"You guys right... Is this reincarnation space well understood? "

Si Xiao got up and looked at everyone and said, as soon as he opened his mouth, he felt that his throat was a little blocked.

Whether at school or at home, he didn't speak much, maybe his language function was a little degraded, but he still forced it to finish.

At least increase the probability of survival first, otherwise, this gang is too unreliable.

"I thought you guy was dumb."

It was Jing Chengye who responded to him, and he was a little speechless, "You don't even know about the reincarnation space? Have you ever seen novels, animations, and movies? "

"Well, Jing-kun, don't say that."

Ohga Sun smiled and patted his shoulder, looked at Si Xiao and smiled, "After all, there are people who may not have touched this kind of thing, it is normal, if this friend does not know, it is temporarily understood as constantly experiencing danger, and it is enough to complete the task, my name is Ohga Sun, how about you?" "

"Si Xiao."

Si Xiao nodded and said, "I have naturally read animated novels, I am asking you guys know this reincarnation space well?" "

"You guy..."

Qinghai Zhe also asked a little speechlessly: "What do you mean, you explain the plain point, how can I not understand." "


Si Xiao nodded clearly, "So that's the case, it seems that you all understand the current situation with your original cognition, but you haven't actually come to this reincarnation space?" "

"That... Si Jun? "

Ohga Taiyo rubbed his temples and also had a little headache.

I can understand every word, but when I put it together, I feel that I can't understand it, and this guy has something wrong with his brain.


Si Xiao's gaze swept over everyone's faces, a little puzzled, "What I can't figure out is why do you think that this reincarnation space is the same as the reincarnation space you have from your impression?" Are you all so naïve? "

Without even knowing the specific situation, these people dare to fight separately, either with hole cards or stupid.


Jing Chengye and the others finally understood, and said with some hesitation, "No... Wouldn't it? Generally speaking, isn't the reincarnation space similar? "

Although I know that I have to face the apocalyptic world where zombies exist.

It's inevitable that there will be some nervousness inside.

But I often read animated novels, and I have already seen this strangely, and I feel a little paralyzed in my heart.

It seems that the space of reincarnation is like that.

Give a newbie trial first, then slowly level up step by step, and that's it.


Yukishita Yukino broke out in a cold sweat, pinched her snow-white jaw and introspected, "It is indeed too naïve to judge the current situation based on inherent concepts. "

Saying that, Xue Nai looked at Si Xiao solemnly and said, "Then what do you think?" "

She remained silent and observed.

Among several people.

Si Xiao is undoubtedly much more reliable.

"You still have to form a team."

After the simple conversation, Si Xiao also felt a lot better and nodded

"After all, we don't know what we are going to face, in case the zombies that have just appeared at the beginning must be seven people working together to pass, and fighting alone will only be broken one by one."

"When you get through the difficult situation and figure out the current situation, whether you want to separate or continue to form a team, please take care of yourself."


Aomi Tetsuya glanced at Karuizawa and the others, and he looked at Ohga Sun and said, "Brother Sun, what do you think?" "

"Si Jun has a point."

Ohga Sun smiled and nodded, "I don't know what kind of danger I have to face, and cooperation is necessary." "

"I'm in favor of it too."

Yukishita Xueno looked at Si Xiao and said seriously.

Si Xiao nodded and turned to look at Ye Fengdao

"What do you think?"

"Stop laughing."

Ye Feng touched the stainless steel mop in his hand and said flatly, "I still say that, can you guarantee that when you face a zombie, you can suppress your inner fear and choose to fight side by side with me?" "

"No guarantee."

Looking at Ye Gang in front of him, Si Xiao shrugged indifferently and said, "However, if you have one less person who can't pass, I don't think you have the ability to deal with it." "

This guy is obviously a little confident, most likely a guy with some hole cards.

And the opposite.

Ye Feng frowned, not expecting the other party to respond like this.

If there is a big boss or a large number of zombies at the beginning, then simply stop playing and just wipe your neck and commit suicide.

It also depends on the situation.


Think for a moment,

Ye Feng glanced at Dahe Sun meaningfully, and said flatly, "You can try to form a team first, but whether to form a team after that depends on the situation, and also, ugly words are said in front, if you dare to do something that makes me suspicious, don't blame me for being unkind." "

"As you like, just don't stab you in the back."

Si Xiao smiled indifferently.

The other party was watching out for him, and he wasn't wary of the other party.

After all, there was any trust at the beginning, and it would be nice not to pull each other back.

And on the side.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Ohga Sun smiled and narrowed his eyes.

He has always been the center of the class, and everyone will revolve around him.


He obviously proposed to form a team at the beginning, and the gang was still so hesitant, but now they agreed with Si Xiao's opinion.

It's just abominable.


At this time, Xue Nai Willow's eyebrows wrinkled slightly, "Si Xiaojun, according to the prompt, the protection will disappear in another fifteen minutes, what are your plans?" "

"No way, right?"

Without waiting for Si Xiao to respond, Ohga Sun took over the topic with a smile and said, "At present, we don't know anything about the situation, and making a plan rashly is just a matter of paper, let's just find some weapons and prepare." "

"The... Indeed..."

Yukishita frowned, pinched his snow-white jaw and nodded.

Si Xiao looked thoughtfully at Xue Nai.

Whether it is under the snow or Karuizawa, the two women in front of him are very beautiful, and the two pairs of straight and slender beautiful legs are simply stunning, but he is not in the mood to appreciate it now.

For Yukinoshita Yukino in "Spring Things", he still appreciates it.

It stands to reason.

Under the snow, there should not be only such a level, it is just like a silly white sweet who goes with the flow, without any opinion.

Are you too afraid of tension to perform at your original level?

In the reincarnation space where you have to face the crisis of life and death at all times, only the truest nature will be exposed.


On the other side, Ye Feng shook his head without speaking when he heard this.

"Did I say anything funny?"

Ohga Sun looked at Ye Feng with a smile, "Or do you have a different opinion Ye Jun?" "


The corners of Ye Feng's mouth raised slightly, and Daiga Sun clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes without attacking.

Such a group has a worrying future.

"Not really."

At this time, Si Xiao shook his head and said, "You should also have the main quest, one is to kill 10,000 zombies, this number is too much, it is expected that the individual ability of zombies should not be too strong, and the geographical location of our classroom is good, and we can make a lot of plans." "

"Yes... yes. "

Hearing this, Xuexia and the others quickly walked to the window to look at the surrounding environment, and soon realized that she turned around and said

"Indeed, our position is very good, we should be able to make a lot of plans, Si Xiaojun, what are your thoughts?"

Obviously, at least the main quests of the people here should all be the same.

"That's awesome."

Karuizawa walked to Si Xiao's side, and said with a pretty face, "I didn't find out at all, Si Xiaojun, can I call you Xiaojun." "

Obviously, Sixiao is more reliable than Ohga Sun.

In Sakurajima, being referred to by name is a very intimate expression, but she just called Ohga Sun by her name, which is really a bit speechless.

And on the side,

Ohga Sun, who witnessed everything, had a gloomy face.

Although this Karuizawa Megumi is very beautiful, she is obviously a wallhead, and seeing that Si Xiao has a faint tendency to become the leader of the group, she fell directly to Si Xiao's side.


"As you wish."

Si Xiao glanced at it and pulled out the watermelon knife from behind him, "Since we want... What do you mean by that? "


Without waiting for him to finish, Ohga Sun, including Ye Fengqi, retreated a few places, and Karuizawa's face stiffened

"That Xiaojun, what are you?"


Originally, I thought that this guy was a student of some wood, harmless to humans and animals and a little handsome, but I didn't expect that he would actually bring a watermelon knife with him.


Everyone looked at Si Xiao with some vigilance.

Why are you carrying a watermelon knife with you?

"Oh, this one."

Si Xiao glanced at the watermelon knife in his hand and was a little puzzled, "I'm a student, it's reasonable to bring a watermelon knife with me, right?" "


Karuizawa's pretty face stiffened, and he almost wanted to cry.

Ohga Sun felt a little unreliable, and this Si Xiao was obviously a bastard, which was too dangerous.

Such an explanation does not convince a few people.

"No kidding."

Si Xiao shrugged indifferently and said, "When you come here, don't you have a minute to prepare?" It's normal to find a random weapon, right? "


Karuizawa and the others were slightly stunned.

Is there really someone who can do this kind of thing, she just heard about the reincarnation space or something, and she was a little confused and didn't react.

The other side,

Ye Feng narrowed his eyes

The time of the prompt was only one minute, and he crossed without even reacting.

This guy was able to clear his mind so quickly and look for weapons in case of accidents.

"You're amazing, I didn't expect that at all."

Qinghai Tetsuya extended his thumb and said frankly.

"Okay, back to business."

Si Xiao lifted the watermelon knife in his hand and said, "Since we want to cooperate, everyone should be honest, presumably there is some talent in your panel." "

"Yes, but, classmate Si Xiao, is it really okay to say it like this?"

Yukishita Yukino frowned, looked at the few people around him, and asked with some anxiety.

Only by understanding each other can we better formulate countermeasures

This is common sense, and it should be the most correct thing to do.

But wouldn't it be too dangerous?

After all, everyone has no basis for trust at all, what if they are betrayed.

Although she is happy to help others, she is not the silly sweetness of the Virgin Heart.

In such a strange place as the space of reincarnation, there is still a necessary sense of vigilance.

"Could it be that Si Xiao, you and Xuexia have talent?"

Jing Chengye and Qinghai Tetsuya instantly agreed, a little surprised

"Well, no problem."

Si Xiao first answered Yukoshita Yukino's question, and said indifferently, "I think it is very necessary to understand the other party's ability in order to improve our probability of surviving. Let's start with me. "

"My gift is strengthening, being able to strengthen everything that is not a living thing."

Saying that, Si Xiao looked at everyone in front of him.

He naturally also knew to keep two hands for himself, and described endless extraction as strengthening, hiding another talent.

On the one hand, it is to show the sincerity of their cooperation, to probe their intelligence, and on the other hand, to show their own value.

Strengthening is a very good auxiliary talent in theory

Not very strong,

But it's not too bad and should be useful to anyone or organization.

Even if the person in front of him has any powerful talent, he will take him a kick, even if there is infighting, most of them will leave this kind of auxiliary talent.

And yet,

Only Yukishita Yuki had some hesitation on her face, and the others looked left and right without responding.

Language alone is still not enough.

Think of this.

"Can you lend me a mop?"

Si Xiao didn't care either, walked to Ye Feng and stretched out his palm and smiled.

You still have to show your talent first.


After hesitating for a moment, Ye Feng handed the stainless steel mop into Si Xiao's hands.

"Thank you."

Si Xiao smiled meaningfully.

Although there was still a mop in the locker, I didn't expect it to be so simple.

He roughly erased the character of these people.

Ohga Sun may be a little hypocritical and needs to be vigilant, but Ye Feng's apparent caution is actually very naïve.

If he stabbed it now, this guy would have burped.

Of course, Si Xiao would not do this yet.

[Ordinary watermelon knife. 】

Si Xiao lifted the watermelon knife, crossed it in front of everyone, exhaled deeply and said softly, "Strengthen!" "

At the same time, I thought silently in my heart

[Endless extraction].

Dots of crystal light scattered on the ground from the watermelon knife.

[Extraction is successful, the surface and internal impurities of the watermelon knife are extracted clean, and the ordinary watermelon knife is promoted to a hard watermelon knife with a Tier 0 weapon! ] 】

[Hard watermelon knife: Cut iron like mud, sharp +1, strong +1. 】

The watermelon knife in his hand was much brighter, and the whole was shiny silver, as if it had undergone a very meticulous polishing.


Si Xiao secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

The heart is clear.

This watermelon knife is probably several times sharper and harder than before.

Originally, I thought that it would be more gorgeous when I used my talent, but I didn't expect it to be so ordinary.

However, the more ordinary it is, the less noticeable it will be to others.

This talent is good.

[Endless extraction].

He continued to experiment with his talent.


[Extraction failed, the quality of the item is too low to continue extraction.] 】


Sure enough,

He wasn't disappointed either, which was already pretty good.

"You're done?"

Ye Feng frowned and asked.

On the surface, there is no change at all, isn't this guy Kuang his stainless steel mop?

Karuizawa, Yukinoshita and the others also looked at him blankly.

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