The next day at noon.

Yukino stood by the fire shutter door and sat down against the wall, her pretty face white.

Originally, I wanted to ask Si Xiao and the others to get up and eat in the morning.

However, the scene of Si Xiao and Karuizawa entangled was deep in her mind.

Didn't think much about it.

Yukino quickly turned around and fled.

It's terrible.

Until now.

Under the snow, Xue Nai was still a little confused, and he didn't come to his senses.

The physique of reincarnation people is amazing, they are already more than ten times stronger than ordinary people, and Si Xiao is more than a hundred times stronger than ordinary people.

The scene engraved in my mind was too brutal.

Si Xiao seemed to be stabbing Karuizawa to death.

Such a brutal thing.

But it seems to have a great attraction.

Let the snow under the snow never forget.

"Brother Xiao, go on."

Karuizawa's shouts echoed through the mall.

For a while.

Under the snow, Yukino couldn't tell whether it was pain or joy.

That's funny about that." ’

Yukishita Yuki's face was flushed, and she only felt a little hot.

She quickly made two ice cubes to cool herself down.

Judging by the situation, Si Xiao and Karuizawa had been playing all night, and they had no intention of stopping at all.

Although it is known that this is a normal physiological need of people.

There is the pressure of zombies outside.

It is normal for the demand to be a little bigger.

But it won't take so long, they don't even have to eat.


For some reason,

Hearing Karuizawa's voice, Yukino was a little unpleasant, but he couldn't say anything.

Si Xiao and Karuizawa, you are willing.

As an outsider.

In these last days, she doesn't have the power to keep them quiet.

Even if a few ice cubes are added, as long as you hear Karuizawa's shouts, Yukino feels that the temperature cannot drop under the snow.

In desperation.

Under the snow, Yukino opens the fire shutter door a slightest gap.

By the way, create some movement,

Every night zombies will wander around, presumably there are some zombies gathered outside now.


The sound emitted

At once, many zombies rushed into the mall, banging on this fireproof roller shutter door.

It's just that the quality of things that have been strengthened by Sixiao is indeed good.

Ordinary zombies can't rush at all.

"Meow claws!"

Under the snow, Yukino crawled on the ground and pouted his hips, staring at the zombie's ankles and shouting out meow claws!

As for whether it is decent or not, safety first.

Although he wants to vent, Yukinoshita Yukino will not put himself in a dangerous position.

Several ice thorns instantly penetrated the zombie, and the zombie's body instantly fell to the ground, and its pale pupils stared straight at the pretty face under the snow.

"Go and die!"

Yukino said coldly.

Countless ice thorns rose from the ground, instantly poking these dead zombies into minced meat.

Please, Lord Cat!

Please give me the strength to calm me down!

As for leaving.

Yukinoshita Yukino never thought about this.

Although it has a good strength.

But without Si Xiao, she didn't even know how she was going to live.

Although she still didn't know how to call her relationship with Si Xiao and the others.


Slightly wrong.

I like Si Xiao, but there is something wrong.

Karuizawa is Sixiao's girlfriend.


'That's right. ’

Yukishita Yukino nodded secretly.

Because she is a companion who goes through tribulation together, she will not leave.

That's enough reason.

I don't know when.

Karuizawa's shouting stopped, and under the snow he still crawled on the ground and pouted his hips to kill the zombies.

I hope to calm myself down.

Just don't know why,

The more you kill, the more irritable your heart is, the more you want to kill.


The other side.

Looking at Aheiyan's light Iizawa Hui lying on the bed on all fours, Si Xiao showed a satisfied smile.


The power is fantastic

He directly made Karuizawa submit to the sword of the king.

The sense of conquest is too strong.

Come to think of it.

Si Xiao was overjoyed in his heart.

He liked the feeling, but now that Karuizawa was no longer working, let her go for the time being.


A pang of hunger came.

Si Xiao touched his stomach, a little hungry.

Although you can eat some bread, sure enough, hot food is better.

Just now, he seemed to see Yukino running away with a panicked face.

Think of this.

The corners of Si Xiao's mouth raised slightly, and he found another bathrobe to wear on his body, before getting up and leaving.


He found Yukinoshita Yukino in front of a fireproof roller shutter.

'What is this guy doing?' ’

The corner of Si Xiao's mouth twitched.


Yukino is wearing a white T-shirt with cropped jeans underneath, and a lotus-like calf exposed.

Crawling on the ground, pouting his hips and facing him.




Under the snow, Yukino's sharp beautiful eyes stared at the zombies on the other side of the gap.

Some of the ones that have been killed are on top.

No way, otherwise she really couldn't calm down.

Or rather,

Do you think that these zombies are some imaginary enemies?

Si Xiao touched his chin and thought to himself.

Besides, this is also Yukino under the snow, so it shouldn't be.

He lowered his footsteps and walked behind Yukinoshita Yukino and slapped her where she had lifted.


A crisp striking sound sounded.


Yukishita Yukino was suddenly startled, straightened her delicate body like a cat, and made strange sounds.


Under the snow, he quickly got up behind him, and when he turned around, he found that it was Si Xiao.

"What do you do."

Xue Nai glared at Si Xiao and said a little angrily.

"You are, what are you doing?"

Si Xiao put the fire shutter door back down and responded with a smile.

"Don't you know, I'm killing zombies."

The sharp eyes under the snow stared at Si Xiao.

How can this guy shoot her there at will without asking for her permission.

"Won't you explain what just happened?"

"Ah, that."

The corners of Si Xiao's mouth raised slightly, and he said indifferently: "Because your posture under the snow is too tempting, if you are not careful." "

Others may be scared by the sharp look in the snow, but he doesn't.


Yukinoshita Yukino was a little dumbfounded: "Just for this reason, don't you feel ashamed to hit women there?" "

"Not at all."


Si Xiao slammed the snow wall under the snow into the wall.

"Under the snow, you should also know that killing will only continue to accumulate mental pressure, and if you have been tense, your spirit will collapse sooner or later."

"You're still killing zombies here?"

"Just now, you kept shouting to die or something, and your temper is getting more and more irritable, obviously you have accumulated a lot of mental pressure."

"Shall I help you ease up?"

Saying that, Si Xiao bent over, leaned into Xue Nai's ear, and whispered softly.


Under the snow, Yukino turned her pretty face and raised her white neck.

She just wanted to calm down.

I don't remember what was just said at all.

But what Si Xiao said was indeed right, these are human nature.

The accumulated pressure needs to be vented.

"What do you want to do."

Yukoshita Yuki's face turned red, and she said in a trembling tone.


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