the back, then take a break, don't sit by the window."

Si Xiao turned his head to look at Dahe Sun: "Your side, no problem, right?" "

"No problem."

Ohga Sun shook his head: "It's just that you can find a way to clean the windshield, it's really hard to open." "


Thinking for a moment, this is indeed something that must be dealt with, Si Xiao pointed to the roof of the car and said

"Under the snow, can you form ice on the roof of the car, slowly melt away and rinse the car?"

"Got it, I'll try."

"Take your time, remember to save energy and stay at your peak at all times, don't rush."



After that, Si Xiao and Karuizawa walked to the back of the car to sort out the materials.

It has to be said.

The talent under the snow is really useful.


Looking at the broken egg in front of him, Si Xiao's face instantly became even uglier than facing the zombie just now.

There were already less than two days of supplies, and now I am afraid that there is only enough for one day.

It's distressing.

Soon, it's done.

The two sat in the back of the car.

"Brother Xiao, can you let me lean on?"

Karuizawa said in a somewhat tentative tone.

"As you like."

Karuizawa leaned on Si Xiao's shoulder and narrowed his eyes.

Si Xiao was a little puzzled: "Your guy's mentality is also too good, right?" Aren't you afraid at all? "

"Don't be afraid."

Karuizawa shook his head slightly, as if rubbing on his shoulder: "As long as Brother Xiao is there, I am not afraid at all." "


Si Xiao stopped paying attention and closed his eyes to recuperate.

It was always a good thing, and now he was not in the mood to think about it.

At this time, Karuizawa hesitated for a moment to lean into his ear and exhaled like a land

"Didn't Brother Xiao say last time that his spirit has been tense, and sooner or later he will collapse? Do you always have to find something to vent, women or cigarettes, alcohol or something. "

Saying that, looking at Si Xiao's tired look, Light Iizawa hesitated slightly, and then said softly: "Do you want me to help vent a bit?" "

"You don't have to."

Si Xiao glanced at the light Iizawa on his shoulder, a little speechless.

What the hell is going on in this guy's head, there really is no sense of urgency at all.


Karuizawa raised his head and looked at Si Xiao with a pretty face.

A little angry.

Hesitating for a moment, Karuizawa got up and went around behind Si Xiao and pressed his temple.

She knew that Si Xiao was too tired.

I don't know how long it took.

"Everyone hurry up, there seems to be something ahead."

An exclamation woke Si Xiao from his dream.


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